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Indeed, as TNS looks to solidifying its presence offline as well as online with a crowdfund for a permanent home, it has won a first place prize of £50,000 from the Metallic Fund which aims to ‘elevate Black talent and ideas through financial grants and mentorship’. Jojo is the co-curator of the ultimate throwback photo archive Black In The Day, alongside Tania Nwachukwu. Then I wanted less restrictions but have the DJs flex because in a club you don’t get the DJs full taste, you just get what they know is going to work for the crowd,” he says. Ou bien est ce mon Téléphone que commence à être moins performant ?? Adapting the clash into a game show where contestants would pick the best ten songs from their respective artist's discography as Twitter polls decided the winner, NS10v10 became a trending topic almost every night, generating even more content and memes and providing a welcome distraction from the ongoing pandemic. One thing that is always mentioned in tandem with No Signal is the curation: it’s always on point and always giving you sounds you didn't even know you needed. Get the best of Mixmag direct to your Facebook DMs. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website, assess how you use our website and for website security purposes. “First of all I wanted to do a party with no phones, then that changed. This energy and online interaction is what gives the clash life and this translates to the daytime shows too. 'From the interactive polls for the clashes, to choosing contestants from Twitter, TNS is truly the people’s station.'. A radio show JoJo Sonubi co-hosted alongside his brother David to promote their parties of the same name. We want it to impact the generation after us.”, Going into this further, JoJo explains how this relates to wider societal issues, “in a country that would prefer for Black stories to be told not by us or for us to not have agency, we want to control our narratives and be in charge of our own creativity. There's No Signal: How one radio station captured a community We explore at the rise of the Black British radio station, No Signal, how they have effectively used their platform to promote Black British artists, how social media came to play such a large role in their story and what the future of the station is. If you liked a particular type of music and they didn’t cater to you, what were you going to listen to?”. Raheim explains this necessity further, “No Signal is different and I love that. One of the most controversial moments of the already legendary #NS10v10 saw innovative chef and content creator MunchClubTV and one of the UK’s best DJs A.G clash live on the timeline. Et est il réparable ?? Self-described King of Rumba Drill, Congolese artist IDPizzle shot to viral stardom with Dior (Remix) and his infamous Billie Jin refrain that became the unofficial lockdown anthem having been heavily requested by listeners every episode of #NS10v10 Season 1. Bonjour, The only qualification needed? No Signal is that station. It’s been a way to connect with other Black people while the world seemed to be crumbling around you. After connecting with DJ, producer and photographer Raheim online, we spoke about the importance of interacting with other music heads on Twitter; No Signal’s curation and presenters have captured all our hearts. The team hopes to ‘begin building a new generation of Black-owned media and entertainment’ pushing forward the idea of Black ownership, particularly as more young Black talent shuns the traditionally exploitative and old-fashioned major label deals in favour of independent careers. Stream-ripping sites now account for 80.2 percent of the 50 most popular music-only infringing piracy sites. We didn’t plan for this to happen but now it has, we’re using this time to do things we’ve always wanted to,” JoJo says. To live music? We might have changed, mostly, from illegally broadcasting from the rooftop of tower blocks to streaming online, but the DIY approach and graft remains the same: transmitting bangers to audiences as far as you can reach. It all started with a question: ‘Who would beat Drake in a battle?’, and the rest was history. This accessibility allows TNS to authentically tap into all facets of Black culture and music, where mainstream stations may simply play ‘urban’ music under the umbrella of Black. With co-signs and partnerships with Adidas and Spotify and the BBC amongst countless others, TNS have proven that they are here to stay, and plan to do so on their own terms. Je pense qu'elle est finalisée puisque Internet fonctionne, je... Assistance Mobile est un service de l’opérateur, J’ai payé ma facture mais ma ligne et encore suspendue, redémarre depuis matin mais j’ai toujours pas de servicet, Impossible de recevoir des appels ("ce numéro n'est pas attribué"), consultez notre page de présentation des cookies, Brochures des tarifs et CGS Forfaits Mobiles, Service client pour sourds et malentendants. No Signal building on the proud history of Black British radio. The premise is simple: two hosts rep a side - this could be an artist, genre or location - and the audience votes on Twitter after each round. Le site Assistance des clients mobile pour les marques : Crédit Mutuel Mobile | CIC Mobile | NRJ Mobile | Auchan Telecom | CDiscount Mobile, Le site Assistance des clients Box pour les marques : Crédit Mutuel Mobile | CIC Mobile, L’assistance des clients Crédit Mutuel Mobile, L’assistance des clients Euro Information Telecom. today’s schedule • 10am - 12pm: mornings with rbc • 12pm - 2pm: #nslunchtime • 2pm - 3pm: kemarr • 3pm - 5pm: afternoon tea from 3 • 5pm - 7pm: playlist To get the lowdown, I spoke to each contender. We acknowledge we’re not the first ones to do something like this but we want to do it for our current generation, our wave of people coming through. Honouring every Black genre from soul to r’n’b to hip hop and electronic music, there isn’t a sound that hasn’t been covered. No Signal has been a godsend during lockdown. Pour en savoir plus ou pour désactiver les cookies, consultez notre page de présentation des cookies. It’s an undeniable fact that Black music is part of the fabric of radio. When considering the legacy of Black British radio, the influence of Trevor Nelson can be felt across the airwaves. Unfortunately, we came second. Original content shows such as Super Album taps into the young talent of those listening as well as those with previous presenting experience. Presenting The M'n'M Show and Beauty Blender with Manara, both on NTS, her style floats between club, grime, garage and beyond. Taking Recess to sesh capital Ibiza and then New York was the next move. Bonjour, j'ai un LG-X145 et celui ci ne fonctionne pas très bien Mais je peux tjrs envoyer et recevoir des SMS Ou aller sur internet Via la Wifi et le Réseau Mobile De ce côté là Tout va bien. Bonjour Farid,Votre demande est bien prise en compte.Vous avez effectivement déjà effectué les premières manipulations.Vous avez également contacté nos services samedi et une nouvelle carte SIM a été commandée. We have gospel on Sundays, we have slow jams late at night, we have r’n’b focused shows, all things I really miss hearing on the waves. Before radio stations like Kiss and Rinse had licenses, the only way to listen to house, grime, soul, r’n’b and other then predominately Black genres was hoping your radio picked up pirate stations. With MunchClub returning to rep North London and A.G debuting for East, the two went head to head. The Official UK Afrobeats Chart is to be compiled using UK sales and streaming data from over 9,000 outlets, incorporating physical sales, downloads, audio streams and video streams. PS : J'ai fait toutes les manipulations possibles mais sans résultats Réinitialiser l'on du système Mise à jour Ou encore Recherche Réseau J'ai en revanche avec un autre téléphone appelé le mien que j'avais éteint Et je tombais sur le Répondeur Mais lorsque mon Téléphone était allumé Lorsqu'on voulait m'appeler Il n'y avait aucune tonalité comme si j'étais indisponible pour le moment Est ce un problème de Carte SIM ??

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