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As you can see, the boys don't stop working on music. But I agree and as e.21 said: House & Techno. As with Pentacle's album of the last week, it has also lyrics in "la langue de Molière et Balzac". I just wish they would've done couple of strictly instrumental tracks to give a chance to the singer to express himself in his own way a bit more (like it's the case for both ''L'Étoile'' and ''L'Indien''). Read Watch. Genre. With a truly multi-genre, inclusive perspective, Pollen is committed to programming music that is at the leading edge of both the popular and the underground. Learn More Get It! I really enjoy that you covered a band from my hometown. You get one life. Yes, I'll bet that you was pleasantly surprised, especially because it wasn't covered yet. The things are what they are. Beach breaks. Album Rating: 4.5Thanks Sabrutin. The words don't go anywhere at places. Me too, but not of this kind of pollen. Anyway, you'll see this is a great album from a great band. Original Mix, The Reality Of Time The lyrics are not too profound. They released four albums and two split records over their eight years together. Joe Bocan is a pop singer of the 80's. Their music is more charged with emotion.Anyway, from the information I read on the booklet of the album, the decision of Locat wasn't a complete option of him. Bob Hoag Chris Serafini Dan Hargest Mike Bennett . Nothing too concrete. Music Supervision, SD and Mix by Pollen. Album Rating: 4.0''Naufrage'' from La Clef Des Songes is such a good song. Original Mix, Drunken Monkey Cheers, dude. Album is called ''Deux Cent Nuits à L'Heure''. To celebrate its 600th episode, GSS and Pollen Music Group bring you "The Couch Gag" in VR. I was pleasantly surprised! I don't see ant kind of incoherence on it. Afrobeats. We are a New York-based design studio developing creative and strategic work that engages deeply with the world we live in. Cheers, mate. Sign up. The things are what they are.". And thanks for the info about Serge Locat. Pollen is a fluid and inclusive Spotify playlist that champions and propels the best new music and art. Original Mix, Ancient Wisdom Coutu formed part of a jazz group Uzeb's original line up, while Lemoyne was musical director for Richard Séguin and other well lnown artists. As you can see, this album seems to be perfect for you. Pollen is a fluid and inclusive Spotify playlist that champions and propels the best new music and art. These guys have their own sound and they are quite original. Album Rating: 4.5Another great review of a great album. on Beatport. Designing Airbnb’s latest digital toolkit, built to empower illustrators, Creating a dynamic design system for Nike's new editorial series, A contemporary publication shines a light on Brazilian queer culture, An impactful book cover signals new notions of political belonging, Working on a project with Apple. I Agree with both things. They released four albums and two split records over their eight years together. It's much more easy to talk about something we know already or about a new album's release than a forgotten album, even if it is a real gem.

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