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There are a lot of places for you to get a loose diamond from but only a handful of these retailers offer exemplary services and products and stand out from the rest. – 15 day inspection period & return. I have personally bought and reviewed both types of diamond jewelry in person. It is possible that the ring has been inspected by a GIA graduate gemologist, but this does not make the ring or the center diamond certified by the GIA laboratory. It’s absolutely stunning and very well made. Since Adiamor’s loose diamond inventory is primarily made up of GIA certified stones, in this post we’ll talk about the key differences and superior qualities that make GIA labs the most widely used and most trusted source of diamond certifications, but first let’s start with a summary of the advantages of purchasing a diamond certified by GIA. If you are local to our office, we are also happy to show you the diamond in person prior to you purchasing. Here’s a sample listing from to give you an idea how easy it is to scrutinize diamond details…. – Professional appraisal report for purchased jewelry. Over the years, I had made countless of purchases at different locations to test out a jeweler’s service and product quality. From a consumer’s perspective, let me tell you that the majority of jewelry stores fall short on delivering high quality diamonds at fair prices and/or provide a great overall shopping experience. I frequently go on business trips to New York and Dubai and I read that some of these places hold diamond exchanges and districts. I bought a floating diamond engagement ring from them in 2016 and was blown away by the speed they work at and the quality of the ring I received. A certificate features a unique report number, which matches the GIA number laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamond. There are no added taxes you pay us for customers who buy online from us, if they reside outside of the EU. Anyway, these websites I listed above are the cream of the crop and the best place to buy diamonds online. Going online beats buying in a physical store in every aspect of the shopping process. Thank you for leaving a comment. – Lifetime warranty of all jewelry products sold. – Full lifetime warranty (complimentary repair, cleaning, and resizing). Choose Antwerp Or. Alternatively, after you have chosen one you might be interested in and a video will load when the “add to cart” button will appear. Having a lean business setup, they are able to drive down overheads and this results in cost savings that are passed onto customers. What makes them stand out is their deep inventory of in-house diamonds and their stringent standards of curating the best cut diamonds. The GIA only grades unmounted diamonds as settings prevent thorough examination. Follow this link to read the entire review and view detailed photographs of my purchase…. We believe in a high quality standard and only sell GIA certified diamonds. I could bring the diamond ring back to my country and this would enable me to save a big amount in taxes. As a non-profit organization, GIA maintains a standard of complete integrity and impartiality. It is a marketing scam run by unethical companies who attempt to sell diamonds on the promise of “lowest” prices but in reality, they aren’t. ASET, Idealscope, videos) and provide a higher level of service to their clients (e.g. In your local jewelry stores, all the jewelry pieces are subjected to VAT as well and they typically bundle into the final price that you pay. Searching for a GIA certified diamond two or three Color grades lower or one or two Clarity grades lower will ensure you purchase a higher quality diamond for a cheaper price. To see the videos, simply hover over the “?” that appears within the loaded list next to the “choose” button, and click the video link. – 24/7 customer service (available via live chat, phone & email) Well, you are completely wrong about the taxes. Rest assured when our clients shop from our web store in Antwerp: you will get exactly what you have ordered as they have graded it to perfection with the strictest standards. The additional long-term benefits will be very rewarding. I feel that the best way to buy diamonds is to look at them in person as I’m more comfortable that way. I read that Hong Kong is a country where luxury goods have no taxes applied on them and happen to be traveling there to meet my friends next month. Read this: We believe in a high quality standard and only sell GIA certified diamonds. Each distinct cut has its own allure. This momentous feat was achieved through their proprietary 360° Diamond Display Technology.

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