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fat extraction experiment

The crude fat fraction is defined by the solvent and the extraction conditions (time, temperature, particle size, ratio of solvent to test portion, etc.) ����fߏ-�Cf���p�� L������;(�*v)�F?Ɯ1m��$�[���6��n�g)ťHH�ފ�n���͎>E%����y�z�$L�aw��>n[��פ�(�������Y�R�}wD�7 �Y���A��'l>6���J�vK� �F�,(�(�~|s�������E� After the solvent in the extract was removed, �*�DG�I=/B��|��F�9�Ċ�^� CHEM 1002 Chemical Separations: Extraction of Fat and Thin-Layer Chromatography NAME: Mackenzie Ortlieb DATE: 1/29/19 LAB SECTION: 422 TA: Korlan Duisenova A. Goals/Purpose of Experiment: The purpose of this experiment was to examine separations by looking at polarity of functional groups. For each ASE experiment, approximately 3 g of finely ground animal feed were loaded into a 10-mL extraction cell. E�,���e�v�� %PDF-1.6 %���� Fat by Soxhlet Extraction (Soxhlet) The samples were weighed into a cellulose thimble containing sea sand and dried to remove excess moisture. �Ԍ���]1��D��+:�-HP��c=p�$(���"'7�������>t��Ht`.�^%˪����\������W�[R,.��� Technical Support. All the fat can be removed from milk by extraction with petroleum ether or a similar organic solvent. R���z� RQd]S�5�,Sv���/�-N�ܠ��1�E&��L�ώU�jd��U“G�����%�lh���H�n–�sZAƼ �+݆@c�c8Ig��Xhc�D�t����0h��-mX��S��w� �T��. These mixtures are analgesic compounds, which, are sold as over-the-counter pain killers. This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 5 pages. Official Crude Fat Extraction (AOCS Am 5-04) Totally Automatic Operation; Up to 150 Extractions per Day; Microprocessor Controlled with LCD Readout; Solvent Recovery at a rate of ~97%; Solvent Usage per Sample ~ 0.5 ml; No Vent-hood Required; SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE DETAILS; ANKOM XT15 Extractor. JG`�l ��-�����gZ2�n�0o�ьd-��.L�1�������{�$/���~W����[s��OW�����q�K != ���̈́R�Z?B����A8�׿u/���tՄe@ܺ�\��O�*�S$s1&�A�i���G>��gF endstream endobj 3 0 obj <>stream '����{��]xg����m���0}c��u�1���d�%_AL}N�[Y�`���c(�9hl�Ϲ�)���o,ʻ�Y>�y����o�J����e5)r�|`�7��Rp:�X�Z��I1��fO��GM� �d��n�#��!�u���H���n ���-CVN"��э��d��9k9���nۏ4����VK�$(:'����>����o����o��ԹPa�c4FE��b&[i�|����%�U�4��Uq�>��R� endstream endobj 85 0 obj <>stream In part two of the experiment, TLC chromatography was used to separate 3 known homogenous mixtures and 1, unknown homogenous mixtures. dM�n)�ޠ���gHƐI7�\��:�y�. For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! ��=�a�z[�� c���k���&�3��^nF��ㆽ���I`s�k*��wj����gV���C��(��~ C5P�ظ�V���y+I��pǃ�W~ � �:���s����_^��B-��:�1�+�&�~XFSM�C�']:�[��b�;ƙ�-3q}���I:1��Z�O*�'����#�)f� endstream endobj 84 0 obj <>stream DNA Extraction Experiment. DNA is the material that forms chromosomes and is … \��H:�qi�f��s�u�����A!=�j��a���ΔNf���d�Hb�����2� K%~��~�D2|��z~�ɔ�j��w�-���I�����e�%S����g�ٷ�f��DGc������6.

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