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henry vii, holy roman emperor

[2] He also saw it, together with the crowns of Italy and Arles, as a necessary counterweight to the ambitions of the French king. [16] During his stay in the city, his wife Margaret of Brabant died. At Henry's death, and for the following decades, the central figure in Italian policy remained his nemesis, Robert of Naples. Links: The Peerage; Geneall; Wikipedia; Holy Roman Emperor: Reign: 29 June 1312 – 24 August 1313, Coronation 29 June 1312, Rome; Predecessor: Frederick II Successor: Louis IV. In the meanwhile, the betrothal between Henry and the Bohemian princess was cancelled. In 1310 Henry also began his journey to Italy to pacify the faction-ridden cities and receive the Lombard crown at Milan and the imperial crown at Rome. [14] Nevertheless, he insisted that the current rulers in all of the Italian city-states had usurped their powers. Rome was in a state of confusion as Henry approached the city walls. He was one of the greatest monarchs of medieval Germany,…, Frederick II (Holy Roman emperor and German king) [15] These measures, plus a massive levy imposed on the Italian towns,[17] caused the Guelph cities to turn against Henry, and he encountered further resistance when he sought to enforce imperial claims on what had become communal lands and rights, and attempted to replace communal regulations with imperial laws. [4] Henry was subsequently crowned at Aachen on 6 January 1309. [16], Despite plague and desertions, he managed to extract Brescia’s surrender in September 1311. In 1496, England also joined the Holy League formed to force France out of northern Italy. He was, nevertheless, crowned emperor on June 29 by cardinals nominated by the Pope for that purpose. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. He emphasized the special role of the empire in the sense of the traditional medieval empire idea. Among the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire, Henry is numbered only in parentheses, as he did not exercise the sole kingship. Following the death of his father, Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, Henry stood for election, and tied with Wenceslaus III, Duke of Saxony. Català: Rei des de 1212, Emperador (1220-1250) Deutsch: Heinrich VII. [21] He then refused to commit, as Pope Clement V had requested, to seek a truce with Robert of Naples, and he didn’t rule out attacking the southern kingdom. However, the date of retrieval is often important. About Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor. Siena, Bologna, Lucca, and smaller cities, sent men to help man the walls. In July 1310 he engineered the removal of Henry of Carinthia. The legacy of Henry was clearest in the successful careers of two among the local despots he made Imperial Vicars in northern cities, Can Grande of Verona and Matteo Visconti of Milan[31]. [25] His body was taken to Pisa. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Nevertheless, by the end of 1312, he had subdued a large part of Tuscany, and had treated his defeated enemies with great leniency. [2] Yet the newly crowned king had local issues to deal with before he could seek the imperial crown. Early in May 1312 Henry entered Rome, where he found part of the city held against him by the troops of Robert, the Angevin king of Naples. Pisa was a Ghibelline city, which means that the city supported the Holy Roman Emperor. Encyclopedia of World Biography. King of the Romans: Reign 27 November 1308 – 24 August 1313, Coronation 6 January 1309, Aachen; Predecessor: Albert I Successor: Louis IV. The vigorous work he had begun as a king to renew imperial rule soon led to a conflict with Guelf forces in Italy and with the King of Naples (Sicily) Robert von Anjou, In this dispute, Pope Clement V, who had initially cooperated with Heinrich, finally sided with the Guelphs. König ab 1212, Kaiser (1220-1250) English: Henry VII (German: Heinrich; ~ c.1274-24 August 1313) was the King of Germany since 1308, Holy Roman Emperor between (1312-1313) Italiano: Re dal 1212 … Frederick, fearing the discontent of the German princes, demanded the release of all hostages.

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