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how long did the horus heresy last

The blood of heroes and traitors flowed in rivers, and the hooded Hereteks Adepts of the Dark Mechanicum unleashed perversions of ancient technology stolen from the Auretian Technocracy to wreak bloody havoc amongst the Loyalists. Hail Horus! This belief resulted in a series of bitter religious wars as Lorgar fought to impose his new religious doctrine worshipping the Emperor on his homeworld of Colchis. The Great Scouring begins in the aftermath of the Traitor defeat. A full fourteen of the Space Marine Legions stood represented at the Ullanor Triumph, and with them came nine beings of superhuman power and majesty. The Raven Guard met their rescuers in stunned disbelief. Far below, on the planet's surface, across the white marble of Liberation Plaza, a respectful hush fell over the throng of people who had gathered. The only sound was the fall of the headless corpse as it crashed to the ground, blood jetting across the white marble and the Warmaster's shining mantle. A psychic blast seared the flesh from the Emperor's face, destroying one of the Master of Mankind's eyes. This region, which encompasses the frontier border areas of the Segmentum Obscurus and Ultima Segmentum, and constituted some of the most industrialised regions of the northern Imperium at the time, had been effectively cut away from regular direct contact with the Segmentum Solar owing to the rising tide of Warp turbulence which would culminate in the so-called "Ruinstorm," which followed on from the dark events at Calth in 007.M31. Spear eventually obtained this document upon the world of Dagonet, which would bring him into direct conflict with the Imperial Execution Force. When the joint fleet of the III and IV Legions arrived at the outskirts of the stellar maelstrom, for once in his life, Perturabo looked upon it and knew that others could see it too. Word Bearers units marched, droning black hymns and chanting sermons from the Book of Lorgar, bearing corpse-strewn icons of befouled metal and bleached bones above their regiments. Victory would come soon enough, perhaps even sooner than any of them might expect, for after the latest assassination attempt on the Warmaster, Erebus had come to realise a truism of warfare: if a tactic could be used against Horus, then it could also be used by the Traitors against the Emperor. One such pocket, under Brother-Captain Ventanus, organised a breakout, and retook Calth's planetary defence cannons and laser silos, reaping a great tally of Traitor starships. However, in time this decision would prove a critical mistake, as the Space Marine gene-seed creation process made the Emperor, the primarchs and the Space Marines analogous to grandfather, fathers and sons, respectively, in their genetic inheritance and superhuman abilities. And now he was to venture into its depths, following the guidance of an alien seer. Though they voxed hails requesting medical aid and supply, the line of Astartes atop the northern ridge remained grimly silent as the exhausted warriors of the Raven Guard and Salamanders came to within a hundred metres of their allies. Angron would finally take the vengeance he pretended to no longer desire. After the last failed attempt by Clade Venenum, a new strategy was decided upon. But Angron had seen Guilliman's assault upon Lorgar and intervened, facing the Lord of Ultramar in single combat. The assault at Calth would also allow the Word Bearers to reveal that they, too, now served Ruinous Powers. To further entice Sanguinius, the Warmaster informed him that he had found the means by which the Blood Angels would be able to excise the darkness from within their souls, and rid themselves of the Flaw. However, there was much dissension in the ranks of the Primarchs and other parties in the Imperium over the Emperor's decision to withdraw from the campaign and return to Terra as well as to reorganise the administration of the Imperium. Ferrus Manus confronts Fulgrim amidst the backdrop of the Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V during the Horus Heresy. The Horus Heresy was a galaxy-spanning civil war that consumed the worlds of Mankind for 9 Terran years. Soon the battle was joined, as Loyalist fought Traitor within the expansive chamber. Fulgrim’s face was a mask of agonised rapture, a pain endured for the pleasure it promised. The Thousand Sons, bitter at what they perceived as their betrayal by the Emperor, now willingly became the eighth Traitor Legion. The Primarchs would be relegated to a primarily military role as the Imperium's most preeminent commanders. The Calth Atrocity represented the Loyalist Astartes' first sustained experience with fighting the Warp entities later known as daemons in realspace. Come join the discussion about Warhammer and Wargaming collections, miniatures, tactics, terrain, reviews, accessories, history, displays, models, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Horus called the Emperor foolish for refusing the power that the Chaos Gods offered to Men, and timid for not taming them to His will if He was truly the Master of Mankind