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have a blast example sentences

blast radii from Bazooka to HHG standard. You could say that that was AN enormous BLAST, A huge BLAST. Teens will have a blast on the signature rock wall, in-line skating track, miniature golf, internet café, basketball court, pools, and music clubs. Simply aim the heat gun at the floor and blast a tile with hot air. CK 244307 We saw laborers blasting rocks. Also, if you haven’t checked it out jump on the website at and check out the free give away ebook and audio course that I have on there. 79. Rhyn stopped and knelt, placing his hands to the ground. Their blast furnaces produce 1,700,000 tons of pig-iron annually. According to Williams, drinking "green smoothies" provides his body with the blast of nutrition and energy it desperately needs to combat his health problems. But tranquillity is clearly imp ssib'e in the Bessemer converter, in which the metal can be kept hot only by being torn into a spray by the blast. They are round stacks, designed on the model of iron blast furnaces, 29 ft. high, fed mechanically, and provided with stoves to heat the blast by the furnace gases. a cauldron containing pitch, sulphur and burning charcoal, was placed against the walls and urged into flame by the aid of a bellows, the blast from which was conveyed through a hollow tree-trunk (Thuc. blast furnace process or an electric arc process. slippy rocks in the gale but what a blast the descent was. ? I'm guessing it's the launch site, because earth berms for blast protection were located at the southeastern part of the site. And this is where we have like the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Competition each year. So, to finish up here we’ll do a little listen and repeat exercise guys. He absorbed the blast and bent to haul her up. block - blizzard - blind - blend - bleed - blaze Example sentences with the blast, a sentence example for blast, and how to make blast in sample sentence, how do I use the word blastin a sentence? Anyway, that aside, imagine they have come to Australia for the first time. Read while you listen using the Premium Podcast player. A blast of energized air swept over him. have a blast phrase. What does have a blast expression mean? Despite the similarity in name with Sonic 3D Blast, the two titles have next to nothing in common. Mamas Health includes such yummy recipes as Chocolate Blast, Lemon Vanilla, and Berry shakes. So, hopefully the audio’s going to be a little bit better. A theory often associated with the 2012 prophecy is that a mega solar flare will blast the earth sending bursts of radiation pulsing toward the planet. - The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women (1558). Sega proclaimed that its system did what "Nintendon't" via a feature called "Blast Processing.". They'd circled it twice, but the blast had scorched dirt, trees, and any traces of Lana over a hundred meters in every direction beyond the crater. GG; Flanges on the ore bucket; P, Cinder notch; HH, Fixed flanges on the top of RR', Water cooled boxes; the furnace; S, Blast pipe; J, Counterweighted false bell; T, Cable for allowing conical K, Main bell; bottom of bucket to 0, Tuyere; drop. Roberto Carlos (Brazil) Ronaldinho's countryman favors power over finesse, taking 20-yard run-ups to blast the ball as hard as possible. Don't subscribe Metal Slug Anthology: You gain access to several classic titles on a single disc, allowing you to blast through a huge number of stages with cartoon heroes. True it is that there were not wanting other men in these islands whose common sense refused to accept the metaphorical doctrine and the mystical jargon of the Quinarians, but so strenuously and persistently had the Laster asserted their infallibility, and so vigorously had they assailed any who ventured to doubt it, that most peaceable ornithologists found it best to bend to the furious blast, and in some sort to acquiesce at least in the phraseology of the self-styled interpreters of Creative Will. But these " iron pipe stoves " are fast going out of use, chiefly because they are destroyed quickly if an attempt is made to heat the blast above r000° F. With these the regular temperature of the blast at some works is about 1400° F. And TO BE A BLAST is when a specific thing was great, was a lot of fun, was incredibly enjoyable. Please show me example sentences with stay up. The proximity of coalfields and iron mines has made Chattanooga an iron manufacturing place of importance, its plants including car shops, blast furnaces, foundries, agricultural implement and machinery works, and stove factories; the city has had an important part in the development of the iron and steel industries in this part of the South. "); 'a blast' (a jet or fast-moving stream [of a type of material]); 'to blast' (to fire at [someone/something]) I think you mean the last definition. They do not represent the opinions of His body roiled with the demon magic, convulsing until the blow faded. The blast was attributed to an unusual build-up of stomach gases ignited by the sparks. Fletcher, in which the blast is heated by passing through a copper coil heated by a separate burner, is only of service when a pointed flame of a fairly high temperature is required. trumpet blast, burning the Witch of Orleans. BLAST looks for locally optimal alignments between the two sequences whose scores cannot be improved either