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the second amendment

[1][2][3] In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the Supreme Court affirmed for the first time that the right belongs to individuals, for self-defense in the home,[4][5][6][7] while also including, as dicta, that the right is not unlimited and does not preclude the existence of certain long-standing prohibitions such as those forbidding "the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill" or restrictions on "the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons". Practically since its ratification, Americans have debated the meaning of the Second Amendment, with vehement arguments being made on both sides. [234], The Court's statement that the right is limited has been widely discussed by lower courts and the media. Under the present government all ranks of people are subject to militia duty. Im April 1873 tötete während einer hart umkämpften Gouverneurswahl im US-Bundesstaat Louisiana die dem Ku-Klux-Klan nahestehende rassistische Gruppierung White League über 100 Schwarze. Worse still, the phrase "keep and bear Arms" would be incoherent. The ruling was an inevitable follow-up to D.C. v. Heller and marked the first time that the Supreme Court ruled that the provisions of the Second Amendment extend to the states. The Brady Act had been spurred by the shooting of press secretary James Brady during John Hinckley Jr.'s attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981. at 635. According to the majority in Heller, there were several different reasons for this amendment, and protecting militias was only one of them; if protecting militias had been the only reason then the amendment could have instead referred to "the right of the militia to keep and bear arms" instead of "the right of the people to keep and bear arms".[195][196]. The New York Rifle & Pistol Association challenged the ordinance on the basis of the Second Amendment, the Dormant Commerce Clause, and the right to travel. Though still British subjects, colonial Americans considered the right to bear arms as necessary for fulfilling their natural right to defend themselves and their property. Even the federalists, fending off their opponents who accused them of creating an oppressive regime, were careful to acknowledge the risks of tyranny. 1st Congress, 1st Session. Stevens stützt seine Argumentation auf folgende Punkte: Breyer argumentiert, dass – unterstellt man, das Second Amendment schütze auch den Waffenbesitz für private Zwecke – die gesetzliche Regelung in Washington, D.C. als Maßnahme zur Bekämpfung der Gewaltkriminalität als verhältnismäßige Einschränkung des Second Amendment nicht verfassungswidrig ist. at ___, 130 S. Ct. at 3026); that "individual self-defense is 'the central component' of the Second Amendment right" (emphasis in original) (id. Dementsprechend sei die Bewaffnung von Einzelpersonen erlaubt, falls sie dem Zweck dient, eine well regulated militia zu bilden. A foundation of American political thought during the Revolutionary period was concerned about political corruption and governmental tyranny. [129] On September 4, the Senate voted to change the language of the Second Amendment by removing the definition of militia, and striking the conscientious objector clause: A well regulated militia, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.[130]. The phrase "bear Arms" also had at the time of the founding an idiomatic meaning that was significantly different from its natural meaning: "to serve as a soldier, do military service, fight" or "to wage war". [18]”, „Zusammengefasst erachten wir das Verbot des Distrikts [hier: District of Columbia], Handfeuerwaffen zu Hause zu besitzen, als einen Widerspruch zum zweiten Verfassungszusatz; ebenso das Verbot, jede gesetzlich erlaubte Schusswaffe zu Hause für die unmittelbare Selbstverteidigung gebrauchsbereit zu halten.“. | | But if "bear arms" means, as the petitioners and the dissent think, the carrying of arms only for military purposes, one simply cannot add "for the purpose of killing game".

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