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how to fight child support arrears

Any suggestions or advice on getting back child support dropped, tired of being harassed and soooo much and not making any headway. Parents should know their child support rights and be ready to fight for them, including fighting against paying child support, when warranted. Further, since child support payments are considered judgments at the time they are due and owing, any unpaid child support payments begin accruing interest as soon as they are late. File a petition to terminate support and a petition for temporary and permanent support immediately. Can I fight the back pay if the child is mine ? When I arrived I walked in a room and there was old girlfriend. The court can adjust your payments back to the date you file your paperwork and serve it on your ex, but no earlier than that. 5. Porter, LLC. You owe your children financial support. Never heard back from her till now. Accordingly, any child support payments that are missed are automatically considered judgments owed to the receiving party. FindLaw: Enforcement of Child Support FAQs, Mass Legal Services: Ending a Child Support Order, Child Support Agreements, Waivers, and the Court’s Last Say, DivorceNet: Imputing Income for Child Support in New Jersey, Judicial Council of California: Child Support. The law is pretty straightforward when it comes to child support. If you think you have grounds, talk to legal aid or an attorney to make sure, even if you plan to file the motion yourself. Can you help? Short of this, it might recalculate your support obligation based on income you receive from unemployment benefits or otherwise reduce your payments. Return to top. In 2003 I received a letter saying I had to come to child support inforcement unit for DNA test I was freaking out because I have custody of the only children I was aware of having. No child support order is set in stone, offering non-custodial parents some level of flexibility. In such situations, the custodial parent is on public assistance and the missing child support payments serve to reimburse the state for financially supporting the child. You need to get in touch with a lawyer right away – someone on our team can help. The child is now 29years old. Non-custodial parents may also qualify for dependency exemptions for tax purposes as well as the Child Tax Credit and an attorney can make these determinations. An expert child support attorney will tell you that the most important thing to do is act fast. I contacted them once and was told to make an agreement between the father and I. You'd have to file a motion or petition with the court, asking the judge to issue an order stating that your obligation to pay child support is terminated. Hello, I have a question about child support and back pay. in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. I have been paying back child support for years at high interest rates for a child I had raised half of her life. But some states do require that you still file a petition with the court to officially stop child support even in this circumstance. Importantly, whether or not laches applies is determined on a case -by-case basis and is dependent on the particular facts of each case.

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