by extending or trimming. Some people may say that this sport is a little boring to watch, but it's a blast to play. It WAS A BLAST to come here to Australia to Bells Beach to go surfing. Expression: To Have A Blast/To Be A Blast G’day guys. One of the final 8-bit Sonic titles to be released by Sega, Blast featured the blue blur and Knuckles as playable characters as they battled to collect 5 Chaos Emeralds. In the hearth of the blast furnace the heat made latent by the fusion of the iron and slag must of course be supplied by some body which is itself at a temperature above the melting point of these bodies, which for simplicity of exposition we may call the critical temperature of the blast-furnace process, because heat will flow only from a hotter to a cooler object. Extras - A short blast of perfume or hand drawn graphics may also help illustrate how you feel. Some air purifiers with fans can be quite noisy when running full blast. Interpenetrating this descending column of solid ore, limestone and coke, there is an upward rushing column of hot gases, the atmospheric nitrogen of the blast from the tuyeres, and the FIG. : ??? 1k If you still have questions, why not ask a native speaker? The indirect process once established, the gradual increase in the height and diameter of the high furnace, which has lasted till our own days, naturally went on and developed the gigantic blast furnaces of the present time, still called " high furnaces " in French and German. A: How was your class? A sealer coat is normally required and steel again should be blast cleaned and primed with a zinc phosphate primer in most cases. Has difficulty understanding even short answers in this language. Moreover, this resistance increases much more rapidly than the height of the furnace, even if the rapidity with which the blast is forced through is constant; and it still further increases if the additional space gained by lengthening the furnace is made useful by increasing proportionally the rate of production, as indeed would naturally be done, because the chief motive for gaining this additional space is to increase production. The owner of it will not be notified. What is the difference between stay safe and keep safe ? This is another windowless rectangular blockhouse with a blast protected entrance. If his bellows had only a single opening, that through which they delivered the blast upon the fire, then in inflating them he would draw back into them the hot air and ashes from the fire. In 1888 the Dowlais Iron Company (now Messrs Guest, Keen & Nettlefold, Ltd.) acquired here some ninety acres on which were built four blast furnaces and six Siemens' smelting furnaces. So, you get like a vocabulary list to fill out. Take Bomberman Blast online for 8-player mayhem or stay at home and complete puzzles. Are the following sentences correct ? And all I could do was forget my sniping and just go full blast outside in hopes of stopping them. In those videos, too, I’ve tried to include vocabulary for all the videos, specifically the vocab that I highlight and go over in the PDFs. So, I thought, “Oh, (it’s the) perfect chance to make an episode and upload it this week covering this expression.”. Welcome to this episode of Aussie English. And with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you'll have a blast visiting your friends' towns and writing letters back and forth. Using the cannon you can blast on top of the castle to find three 1-up mushrooms and Luigi's final rabbit. Turkey Hat: Kids will have a blast wearing this fun craft to Thanksgiving dinner. reheat furnaces are used to heat up slabs of steel produced by the blast furnace process or an electric arc process. Gaza 1 6 Hamas suspected in elevator blast that kills a bodyguard. The spiral ramp to allow vehicle access to all three levels of the complex the blast door is behind the photographer. When one of these famous line dance names comes on, jump right in and start having fun--you'll learn the steps in no time and have a blast while you're at it! English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Blast" in Example Sentences Page 1. The giant blast wave hurled two of the German gunners from their towers, and they lay senseless on the crown of the dam. But, A BLAST, A BLAST, it’s obviously a noun, and if you want to get really technical A BLAST is a destructive wave of highly compressed air that spreads outwards from an explosion. A trumpet blast against the monstrous regiment of fathers! ), and the usual blast temperature lies between 900° and 1200° F. If any individual blow proves to be too hot, it may be cooled by throwing cold " scrap " steel such as the waste ends of rails and other pieces, into the converter, or by injecting with the blast a little steam, which is decomposed by the iron by the endothermic reaction H20+Fe=2H+Fe0. Kids and adults alike will have a blast in the summer with a variety of swimming pool games to play. The party WAS AN absolute BLAST. I also give you audio and written substitution exercises, and I often go over phrasal verbs and other idioms and collocations that use prepositions, so other words that are commonly grouped together with prepositions. hatchery waste chicks should be humanely killed, then immediately laid out on shelves and blast frozen, prior to packing. Once you blast your way free of the mansion it's time to hit the road.

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