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electronic check verification

Check verification is a merchant service that recommends whether or not they should accept specific check payments. Merchants using check verification services are generally charged monthly service minimums versus nominal per-item transaction fees (whichever is higher). CrossCheck’s merchant customers always receive 24/7 customer service and tech support as well as loaner equipment at no additional charge. Intelligent Ways to Manage Fraud for Online Merchants. The check works by matching the provided identity details from the individual against their electronic "footprint". Combine these services with our Free Check Recovery service and you have a complete check acceptance program that is a much better value then traditional Check Guarantee programs. Combine this with Credit Card Processing and Electronic Check Conversion and you would have the most powerful Point of Sale Terminal set up available today. ATMVerify has a higher cost then NCNVerify since they each provide different types of information. Check verification machines are what merchants use to determine whether or not a specific check is recommended by a check guarantee company such as CrossCheck. Instead of checking against a negative database of check writers as do most check verification products, ATMVerify will verify that the checking account is open or closed, in NSF status and if there is a positive balance. CrossCheck has been offering reliable check processing resources since 1983. At the highest level of Check Verification, ATMVerify is able to verify in real time, through a direct electronic query to the check writers financial institution, if the checking account is, as of opening of that business day, an open, valid account with positive funds or if the account is currently NSF, closed or cannot be located. How can check verification be both successful and instant? Instant and prompt delivery of the customer-satisfied check processing services, Possessing dedicated employees with excellent technical skills, thus, easing the electronic check processing, Electronic check processing, validation, and conversion, Top-class implementation of infrastructure, Tailored services delivered at a cost-effective budget, Successfully handling the bulk of checks with complete transparency and confidentiality. The Check Verification system first queries through the ATMVerify database and if it is successful there is only a charge at that level. With check verification, the experts simply advise merchants whether or not they should accept an individual check. Copyright 2012 - Access payment Systems, Inc. | Electronic Payments Made Easy!

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