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“I have been here for thirty-eight years,” Serge said, “and I have often worked, alone, at night, cleaning up or fixing things. “This part of the house was built of concrete blocks,” he said, “but you’ll see that they finished the inside to look like the original house.”. (The French Canadian house adapted to local materials and climate became standard in the late 18th century.). They focus on traditional Quebecois dishes, such as tourtière and pea soup. The steep roof and small windowpanes, in particular, had been pointed out by my tour guide the day before, as being examples of the early French Canadian building style. Les Anceins Canadiens was written by Philippe Aubert de Gaspé, who bought the house in 1815; the book was published much later, in 1863. A second main block went up some 20 years later. In 1815 Philippe Aubert de Gaspé, a lawyer and the Seigneur of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, acquired the house through a transaction that had all the markings of real estate speculation because the following year he sold it at a profit without ever living there. The following year he built a wooden house on the property and, sometime around 1690, he rebuilt it in cut stone. The original building was a wooden home, built by master carpenter Pierre Ménage ; the structure was rebuilt in stone in approximately 1690 by François de Lajoüe . The name of the restaurant, Aux Anciens Canadiens, was taken from a book written by one of the historical owners of the house in the 1800’s. Maison Jacquet was small and therefore easy to heat. We continued to the newer addition, where Serge pointed out the brickwork. On the far right is the former Palace of Justice. Serge commented that the menu has had some significant changes over the years, from strictly traditional dishes, to expanding to newer ingredients like duck and lamb, to the current menu, which includes several dishes that feature wild meats. The home later became a barber shop, then a candy shop. © Ville de Québec, The historic Maison Jacquet, one of the largest houses in upper-town in its day and the oldest in Quebec, was built in 1675-76. Required fields are marked *. There is a lot of air moving,” he continued, gesturing at a vent in the ceiling behind him. “It is to be expected.”, “Thirty eight years,” Serge declared, “But in all that time, I have never, ever, seen a ghost.”, This is incredible!!! “Not really,” Serge replied. “Most people here didn’t eat much game, and even now, it is not very common, except with younger people. At first it had only one-and-a-half storeys, like the first house, but later another storey was added. Several additions were made, including an enlarged kitchen hearth at the back of the building in the late 1700’s, and a large addition on the side of the building, built between 1818 and 1820. Serge went on to say that François Jacquet’s family eventually sold the house, and it then became a saloon for quite a long period. Maison François-Jacquet-Dit-Langevin, built in the late 17th century, is one of the oldest residences in all of Québec. Come on down! The land had been granted on November 30 to François Jaquet 1674 by the nuns of the Ursuline Convent in the region. Thanks, Elaine! Gives me a whole new appreciation for the place , I would never have known, either – I was really fortunate that Serge was so forthcoming! Its thick walls, solid joints, marvelous wainscoting and recessed cupboards The house itself, particularly the original structure, is notable as an example of French architecture, with adaptations to reflect the colder climate in Quebec. I told Serge that I was curious about the house and it’s history. Today Maison Jacquet consists of two main units, the oldest of which was constructed in 1690 and is set back from the street. What was it for? A few years later, Philippe Aubert de Gaspé published an important book in the literary history of Québec, Les Anciens Canadiens, a historical novel with nationalist overtones set in the 1750s. It also figures among the first private homes in Upper Town Québec City. You’ve helped me get over it! They had fancy machines, which detected a ghost on the premises, and said that doors moved on their own, proving that there was a ghost in the building. I knew the building was old – my tour the day before had identified it as the oldest house still standing in Quebec City, but hadn’t given many details. It is the oldest building in … I loved learning about this spot through your eyes and pictures (more!) Funny, I stayed just a block down from here and never stepped in. “For that, you will need to speak to Serge.”. Hôtel de Ville – City Hall. Originally called Grand Square, this was the site for military exercises beginning in the mid-17th century. When he came back, he had a yellowed book in his hands, an original copy of the home’s namesake. This was the case of this piece of land sold by the Ursuline nuns to master roofer François Jacquet dit Langevin in 1674. As the server cleared away the remains of the pie, I asked about the door. Aux Anciens Canadiens, Quebec City Picture: restaurant - Maison Jacquet - Check out Tripadvisor members' 49,466 candid photos and videos of Aux Anciens Canadiens San Diego friends wait for you and the family. This floor was a kitchen and living area, with a big stone hearth here.” Serge pointed behind him, at a stone wall that now divides the entrance and bar area from a dining room in the back. That was originally an icebox. The original building was a wooden home, built by master carpenter Pierre Ménage; the structure was rebuilt in stone in approximately 1690 by François de Lajoüe. The site was granted to François Jacquet on November 30, 1674 by the nuns of the neighboring Ursuline Convent. The building, known as Maison Jacquet (Jacquet House), was built on land granted to François Jacquet dit Langevin by the Ursuline Nuns, in 1674-75. “One moment, s’il vous plait” answered a sprightly man at the end of the counter. “Over there,” he said, pointing at the back wall of the dining room, “do you see the door? The house still reflects the French tradition but already includes adjustments to Québec conditions. Several prominent figures have resided in Maison Jacquet, including the author of the novel "Les Anciens Canadiens", Philippe-Aubert de Gaspé, who lived here from 1815 to 1824. Local myth also holds that General Montcalm, the French leader during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759, also either lived (and died) in the house, or used it as a headquarters, depending on who you ask.

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