as He claimed. There was one further ally Horus could call upon, one most often encountered where the Warp cults had previously risen up or where the greatest amounts of blood had been shed, though as the war ground on, incursions grew ever more widespread and unpredictable. The Ultramarines had taken no pleasure in this act, which was intended to teach Lorgar and his Astartes to adhere to the atheistic doctrines of the Imperial Truth rather than spread the false belief that the Emperor was divine to all the worlds that they conquered. The missing Salamanders' Primarch Vulkan's helm, lying in the scorched earth of Istvaan V in the aftermath of the Drop Site Massacre. The surviving Loyalists teleported back to the Imperial dungeons beneath the Imperial Palace. Before launching a full planetary assault, the Iron Warriors launched a preliminary orbital bombardment around the citadel, a standard practise when preparing to assault a potentially hostile environment. The weight of the Lex's massive plasma engines dragged the stern down first, colliding with the Nucerian ocean's surface far from shore. Magnus sent his warning by means of powerful psychic sorcery and this broadcast had wreaked havoc upon the protective psychic shielding surrounding the Emperor's fragile Webway construct. Yet, a substantial number of Iron Hands Legionaries had extricated themselves from the massacre, and while few had made it off the surface, many more had survived the calamitous void ambush of the Legion's fleet, breaking away and scattering across the stars. Hard facts regarding the operational Legiones Astartes numbers are impossible to ascertain, but credible estimates place Traitor losses during the battles of the Istvaan, Phall and Paramar Systems in the region of 100,000 Space Marine fatalities, compared to an unknown number, perhaps three or four times as high, as a death toll for those who remained loyal to the Emperor. Before long, the Word Bearers Legion had been almost entirely corrupted by the Chaos Gods, and Lorgar and Erebus were tasked by the Ruinous Powers with corrupting all of their fellow Space Marines -- starting with the greatest of them all, the Warmaster Horus. During the battle the Sons of Horus Captains Ezekyle Abaddon and Horus Aximand were sent to confront their former Mournival brothers, Loken and Torgaddon. The Emperor also told Malcador to prepare himself for the dreadful sacrifice that he would be called upon to make. Little remained of the once sophisticated civilisation of Old Earth's glorious past as the centre of a growing human interstellar commonwealth marked by advanced science, high culture and wondrous technologies. No longer were they to support the military campaigns, as these were now safely in the hands of his sons the Primarchs and the newly appointed Warmaster Horus. Wounded from his many battles on Terra and the terrible battle with the daemon Ka'bandah, Sanguinius proved to be no match for Horus, now at the peak of his daemonic power after his long alliance with the Ruinous Powers. The Lord of Iron pressed on, intent on bringing their quest to completion. Horus strangled the Angel of Baal with ease. Ahead of them massed the might of the World Eaters, the rage-driven Astartes Legion of Angron, who strode at their head roaring for the blood of his brother. But the Iron Warriors had purposely done this in order to show the Imperial Fists that they were superior to them in every way. It contained their mingled essences, a power greater than the sum of its parts, a power to fuel an ascent so brutal that only the combined life-force of two Primarchs could achieve it. Unknown to Erebus and Kor Phaeron, their Primarch had also had a secret objective in mind when he had sent his two most zealous sons to Calth. Rogal Dorn, the stalwart man of stone, the Imperial Fist with his unswerving manner and unbreakable focus, the one who would always obey, would always be ready for duty. It could be seen in retrospect to have provided a template for scores of such campaigns which came after it, both in terms of strategy and the savage consequences involved for those worlds which fell into the Traitors' grasp throughout the time of the Age of Darkness. Several Ultramarines warships attempted to make a run on Nuceria, haemorrhaging Drop Pods, landers and gunships, forcing planetfall by any means necessary. I do love how we don't even need CotE to comment anymore, chances are he has already said something intelligent before that can be re-applied to the current situation. The Word Bearers Legion had taken up landing positions on the west of the field, ready to sweep down and engage the Raven Guard from the flank. Sensing the usefulness of such a unique specimen, Erebus found a new purpose for his captive. Doubtless much blood has yet to be spilled, theirs and our own, but the prize is the galaxy itself...Are you with me?". At some unseen signal a flame ignited on the northern slopes of the Urgall Depression and a blazing line of phosphor leapt across the ground in a snaking arc that described the outline of an enormous blazing eye upon the hillside.

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