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This brief photo essay offers just a sample of exhibits I found to be of special interest during a 2012 visit. In 1973, the British Library Act 1972 detached the library department from the British Museum, but it continued to host the now separated British Library in the same Reading Room and building as the museum until 1997. During the few years after its foundation the British Museum received several further gifts, including the Thomason Collection of Civil War Tracts and David Garrick's library of 1,000 printed plays. Bronze lamp and patera from the X-group tombs, A surviving column and architectural fittings, (420–415 BC), Fluted columns, column bases and ionic capitals, (399-301 BC), Two colossal free-standing figures identified as Maussollos and his wife, One of the sculptured column bases, (340–320 BC), Segments of the columns and architraves from the, Gold jewellery and other rich artefacts from the Castellani and Galeassi Tombs in, Various objects including two small terracotta statues from the "Tomb of the five chairs" in Cerveteri (625-600 BC), Painted terracotta plaques (the so-called, Decorated silver panels from Castel San Marino, near, Statuette of a bronze votive figure from Pizzidimonte, near, Bronze helmet with inscription commemorating the, Large terracotta sarcophagus and lid with painted scenes from, Bronze sculpture of a Greek poet known as the, Pair of carved fluorite cups known as the, A hoard of silver votive plaques dedicated to the Roman God, Part of a large wooden wheel for draining a copper mine in, Capitals from some of the pilasters of the, Hoard of jewellery from a tomb in the vicinity of, Inscribed marble base of the Roman Consul, The Sharrat-Niphi Temple, (c. 9th century BC), South-East Palace ('Burnt Palace'), (8th–7th century BC), Human Headed Lamassu Bull, sister piece in, Human Headed Lamassu Lion, sister piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, (883–859 BC), Rare Head of Human Headed 'Lamassu', recovered from the North-West Palace, (811–783 BC), Pair of statues of attendant god dedicated to, Large sculpture of a male bearded head from a, Pair of inscribed stone objects known as the, Group of 16 stone reliefs from the palace of King, Seated statue of Kidudu or guardian spirit from the Assyrian city of, Group of 4 bronze shields with inscription of king, One of the pottery storage jars containing the, Eight bronze shields including those from, Morel collection of La Tène material from eastern France, including the, Elaborate gold bracelets and ring found near, Three Viking hoards from Norway known as the, A number of luxurious penannular brooches such as the, A number of mediaeval ivory panels including the, Magnificent cups made from precious metal such as the, Two luxurious silver brooches set with precious stones from, Oak clock with mother-of-pearl engraving designed by, The most comprehensive collection of sculpture from the Indian subcontinent in the world, including the celebrated, An outstanding collection of Chinese antiquities, paintings, and porcelain, lacquer, bronze, jade, and other applied arts, Intricately designed gold dagger handle from, A fine assemblage of Buddhist scroll paintings from, Ivory stand in the form of a seated lion, Chos-'khor-yan-rtse monastery in, Hoard of gold jewellery with precious stones found under the Enlightenment Throne at the, Three sandstone carved sculptures of the Buddha in, Earliest known figure of the dancing four-armed god, Several wooden architectural panels from the, Hoard of Buddhist terracotta sealings from the, Foundation inscription with Arabic inscription in, Large standing gilded copper figure of the, Pottery vessels and sherds from the ancient site of, Three stone Buddha heads from the temple at, Stone figure representing the upper part of an eleven-headed, Glazed terracotta tiles from the Shwegugyi Temple erected by king, Large impression of the Buddha's foot made of gilded stone (known as Shwesettaw Footprints) donated by Captain, This page was last edited on 11 November 2020, at 10:48. Current vacancies. A selection of photographs of Sigmund and Anna Freud's personal collections of antiquities. In 1882, the museum was involved in the establishment of the independent Egypt Exploration Fund (now Society) the first British body to carry out research in Egypt. ( Log Out /  The Anthropology Library is especially large, with 120,000 volumes. Artefacts from the Islamic world are on display in Gallery 34 of the museum. London: The British Museum Press, pg 92, Wilson, David, M. (2002). In 1854, Roach Smith published a Catalogue Of The Museum Of London Antiquities to itemize the collection. Be the first to hear about our events, exhibitions and other activities. email: [email protected]. There was not enough money to put up more new buildings, and so the houses in the other streets are nearly all still standing. The series is designed to disseminate research on items in the collection. The estimated footage of the various libraries as reported to the trustees has been summarised by Harris (1998), 3,6: Sloane 4,600, Harley 1,700, Cotton 384, Edwards 576, The Royal Library 1,890. Indeed, I would recommend a visit to the Museum of London for any London visitor who wants to understand something of the development, character and geography of the City during their stay. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We want staff to love what they do and to enjoy coming to work, and we value a healthy work-life balance. The principal gallery devoted to Asian art in the museum is Gallery 33 with its comprehensive display of Chinese, Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asian objects. A display or Roman jewelry, including brooches, rings and bracelets. In the early 19th century the foundations for the extensive collection of sculpture began to be laid and Greek, Roman and Egyptian artefacts dominated the antiquities displays. For almost 150 years researchers came here to consult the museum's vast library. 65–66, Building the British Museum, Marjorie Caygill & Christopher Date 1999, Norman Foster and the British Museum, Norman Foster, Deyan Sudjic & Spencer de Grey 2001, Reported in the list of Sloane's collection given to his executors in 1753. Active support by the museum for excavations in Egypt continued to result in important acquisitions throughout the 20th century until changes in antiquities laws in Egypt led to the suspension of policies allowing finds to be exported, although divisions still continue in Sudan. This is an actual section of a Roman mosaic floor, mounted in a display where it can be touched by visitors. The collection of Palestinian material was strengthened by the work of Kathleen Kenyon at Tell es-Sultan (Jericho) in the 1950s and the acquisition in 1980 of around 17,000 objects found at Lachish by the Wellcome-Marston expedition of 1932–1938. This series was started in 1978 and was originally called Occasional Papers. This consisted of almost 300 pieces of objets d'art et de vertu which included exquisite examples of jewellery, plate, enamel, carvings, glass and maiolica, among them the Holy Thorn Reliquary, probably created in the 1390s in Paris for John, Duke of Berry. [21], From 1778, a display of objects from the South Seas brought back from the round-the-world voyages of Captain James Cook and the travels of other explorers fascinated visitors with a glimpse of previously unknown lands.

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