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Not much to add Spice overhauls the more traditional botanicals. A novelty - yes, an experiment with the Spice route - yes. It was lightly spiced and definitely didn’t compare to the revolting Gordons, as previously mentioned. Read more about how this delicious Gin is made on our blog! This is delicious with with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic and a slice of lime. Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin receded with a lovely warmth, echoing coriander and ginger. I hope that when people enjoy the gin, they too are reminded of the vibrant aromas, tastes, noises and colours of these exotic spice markets.”. Throw me a bottle of chardonnay the dregs of the drinks cabinet but this is a no go for me. Opihr Gin has gone from strength to strength this year – in March, the brand was confirmed as the fastest growing of the top premium gins in the UK and the Good Housekeeping Institute reaffirmed Opihr’s superior taste and quality by voting it the No.1 gin in the UK in a blind tasting by a panel of spirits experts. While this may sound like the content of a hipster’s Anthropolgie shopping basket today, during days of yore such items were extremely exotic and would have only been garnered through mad and dangerous means. Love the spice of this Gin. These botanicals make the journey to their final destination, G&J Distillers, where quality gin has been traditionally distilled, using the same London Dry Gin method, since 1761. My take is that it’s just not compatible with some people’s tastes buds, just like brussel sprouts.... I’m clearly in the dislike camp, This one is my new favourite!!! I can’t get enough of this dry spicy gin no frills apart from the sexy bottle. Spices are over powering and not an enjoyable gin, Gorgeous flavours, dry and spicy so not for those who like the fruit gins. Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin has just launched a new Ready to Drink collection, as the brand announces a deal to become the official gin of Lendy Cowes Week! When you make a G and T with Opihr is when you truly note the particular spices of coriander and cardamon and I for one like hat complexity. Seriously good gin. No spam and entirely confidential. May be something went wrong with the batch from which my bottle came. If you like the guns that have strong juniper notes you’ll like this . For those who like a Gin Buck (Gin and ginger ale) – Ophir is a contender for the ideal gin choice, as its flavours carry particularly well in the mixer. Goes well with standard tonic, and particularly nice with clementine tonic. love this, so refreshingly different from traditional G&T with lime/lemon. On the nose, Opihr Gin has a heady spice mix with cardamom very much raising its hand above the rest of the class. Serve in a small cocktail glass. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these beauties head to Morrisons or wait around 4 weeks to be able to order them on! Sign up below to get the latest news, offers and events from Gin Foundry. We love it. The spicing may be a little pronounced for some, but works very well with Fever Tree lemon tonic. There’s also a cheeky, zesty citrus making itself known. The route was treacherous indeed; the sea was wild, and so were the pirates that roamed it. Instead opt for a premium or light tonic water to bring out the sweet flavours of the gin. In response to my previous post named "fabulous" I meant to say fever tree tonic water. Cubeb dominates the finish with its deliciously exotic and characterful notes of cracked pepper and light violet. This gonna is not for me. Smooth and very spicy, the aroma is amazing. That information will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy Really didn’t enjoy it ☹️It really smells of armpits , Absolutely love this !!! Nose: Coriander and citrus, gentle juniper and peppery notes. Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin Gift Pack with Glass. It's my favourite with slim line tonic and strawberries. I had it in a bar and they served it with half a red chilli as a garnish. Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin feels like a drink built with an end brand in mind, rather than a brand built around a type of liquid, so the integration between taste and bottle is seamless. There’s cubeb from Malaysia, black pepper, cardamom and ginger from India, cumin from Turkey, coriander seed from Morocco, bitter oranges from Spain, Juniper from Italy and Angelica from Germany in the mix. I 100% love it . The gin is really good too very smooth, we are enjoying it with old Jamaican ginger beer, chilling , sat here in the garden after a lovely day. I immediately thought of Christmas and it's warm oriental spiciness enhanced that thought. Opihr Spiced Gin 700ml is available at Dan Murphy’s for $59.99 and BWS stores for $61. Cocktails. Love the spices which make it unique! G&J Greenall is Britain’s second largest distillery, producing 7mn cases of spirit annually and boasting a hard-earned, world-class reputation for expertise and craftsmanship. Horrible, curry and tonic. Very crude and unappealing to my taste. I like to drink it neat, over ice, or in classic cocktails. Fantastic smooth taste and for once I can detect the coriander and the pepper and juniper, so a really good Christmas present from my new best friends from Poland who now live in London. On its own or as a gin martini! Love it. [[CUMIN ESPRESSO 2.5g Cumin powder 12 table spoons instant coffee (e.g Nespresso Intenso) 500ml hot water Combine the ingredients in a jug and stir until thoroughly mixed.]] Went with my duck legs and spiced plum sauce. The gin itself was designed with the equally exotic ancient spice route in mind – that which sailed from Indonesia to the United Kingdom via India, Turkey, Italy, Morocco and Spain. Very crude and not in any way pleasant. A must for my stocking this Yule. Cucumber gins can be overpowered by a cucumber flavour which is why you don’t really need to reach for the cucumber garnish or tonic mixer. It’s something completely different so I can understand why it divides opinion. Brilliant with tonic. . Great in summer with a chunk of bashed fresh ginger and some mint leaves but just as good in winter with just a slice of lime or lemon. Gin should not have cumin in it. Go on I dare you ! Nothing against the green bottle gin but if I wanted Gordons, I could buy Gordons. Check out Cornish Elemental's new look! Love your blog. I have tried, but have yet to find any drink/cocktail where the overwhelming spice does not ruin it.

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