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Page 1 of 13 MSDS - MIXED XYLENE Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) ± Mix Xylene 1. China is expected to grow and become 2.3x by the end of 2028. Read your car owner's manual to [find out the capacity of your gas tank]( in gallons. USES AND APPLICATIONS . The top twelve players in the global Mixed Xylene market are expected to collectively hold between 20% and 25% market share. Many premium engines and cars require a higher octane level of gasoline to perform the best. Xylene is used as a solvent for printing, rubber, and leather industries. We use cookies for a better user experience. Commercial or mixed xylene usually contains about 40-65% m-xylene and up to 20% each of o-xylene and p-xylene and ethylbenzene. The global Mixed Xylene market is projected to reach US$ 74.79 Bn over the forecast period, while growing at a CAGR of 7%, by value. It may seem odd, but solvents are chemical composites that are similar on … Now take your car's gas tank capacity and subtract this new number you calculated. Ideally you would mix the minimum amount of xylene (or any other octane enhancing agent) required to prevent detonation under operating conditions.

Similarly, CNOOC Huayue started an aromatics unit with the capacity of 93,600 tonne/year for the production of mixed xylene and a joint venture between Lotte Chemical Corp and Hyundai Oilbank led to the formation of a new 1m tonne/year isomer-grade xylene facility. 1330-20-7 . C 8H 10. Increased xylene additives are added to gasoline to increase the octane level.

Tonen General started a new 230,000 tonne/year Mixed Xylene recovery unit in Ichihara. Most sports cars or racing cars need 92 octane gas rather than just the standard 87 level of octane most cars take. Most sports cars or racing cars need 92 octane gas rather than just the standard 87 level of octane most cars take. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND COMPANY/UNDERTAKING Material Name : Mix Xylene Uses : Solvent. o-Xylene is a colorless slightly oily flammable liquid.[5]. You can add xylene yourself to increase the octane level in your gas. Collaborations, acquisitions and expansion of the production capacity are some of the primary strategies adopted by key players to expand and sustain in the global Mixed Xylene market. Specific isomers of xylene are used as a raw material to manufacture of industrial chemicals. Growing demand for a better solvent material in different industries is projected to create new opportunities for mixed xylene to grow in the market. Effects vary with animal and xylene isomer. Many premium engines and cars require a higher octane level of gasoline to perform the best. Xylene can enter soil, water or air in large amounts after spills or as a result of a leak during storage or burial at a waste site.

The global Mixed Xylene market is moderately fragmented with top market participants holding single digit market share as of 2017.
What shape is the Mixed Xylene market expected to take in terms of volume and value during the study period? In recent years, the Mixed Xylene market has witnessed significant market developments from the competition perspective. The distribution of By the end of 2028, the isomer grade mixed xylene segment is anticipated to grow and become 1.98X of its size in 2018, by value. o-Xylene (ortho-xylene) is an aromatic hydrocarbon with the formula C6H4(CH3)2. with two methyl substituents bonded to adjacent carbon atoms of a benzene ring (the ortho configuration). It is a common component of ink, rubber, and adhesive. What are the important key challenges, opportunities and improvement factors for Mixed Xylene market players? This number will give you how much xylene you need to add to get 87 octane gas to 92 octane gas. Check here for some of the benefits provided by this solvent and tips on using it safely. High-octane gas costs more as it increases the power in your engine. Xylene is a volatile organic hydrocarbon with a sickly-sweet smell, and it exists as a colorless liquid and a gas. For instance, capacity expansion and new plant start-ups, totaling at close to 2.4m tonne/year, were added to the Asia Pacific Mixed Xylene market during the last year. A key factor for our unrivaled market research accuracy is our expert- and data-driven research methodologies. The Solvent Grade Mixed Xylene segment is expected to grow at 6.5% CAGR, by value, during the forecast period. Run your car until it is almost completely out of gas. Increasing demand for Paraxylene and rising consumption of mixed xylene as a solvent are some of the important factors expected push the demand for mixed xylene in the global market. The growing polyethylene terephthalate (PET) market is creating demand for paraxylene. Net production was approximately 500,000 tons in the year 2000. o-Xylene is largely used in the production of phthalic anhydride, which is a precursor to many materials, drugs, and other chemicals. Xylene paint for garage floors can prove efficient and long-lasting. Explore our comprehensive repository of published and upcoming market research reports. o-Xylene (ortho-xylene) is an aromatic hydrocarbon with the formula C 6 H 4 (CH 3) 2. with two methyl substituents bonded to adjacent carbon atoms of a benzene ring (the ortho configuration). Because xylene is a liquid, it can easily leak into soil, surface water or groundwater. Plot No: JLT-PH1-I3A, The paints & coating market is continuously growing owing to increasing demand from automotive and construction industries. This will tell you how full to fill your gas tank so there will be room for the xylene you will add.

These factors is expected to create a robust foundation for the growth of the China Mixed Xylene Market during the forecast period. Mixed Xylene is a widely used solvent and is considered to be fit to be used as a solvent in paints, pesticides and other products due to its better adhesive properties. How is the competition structured at present and how has it evolved in the Mixed Xylene market over the past few years.

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