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dwayne bacon high school

The NBA is in a liminal state – pushing towards its future... BasketballGods.Net is a basketball sports entertainment website and a all year around scouting service that provides elite scouting and elite talent evaluation of the best basketball players in high-school, in college, and in the NBA. He also has the athleticism and offensive skill set that compares favorably to some of the best early 2000 NBA shooting guards and small forwards ( For example: Latrell Sprewell, Corey Magette, Stephen Jackson, Joe Johnson, Ricky Davis, Ron Mercer, Walt Williams, etc ). Lost your password? If he is capable of putting everything together could become one of the best prospects in the entire 2016 class. Improvements Needed For Dwayne Bacon To Perform At A Higher Level. *Has solid court vision and intriguing passing skills, but has average passing instincts in terms of consistently knowing when and where to pass the ball in-order to create an advantage against the defense, and he is not a playmaker within half-court offensive sets. *Was a clutch performer for Florida state this season. He could probably suit up in a NBA game now and score, but needs to continue to sharpen his all around game. Strengths: Athletic player with solid size for a wing (6’6”, 221 lbs, 6’10 wingspan, 8′ 7.5” standing reach) … Knows how to use his body for positioning … Takes advantage of smaller defenders … Attacks any perceived mismatches … Has the requisite strength to guard bigger players on switches … Possesses natural scoring instincts … Knows how to create his own shot … Can break down his defender one-on-one … Capable of willing himself into the lane … Finishes well through contact … Makes something out of nothing on offense … Ability to make tough shots … Plays well in transition … Has the speed to fill the wing on a fastbreak … Explosive leaper and fluid athlete … Capable ball handler … Comfortable running the pick-and-roll … Has an array of moves to use in the midrange areas … An active defender when he puts his mind to it, and shows solid potential on that side of the floor … Made plays in passing lanes … Adept at stripping the ball away in the paint … Can guard wings and stretch-fours on defense … Will be most effective as a third option or scorer off of the bench in the NBA … Plug-and-play type of talent at the next level … Has an NBA body with the ability to make plays through contact …, Weaknesses: Has the physical attributes to become a good defender but does not always show the same intensity on that end of the floor … Must work on fundamentals and get lower, and get his hands up at all times, to be in a ready position … Too often opponents get clear looks simply because he’s late to react and doesn’t challenge them by keeping him inside their area … His NBA playing time will be zero if he cannot correct these simple fundamental issues … Not a consistent threat from the perimeter … Unnecessarility forces the action sometimes … Decision making should be better at his age … Will put his head down and attack instead of moving the ball to soften defense … Gets dribble-happy from time-to-time … Falls asleep off the ball every now and then … Old for a sophomore (will be 22 by the beginning of the 2017 NBA season) …, Notes: Measured 6′ 4.75” barefoot, 6′ 6.25” in shoes, 221.6 lbs, 6′ 10” wingspan, and a 8′ 7.5” standing reach at the 2017 NBA Draft Combine … Ability To Offensively Takeover Games In Crutch Time And because he does a great job of shooting lay-ups from needed angles and multiple release points that create accurate shot making around the rim. Which causes smart defenders to force him to shoot tough and difficult layups/shots at the rim because of his lack of ability to use his right and left hands equally well. And at times he makes the mistake of using the spin move in ways that put him in awkward positions and creates off balance movements. Because the defender will see the waist go where the ball-handler really intends to go. Skilled, Creative, And Acrobatic Finisher Around The Rim And his fade-away jumper has become a go-to move he can rely on to score against skilled defenders. *Supreme confidence and swagger combined with his scoring instincts and skilled scoring abilities. Improved Shooting Touch Skilled And Talented Shot Maker And Shot Creator Which is a strong sign of talented scorers desire to score points by any means necessary. And because minimal waist movement in any direction occurs when the ball-handler is performing crossover dribble moves and fake movements in any direction. And having a variety of advanced counter moves that he can use when needed, will only help him develop into an elite and dynamic scorer at the NBA level. But his use of the spin move is predictable. Confidence & Swagger *Has a good feel for how to maneuver through traffic and create offense for himself in traffic. It will be interesting to see how he meshes with Xavier Rathan-Mayes at FSU next year, was always the alpha dog (even at Oak Hill Academy). Very Good Size/Frame For Position Select the fourth team from the drop down menu. Made game winning shots, took over games in crunch time, and became a high-level performer that his team could consistently rely on to perform at a high level in crunch time. Dwayne Bacon is a underrated prospect in terms of his potential to develop into a high quality NBA player. He’s a NBA ready scorer who possesses all-around scoring ability, that allows him to be a dynamic scorer from a variety of areas on the court ( example: attacking the basket, finishing lay-ups at the rim, isolation scoring with one-on-one moves, midrange pull-up jumper, 3 point shooting, spot up shooting, shooting off screens and pin-downs, post-up scoring, and transition scoring ). *Has very good size, strength, length, frame and physical profile for the shooting guard position (Listed at 6’7″, 221 pounds, with a 6’10” Wingspan, and a 8’7.5” Standing Reach). Likes to create offense for himself off the dribble using 3 dribbles or less. Without being overly dependent on the 3 pointer and while also making sure he doesn’t neglect the usage of his greatest scoring skills. He’s overly dependent on the spin move off the dribble as a counter move. Doesn’t effectively run defenders off screens and doesn’t do a great job of using off the ball movement to create easy scoring opportunities for himself.

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