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river rafting in april

Rafters not only get an inside look at the canyon but they are also rewarded with Class IV to V rapids for an adrenaline rush filled ride and enjoy the big whitewater during the high water season. The environment starts to look even more colorful in October when yellow vegetation begins to bloom. What does this mean for big whitewater in the Grand Canyon? We are a team of experts, having voyaged every route in every raft down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and are ready to help you plan your trip! Depending on the day you may want to wear a wetsuit or spray gear to make sure you stay warm. The Middle Owyhee features Class IV rapids and the infamous Class V Widowmaker, and therefore is for expert river runners only. … When water conditions are ideal, however, the approximately 51-mile, multi-day trip through the Salt River Canyon, which is sometimes referred to as Arizona’s other Grand Canyon because of its sheer red and brown cliffs and impressive geology, is worth the trip. Nothing beats the cool spray of whitewater rafting and occasional swim when the weather is this hot. April – This is a great time for Ocoee River rafting. The solitude of the Selway River, which cuts through the heart of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, is unmatched by any multi-day whitewater river in the Lower 48. This means you now have a choice between a Full River, Upper or Middle Ocoee white water run. And let us find the best rafting trips for you. Often, it's easier to answer this question of how big is Grand Canyon, by simply saying "you need to see it to believe it". There are several good reasons to avoid the busiest rafting times if you can help it. The air temperatures range 60s to 80s. Don’t fret, you’ll still get your whitewater, but with the river carrying slightly less water during this time of the year, your overall experience will be more laid-back. There are over 200 miles of boatable water, with the Lower Owyhee serving up a popular combination of whitewater, solitude, and incredible desert scenery. Couple this with some headwinds that occur in certain parts of the river and the non-motor rafts can be a bit more challenging to keep pace. This Class II, multi-day float trip winds through 83 miles of stunning desert landscape and one of the most complex canyons in the Colorado Plateau known as the Goosenecks—a spectacular labyrinth of towering red rock walls. There was a time in 1983 when the water levels were so high, that the National Park Service required passengers to hike around Crystal Rapid. West, Inc. holds Transportation Charter Permits (TCP0022913 - C and TCP0022913 – A) with the California Public Utilities Commission. Instead, white water rafting season in the Grand Canyon is generally during the warmer months when air conditioning becomes a necessity in the Southwest, and more water is needed downstream for agriculture. What’s more is this 32-mile stretch of whitewater, which includes the infamous Class V Green Wall rapid, is entirely within the wilderness so any mistakes are magnified by the remote nature of the run. Have no fear however, your guides are prepared for this and any slower rafting is already anticipated in any given itinerary or trip length that he outfitters offer. So catch them if you can. However, beyond its famous red and orange walls and winding crannies, it is a perfect white water rafting spot as well. Top Whitewater Rafting Destinations for Large Groups in the U.S. 10 Reasons the Ocoee Is the Most Popular Whitewater Rafting Destination in the US. Generally, these flows are between 5,000-8,000 cubic feet per second. The free-flowing Lochsa River, which tumbles down from its headwaters in the Bitterroot Mountains, is an Idaho whitewater classic. Too much rain, however, and the Class IV rapids stack up, making it a dangerous endeavor. Check for great discounts. It doesn’t get dark in July and August until well past 8 PM so a 4 PM or even 5 PM trip gets you back to the outpost in plenty of time for an evening of good food, great people and awesome rafting stories. June – The Ocoee White Water Rafting season is now in full swing. Every year the amount of water being released changes with the amount of moisture gained in the winter, due to this rafting outfitters cannot guarantee any water levels during any time of year. The Grand Canyon attracts tourists because of its unique and intriguing geology. As you can imagine, all of the rafting equipment (rafts, oars, motors, dry bags, tents, cots/sleeping pads, chairs, coolers, life jackets, etc.) Those with the skill and guts, however, are rewarded by crystal-clear water, stunning greenery, challenging rapids, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from running the wildest whitewater in the state. Rapid names like “Grim Reaper” and “Terminator” say it all. The temperatures are the same as July so if you like your white water rafting in the hottest part of the year but you want to avoid the crowds late August is your best time. Others find it and are scared senseless. The weather is warm with air temperatures in the