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40k eternal war missions

The problem I have with this mission is that I can’t see any reason it hasn’t been updated to use start-of-turn scoring, and I think it would be much stronger for it. Can your character’s hold the objectives? Coldstar battlesuits (which often do the same in ITC) are probably the best example of this, but units that can redeploy, or go “back” into deep strike after the first turn (such as Swooping Hawks) are also good at it. Characters gain Objective Secured. by Michael Corr At the start of the first battle round (so after deployment and final determination of the first turn) the player going first designates an objective as objective 1, while the player going second selects objective 6. You need to predict how well you think you will do in your turn and gamble to score additional points. This mission could allow you to wrack up quite a few points if you draw the right cards. All Rights Reserved. In this situation, you should almost always take the raze if you have the opportunity. Players score 1VP for each objective they hold at the end of their turns, and 1VP for holding more at the end of the battle round. There’s also a designers’ commentary with each one, which makes it clear that the high quality of the missions is no accident – the developers now clearly understand what makes the game tick and are deploying it to good effect. Crusade and Scorched Earth require resilience to hold objectives until the start of your next turn. This adds a lot more variety to the missions in the 40k rulebook (as well as the awesome new ITC missions) and gives you some great new ways to play the game. Sign up today! Takes a mission that was thematically cool but poorly balanced and fixes all of it’s issues, adding some real strategic depth in objective placement and planning for stealing and razing them. As the offensive player, the priority here therefore is to make sure you are holding the four objectives not in your opponent’s deployment zone as much of the time as possible, while keeping them boxed in and seeing if you can sneak your way to razing an objective or two in their zone. You don’t want to deploy on your table edge and then be unable to get to the objectives in the first turn. This mission frustrates the hell out of me because the problems with it are so needless – without the Troops only stipulation you could fight back against a bad start as the first player by taking the opponent off the board. Scorched Earth sounds really fun, and helps some armies that might struggle to hold objectives in other missions. You can either cover your bases and go after all three of your objectives, or wait to see where they are revealed and go after them then. Ultimately, however, with Random Length in play some games will still be decided on a single “external” dice roll, and that’s generally enough of a feelbad for the loser that I prefer playing without it. This has no impact on the actual gameplay, but makes the deployment and first turn sections of the missions way easier to understand and follow – use of “the player that finished deploying first” in last year’s missions confused a lot of people because it seemed redundant with the full army version. As the first player, the opponent’s home objective is also probably a trap unless you’re in mop-up mode, as unless they’ve done something that leaves themselves wide open to powerful deep strikers getting enough things onto it to hold it is going to stretch you pretty thin. Like with ITC, getting hold more is easiest on the turns with an odd number of objectives, so battle rounds 2 and 4 here. Randomly rolled VP values have no real place in a competitive setting. This costs 2 command points and allows you to select one tactical objective at the start of your turn and not have to discard it. Overall i am not a huge fan of most of these on the first read through but i think i should play them a few times before making any final judgements. Since we’re all new to 7th Edition, it’s important to take a look at the differences between these two mission types and identify how they affect army builds/strategy. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I think this would a fun mission, that would definitely favour fast and mobile units. Summary – Four Objective Markers, one in each deployment zone, the other two along the centre line. The real prize is to manage to raze their objectives. In addition, CHARACTER units have Objective Secured, and if a player controls an objective with the same CHARACTER at the end of more than one consecutive turn, the points they receive increases by one for each consecutive turn held. The bonuses for killing enemy units would favour an army that can hit pretty hard. They should add a bit of variety to the standard missions in the rulebook. Yeah, they definitely want a balanced build. You score one point for each objective you control at the end of your turn. Summary – One Objective Marker in each corner. This mission uses three objectives. Because the Attacker will often choose to go second in this mission, it would be nice to give the Defender that extra degree of control. Another mission with progressive scoring. Start-of-turn scoring is something that is used by the NOVA tournament format, and a lot of the guidance we put into our primer for that applies here as well – this mission favours mobility and the ability to “durably” hold objectives, because you get points when you can move stuff onto an objective and keep it there for a turn while your opponent tries to stop you. That helps a lot with the balance of this mission. Artillery that ignores LOS is also useful, as it lets you force the player who’s on the attack to either leave durable stuff on home objectives or lose the points for them in the mid-game. in 40K, Review. Eternal War missions have a random length. That’s now gone, which creates some mild tactical play around placement. The answer might be yes if you’re something like Orks or GSC, but if not, your only real route to victory is kicking your opponent in, starting with their Troops units, because if they get too many objective points then the game is basically over if you concede even a few turns of the Kill More objective. It will be fun to see what people think once they have tried these a few times. Is there any plans to update the ITC mission deployment for 2020? As it is, in extreme cases it’s possible to be in a situation where you table your opponent on turn three but cannot win the game. This will be easier for resilient armies, and careful objective placement will be vital to victory. The fact that most tournaments in the world use them at this stage, tells the story. 205. As the second player, you should probably prioritise bodying your opponent off objective 5 as your top priority, as it’ll be around the longest.

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