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hung in a sentence

; Pest, 1871); Janos Karacsonyi, Documents issued by Stephen I. Hung In in a sentence | Short example sentence for hung in, Corruption in a sentence | Short example sentence for corruption, Mutual Fund in a sentence | Short example sentence for mutual fund, Lovingly in a sentence | Short example sentence for lovingly, Consternation in a sentence | Short example sentence for consternation, Substitutes in a sentence | Short example sentence for substitutes, Refuting in a sentence | Short example sentence for refuting, Bibber in a sentence | Short example sentence for bibber, Final Decision in a sentence | Short example sentence for final decision, Insouciant in a sentence | Short example sentence for insouciant. The fate of Poland and Saxony hung in the balance; Germany awaited an entirely new reorganization; Italy was again ready for dismemberment; rumours went that even the pope and the sultan might be largely affected. He hung up before I had a chance to end the call. Definition of hung (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : unable to reach a decision or verdict a hung jury also, British : not having a political party with an overall majority a hung parliament. 8 the weight on the platform is transferred by levers to the vertical steel band, A, which is wrapped round an arbor on the axle of the disk - wheel, B, to which is rigidly attached the toothed segment, C. The weight, D, is rigidly attached to the axle of the wheel, B, and the counterbalance, E, is hung from the wheel, B, by means of a cord wrapped round it. acetate film or panels to be hung over existing glass partitions. To this character the fungus owes its generic name (Marasmius) as well as one of its most valuable qualities for the table, for examples may be gathered from June to November, and if carefully dried may be hung on strings for culinary purposes and preserved without deterioration for several years; indeed, many persons assert that the rich flavour of these fungi increases with years. See Laszlo Petrovics, Biography of Gabriel Baross (Hung. While the Deans were pleased that Martha had confided in them about her gruesome discovery, her pending exit remained an ever-present pall that hung over the remainder of the evening like a chilly fog. Hanged retained its position when used to refer to death by hanging, possibly due to being favored by judges who were passing a sentence. The mirror frame is hung between two scratch stock, tapered supports with adjustable, brass thumb side screws and brass bell finials. ; Budapest, 1885); Kornel Abranyi, Kalman Tisza Life and Political Career (Hung. See Posthumous Writings and Correspondence of Arany, edited by Lhszlo Arany (Hung. In some species young examples have been met with in which the nema ends above in a small membranous disk, which has been interpreted as an organ of attachment to the underside of floating bodies, probably sea weeds, from which the young polypary hung suspended. Summary. It was a very richly decorated object of coloured threads interwoven with gold, worn outside the luxurious mantle or robe; it was kept in place by a girdle, and by shoulder-pieces (? Tree-worship again is a constantly recurring feature, seen, for instance, in the permanently sacred character of the ficus Ruminalis and the caprcus of the Campus Martius, and above all in the oak of luppiter Feretrius, on which the spolia opima were hung after a victory. Volleys were exchanged, the British retreated, the minute-men hung on their flanks and from the hillsides shot them down, driving their columns on Lexington. pendulums of two clocks hung on a wall close together would swing 180° out of phase. The pair of beams are hung centrally by rods and hooks from knife-edges in the forked end of a strong beam, which is carried at its fulcrum by the top plate of the frame of the machine. After the departure of the Romans the baths seem to have been long neglected, but were again frequented in the 16th century, when the chapel of St Anne was hung round with the crutches of those who were supposed to owe their cure to her healing powers; these interesting relics were destroyed at the Reformation. The city was taken on the 29th of November, and after its capture Gordon had a serious dispute with Li Hung Chang, as the latter had beheaded certain of the rebel leaders whose lives the former had promised to spare if they surrendered. The three first floor windows are modern insertions into frames that earlier held pairs of side hung casements. male figures wear not only a wreath or corona proper, but also a garland of flowers hung round the neck. Gerry alone spoke to him, while two others hung back as the Guardian led him into the hidden room at the