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fender stratocaster factory strings gauge

The lighter the gauge the more you have to be careful about how you attack the strings if you aren't going to choke them. How Much Should You Worry About the Material. Sweetwater Sound Been playing about 23 years and my hands already ache enough without using heavier gauges. 6/64"                             5/64", Lace Sensors                              As close as desired (Allowing for string vibration). IMO, the lighter gauge strings when used on a Stratocaster ( say below 0.010 ) offer far more funk, & quack to your sound, or rather, it's easier to find these types of dynamics. I have had people pick it up, have a twang and ask me if I was using nines almost every time. The durability of these plain steel strings is more than impressive. Using a feeler gauge, check the distance between the top of the eighth fret and the bottom of the sixth string. In fact, in D-standard, the twelve gauge set feels much like a ten-gauge tension on a standard-tuned guitar. The Fender Stratocaster factory string gauge, as well as all other Fender guitars, will be listed in the Specs section of the respective guitar’s page on the Fender website. You aren't going to get those Townshend windmill power chords with light gauge strings because you'll just bang them against the frets if you play them too hard. They also seem a bit more durable, which is what you want if you tend to abuse bends when you’re jamming or if you go on the road a lot. All of the guitars we love from back in the day were typically strung with pure nickels. I like Hybrid Slinkys, lighter on top and a tad heavier on the bottom. Where on earth do you find hardtail strats? i've been using titanium coated power slinkys lately on my strat. In the end it's all about feel and personal preference. By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. Used to use Ernie Ball, but they broke all the time. Thats what Id love to have. Unlike standard truss rods, which can only correct a neck that is concave (underbow), the Bi-Flex truss rod can pull the neck in either direction. Lighter gauge strings are easier to play, exert less tension on the neck but break easily, while heavier gauge strings have more sustain, are perfect for lower tunings, but are tougher on the fingers. Another vote for D'addario 10's. Every guitar manufacturer also makes guitar strings. As the name suggests, this time we’re moving up in gauge. Now, some would argue that Regular Slinky strings are the way to go. The tone is well-balanced and reminiscent of the classic blues and rock ’n’ roll tones of the earlier decades. You would be surprised at how many successful combinations you can try.

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