lo  w 90s and Ocoee River water temperatures in the mid 60s. Everything gets cleaned and repaired. May, September and October tend to have more fluctuation than April, meaning the CRMP allows the water to be released between 8,000-16,000 cubic feet per second during these months. Only Middle Ocoee runs are available in April. This is a solid technical run that’s not for newbies. Saturdays in early September are the busiest Ocoee white water rafting days of the year. Try out your paddling skills on a rafting trip, or go for the full wilderness experience, paddling a longer section of the Yellowstone River and spending the night at the edge of the water. A great combination is to do a Mountain bike trip in the cool of the morning then a rafting trip in the hotter afternoon. Still, those few fortunate boaters who run the Illinois each year bring back tales of glory. The weather during April is apt with temperature within 30 degree Celsius in day and under 18 degree Celsius in nights. Having said this and as touched on above, one important fact to consider whether choosing to raft the full length or partial canyon beginning at the south rim, slower and lower water levels sometimes make certain rapids react more aggressively and contrastingly some larger rapids react less aggressively during higher faster water flows, so really any time during the commercial rafting season is a good time to visit Grand Canyon for a raft trip. The Middle Ocoee runs 5 days a week (Thursday – Monday) and the upper Ocoee runs on the weekends. What they saved is a 250-mile long river that springs to life for three months a year—May through July—with fresh, surging run-off from the melting snows and glaciers of the Colorado Rockies. The big whitewater tends to be in late June, July or August. Since the Kaweah is free-flowing before it reaches Terminus Reservoir, you have to catch this thrilling spring rafting trip during the peak snowmelt window which is typically April through June. Hot springs bubble up along the banks. Flowing from the peaks of Sequoia National Park, the Kaweah River is one of the steepest river drainages in the country, and as a result, has some of the best whitewater rafting in California. Of the 4 busy white water rafting months (June, July, Aug and Sept.) June is the least busy especially Sundays and weekdays. There has not been a time when too little water was released, forcing rafters to hike around rapids. The total length of the river is 280 river miles as the start of Grand Canyon begins in Marble Canyon at Lees Ferry and ends at Pearce Ferry near the mouth of Lake Mead. The Forest Service, which runs a lottery for permits, only allows one launch per day (alternating commercial and private trips) from May 15 to July 31. It’s a tributary of the Rogue River in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon that is run much less often than talked about. Web Visit website. Each month has fluctuating water flows and every day the water is released within the predetermined water flow amount. Yet, operators use the off-season to scour every inch of their equipment in their warehouses fixing any dent, ding or potential problem. Boatable only in the spring during high water, typically early May through July in exceptional snow years, this technical river with more than 40 rapids in 20 miles boasts continuous whitewater and some of Idaho’s best rapids. If you prefer a more comfortable outside air temperature, April averages 83°F highs and 53°F lows while May averages 93°F highs and 67°Fs, making for some ideal hiking and rafting conditions down in the Canyon. We provide complimentary wetsuits and spray pants and jackets to help you stay warm. The air temperature ranges in the 80s and 90s, the Ocoee River water temperature is in the 70s. These water levels are determined by the amount of moisture, snow melt and rain that the Upper and Lower Colorado River Basin receives. The relaxed atmosphere on the river, contrasting with the teamwork demands of whitewater gives you a family rafting vacation full of unforgettable outdoor adventure. Go white water rafting on the Yellowstone River to float through the gorgeous Gallatin Range of the Rocky Mountains, with the chance to spot ospreys and Montana’s other native wildlife. Boaters who are able to snag a coveted Yampa River permit get to explore some of the most remarkable sandstone canyons in the country, paddle through Class III-IV whitewater, camp on sandy beaches and enjoy incredible side hikes in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument. And of course it’s the most expensive time to go. It’s not every year that paddlers get to catch this exceptional desert river in eastern Arizona, which relies on snowmelt from the White Mountains. Reservation, Cancellation & Rafting Policies. No matter which section you float, the Owyhee River is a rarely-visited but mesmerizing river in its bizarre beauty. Another advantage is, as fall whitewater rafting season begins, longer trips can be planned. To date, the CRMP has regulated water flows that are always run-able for both motorized and non-motorized trips.

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