back of the house, filled with a small conference table and humming computers. The lady led her to a corner where two brooms hung on the wall. They are usually surmounted by two or three towers, but the bells are hung in a kind of wooden porch, resembling a. battery, but the starboard anchor was hung up with a strong tide sluicing down the mole, and the ship was carried some 700 yd. Damian's suite was lit only by a blazing fire in the hearth, and the scent of Jule's cigars hung in the air. See Aus den Papieren des Grafen Aurel Dessewffy (Pest, 1843); Memorial Wreath to Count Aurel Dessewffy (Hung. As soon as Dean hung up, he telephoned the Byrne home. He still, to use his own words, hung his new exposition on to "the old doctrines, however much they at times pained me, rather than on to the purer and clearer"; for he hoped that the reformation of the Church would proceed quietly and from within. "I'm going to wake Molly and come over," she said abruptly and hung up. Traci crossed to the kitchen door just as Ving hung up the phone. The moons hung well above the horizon, and the desert air was chilly enough for her to see her breath. (3) The boys hung their heads in shame. carillon bells were hung for ringing with a tenor of 52 cwt. "I want to know what the girl told him," Gabriel replied, eyes on the timid teen that hung on the heels of the demon lord. "That's how I hung up on him," Carmen explained. gemmy bridle glitter 'd free, Like to some branch of stars we see Hung in the golden Galaxy. A top hung outward opening casement offers a medium cost window option with reduced ventilation control. In the Langen mono-rail the cars are hung from a single overhead rail; a line on this system works between Barmen and Elberfeld, about 9 m., the cars for a portion of the distance being suspended over the river Wupper. Moreover, by the end of 1915 the threat of conscription (compulsory enlistment with the British forces) hung over Irish men. ; Pest, 1893); Lajos Balics, History of the Roman Catholic Church in Hungary, vol. Well, I guess the thing is not to get too hung up on the latest buzzwords. Yet there are people who actually attend the ceremony in carriages where the plain white robes have been hung up instead of proper blinds. When the vapours readily condense to a solid form the condensing plant may take the form of large chambers; such conditions prevail in the manufacture of arsenic, sulphur and lampblack: in the latter case (which, however, is not properly one of distillation) the chamber is hung with sheets on which the pigment collects. (Budapest, 1860). It seems strange to read these words of some of the men whose drawers have hung on my bedpost! A good mnemonic to remember the difference is the following sentence, Curtains are hung and people are hanged. (2) A towel hung from the rail. "The people gave their voice, and the danger which hung upon our borders went by like a cloud.". It was apparent Brunel had nothing more to offer so Dean thanked him for his help and hung up. From each segment, near its base, a stalked peltate sporangiophore arose; this bore four sporangia, which hung parallel to the stalk. The plummet is now placed in distilled water at 15°, and the beam brought to equilibrium by means of a rider, which we shall call I, hung on a hook; other riders are provided,;nth and ii b th respectively of I. Bianca hung back from both, kept in place by two vamps on either side of her. A small weight is hung on the free end and the vertical displacement, d, measured. 2 2 After the defeat of Lancaster at Boroughbridge, Badlesmere was taken and hanged at Canterbury on the 14th of April 1322. She hung back as they entered the hospital and watched the emergency room personnel take Traci. In the chapel behind the choir is hung one of Van Dyck's masterpieces, "The Erection of the Cross.". The principal peaks are: - the Franz-Josef or Gerlsford (Hung. (7) I hung my coat on a hook. In the entry there was a smell of fresh apples, and wolf and fox skins hung about. Cynthia finished her conversation and hung up the phone. juryleased on bail, Newton fled to Cuba but in 1977 he returned to the United States and was freed after two hung juries. radial membranous plates hung down from each verticil of bracts, forming compartments in which the subjacent sporangio phores were enclosed. Another word for hung. When I forced a reboot I have no way of knowing the status of the hung process. The cattle and sheep entered for this competition are shown alive on the first day, at the close of which they are slaughtered and the carcases hung up for exhibition, with details of live and dead weights. ), edited by Karoly Szabo (Budapest, 1882); Jens Thury, Stephen Bocskay's Rebellion (Hung.

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