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jurisdiction sample sentence

synonyms. Advent Calendars 2020, … 22. Rita Sykes Reid, The power, right, or authority to interpret and apply the law. 2. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. In Nova Scotia, Canada, the medical examiner's office is under the, So that the concept of territorial limitations to the, He suggested that a privative clause expands the, And agents do not have permission and have no authority, no, Our national interest is such that we would oppose any attempt to weaken the, Once it goes outside that then it becomes the, The Claimant and those like her are of course not within the territorial, The study was conducted in Australia to estimate the crash risk in a, They have broad constitutional authority over the, Human rights violations occur within a state, rather than on the high seas or in outer space outside the, In my opinion, this is not a matter falling within my inherent, The council is required by law to review conservation areas in their, She probably didn't appreciate that the master was without, They are inapplicable to orders made by a court of unlimited, Under Margaret he walked in openly and planted his, It is most likely, therefore, that they would challenge Ontario's, Dispose of interests in offshore roll-up funds if the proceeds will be taxed at a lower rate in the foreign, A court's competence to grant an anti-suit injunction seems to derive from its, He stated that there is a presumption against the ouster of the, The administration of the Turkish Cypriot community had absolute, Anyone complicit in crimes against humanity should be extradited to the relevant, They say the new municipal boundaries will incorporate areas which are presently under their, However, the continuing rows between the USA and Europe over the court's, This is the division in charge of recovering lost paintings and drawings, and their, The information is being collected when federally recognized tribes request reassumption of, Another limitation is a rule found in various forms in some legal systems which denies, First, section 34 of the Act provides that an agreement cannot oust the, Under the provisions of the Family Law Act, section 36, he had no, What I am saying is there may be a difference conceptually in placing a limitation on, The Rhode Island court will have to consider whether in the exercise of its own, Crees have been negotiating for 26 years to get, In 1931, the French Government was forced to surrender its rights of, His appeal to citizenship rights would be subjected to the, It may look different if the person being detained is an infant utterly incapable of fleeing the, If tribunals were to be at liberty to exceed their, Self evidently, extradition contemplates trial in another, If, as is generally accepted, a commodore is needed to head the group, questions arise over his or her, We have also mentioned a number of treaties providing for grounds of, It is binding on all States in all territories under their, Additionally, they assert jurisdiction for their common-law tort claims under principles of pendent and ancillary, Sessions of the shire court were held under the, As to the procedural merits, persons wishing to engage the, One task that it assumed became the supervisory, These cases fall within the ancillary or incidental, Some of these violent acts will be directed against the targets of non-capitulators that are located within the, The Court has been criticized for expanding its, It does not sound like the sort of case the High Court, in the limited, The hybrid or internationalised tribunal may exercise concurrent, We question whether plaintiff may obtain personal, Does it have something to do with the powers and, But he said that the overall legality of the war was outside the, Midwestern state governments asserted States' Rights arguments to refuse federal, It was unnecessary on the application to pass judgment on his litigation style because it did not affect the, General Condition 32 provided that all disputes were to be submitted to the exclusive, To render speedy audit services to the City Government under the auditorial, Either it rules on the matter in an award on, Murder, including serial killings, fall under the, The adjudicator is not exercising the residual, Proceedings before arbitrators are commonly regulated by the statute law of the, Moreover words are to be construed as generally used in the, If the judgment is only to operate in personam, Last Friday, President Bush signed a bill modifying federal, The procuring must occur within the jurisdiction although the sexual intercourse may occur outside the, His authority is circumscribed by the advisory, A case can come in the ordinary criminal or civil, Similarly, Dutch courts have placed a liberal interpretation on Dutch legislative provisions on, The foundations of the present administrative law, The government dismissed the judgment and announced that, henceforth, it would not accept the, This, of course, presumes filing the lawsuit in a, What would have happened if the Thai authorities had asserted their, The state and federal courts have exclusive, He is prohibited from using firearms and must remain within the, In any of these pieces of legislation, and they vary from jurisdiction to, The new structure should operate under the, I spent a year clerking for a judge on the Fifth Circuit, whose, The matter is totally within the compass of the jury's, As a luminary and law minister, he cannot be expected to overstep his, Nevertheless, it was held that this clause did not oust, The information is invalid and as such this Court has no, He said the court was only exercising its, Because adjudication is dispositive the attitude of states towards compulsory, The preliminary inquiry judge exceeded her, However, a superior court should generally defer the exercise of its, For almost 100 years, Congress has given General Courts-Martial the, The fact that a matter might or might not give rise to a claim under federal, Weldon maintained that the arbitrator exceeded his, Because the boat sank in Isle of Man waters, the Manx government has, The interior minister was unable to push these plans through in the coalition negotiations, but the, The statutory powers will enable local authorities to seal off areas under their, Where a court or a public officer wrongly refuses, The third possible basis of extraterritorial, In some states, a city's extraterritorial, The matters for consideration at this stage concern the, But in these cases we would presumably want them to be tried within the, In other words, can they engage in legal economic activity in a, What is different here, though, is that there is no competing, The Ministry of Education has ordered all schools under its, Nor can it effectively do justice in the individual case within the limits of its, Well, the other theory of the Constitution is that the appellate jurisdiction is a special, If that is the case, the defendant will simply have to remain in custody, if no suitable surety within the, The parties agreed that the tribunal should deal with the matter of its, As mayor of Los Angeles, Riordan had no official role or any, The Bombay High Court's directive reallotting, Residence is therefore a matter which goes to the, Pre-emptive proceedings for a negative declaration in a preferred, If you ordered the suite of furniture in response to an advertisement in Ireland, the Irish courts have, In customary law, only the flag state has, This is not to say that the case-law on the inherent, Comity creates an expectation that the courts of other countries will collaborate in holding the parties to the terms of an exclusive, Normally a defendant must be sued in the courts of his domicile but Article 16 provides for exclusive, But where the defendant is domiciled within the, Elizabeth's oath of allegiance in 1559 required the specific repudiation of any, In Gates, supra, this court noted the age-long rule that a circuit court loses subject matter, Those cases, stand for the proposition that a trial court does not lose, The great majority of cases, however, are in personam, and thus in fact state courts and federal courts have concurrent, It is not an abuse of process merely to require a litigant to litigate in a tribunal of a Convention country if that tribunal in fact has, The Charlottesville Police did indeed have, So the very purpose of proceedings within the admiralty, There is, in our submission, no demonstrable or justiciable error of law that should attract this Court's, Why is the question whether a judge in the exercise of federal, It is also argued that the Agreement ousts the, For centuries it was a palatinate under the, It is a chart of the 88 committees and subcommittees that claim some kind of, If you wish to attempt to do so, you must bear in mind that a dictator is a ruler having absolute authority and supreme, Where the lord of the manor held a court leet, the, In my judgment, a court which grants provisional measures is not by virtue of that fact alone definitively seised of, Accordingly, the Court has authority to do all that is necessary to effectuate the grant of its appellate, The court may, on the application of a party to arbitral proceedings, determine any question as to the substantive, The same may be said of priests and deacons who uncanonically leave the, A further reason is that the Church claims, Where the ground relied on is unconscionable conduct in a foreign court the principle of comity requires that the, After Mt.

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