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features of belgium constitution

(1) Power sharing helps to reduce the possibility of conflict between social groups. What is the language spoken by the people residing in the Wallonia region of Belgium? Elaborate three features in an Act passed by Sri Lankan Government in 1956. Highlight the reasons for the increase in the feeling of alienation among the Sri Lankan Tamils after independence. Like other true federations, the Swiss federation also recognizes the right of each Canton to have a separate constitution of its own. 2.Explain the vertical division of power by giving examples from India. Sri Lanka has adopted Buddhism as its official religion. Another 40 per cent people live in the Wallonia region and speak French. Ans. (1) Majoritarianism is a belief that the majority community should be able to rule a country in whichever way it wants, by disregarding the wishes and needs of the minority. (4) A legitimate government is one where citizens, through participation, acquire a stake in the system. ‘Community government’, is elected by people belonging to one language community — Dutch, French and German-speaking, and has the power regarding cultural, educational and language-related issues. Appointment, etc., of public officers 111. In addition to it, the people have the citizenship of their respective Cantons. 6.In which city is the Headquarters of the European Union located? The minority French-speaking community was relatively rich and powerful. 2.Do you agree with the statement that power sharing is keeping with the spirit of democracy? (5) The demand for ‘only Sinhala’ was at the cost of the interest and identity of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. 3.What were the reasons for the alienation of Sri Lankan Tamils? 1) The Ethnic composition of this small country is very complex. Ans. Natural resources in Belgium include construction materials, silica sand and carbonates. Usually a constitutional division of power is established between the national government, which exercises authority over… 3.What is vertical distribution of power? Ans. Thereafter, six more Cantons joined the Confederation, in 1815, when the 3 French speaking Cantons joined it, Switzerland came to be a confederation of 22 Cantons. The Cantons enjoy autonomy in respect of the legislation and administration of all those subjects which have not been given to the federation. In horizontal power sharing, power is shared among different organs of government whereas in vertical power sharing, power is shared among governments at different levels. It was felt that if the power to decide is dispersed, it would not be possible to *take quick decisions and to enforce them. This is where much of Belgium's wildlife can be found. – 2 Federalism Extra Questions and Notes. No Cantonal constitution can in any way contain anything against the Swiss Constitution. (3) Tamils should also be an official language. 5.Which is the third unique type of government practiced in Belgium? (2) Among governments at different levels: Power is divided between Union and State governments and further between the local bodies. (ii) This type of arrangement is meant to give space in the government and administration to diverse social groups who otherwise would feel alienated from the government. When power is shared among governments at different levels by division of power involving higher and lower levels of government, it is called as vertical division/distribution of power. ... 4.Why was the Constitution of Belgium amended four times between 1970 and 1993? They can check the functioning of executive and laws made by the legislature. 1. The main lakes include the Lake Genval, Lake Bütgenbach, Lake Eau d'Heure, Lake Gileppe, Lake Eupen and Lake Robertville. The struggle against such inequalities sometimes takes the path of violence and defiance of state power. 3. (1) The idea of power sharing has emerged in opposition to the notions of undivided political power. The most important elements are still in force. (2) Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy. No amendment can be made in the constitution without popular approval. It was felt that if the power to decide is dispersed, it would not be possible to *take quick decisions and to enforce them. These are counted as 23 Cantons because 6 half Cantons together constitute 3 full Cantons. Secondly, in the form of pressure group, the traders, farmers, industrialists and workers’ association exercise power on government. Ans. Ans.

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