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compromise in a sentence

In 1 535 a sort of compromise was brought about between himself and the Reformers, he promising not to disturb the peace of the church and they not to treat him as a disturber. The whole question of the provisional financial decrees was ultimately regularized by a special resolution of the Rigsdag; and the retirement of the Estrup ministry in August 1894 was the immediate result of the compromise. regret any inconvenience that this possible compromise may cause you. under foot, it now demanded much more radical reform, quitting the ranks of peaceable citizens to pass into the only militant class of the time and adopt its customs. Newman, which could not be content with a compromise with truth, but feared to face ultimate realities, the rigidly authoritative attitude of Rome made an irresistible appeal. 4. CM 40723 A watered down compromiseresolution is better than none at all. them with the ring and the staff. He had been associated with Knox in various commissions for the organization of the church, but he wished to compromise between the two extreme parties. 2. mycobacteriumtensive literature supporting the view that prior exposure to environmental mycobacteria compromises vaccination in both humans and cattle. The result was a compromise. Ultimately, as a sort of compromise, the king sentenced him to banishment for five years. If you compromise you will have made a difference on a social level without compromising artistic integrity. He was the author of the socalled "Wheeler Compromise," by which the difficulties between contending political factions in Louisiana were adjusted in 1875. The exclusion of the handicraftsmen from the Rath led, early in the 15th century, to a rising of the craft gilds against the patrician merchants, and in 1410 they forced the latter to recognize the authority of a committee of 48 burghers, which concluded with the senate the so-called First Recess; there were, however, fresh outbursts in 1458 and 1483, which were settled by further compromises. Madison, always an opponent of slavery, disapproved of the compromise (in Art. The Adiaphorist controversy among Lutherans was an issue of the provisional scheme of compromise between religious parties, pending a general council, drawn up by Charles V., sanctioned at the diet of Augsburg, 15th of May 1548, and known as the Augsburg Interim. Up to this juncture the question had been in the hands of Grattan and other Protestants, and of a small knot of Catholic nobles and prelates; but their efforts had not accomplished much, and they aimed only at a kind of compromise, which, while conceding their principal claims, would have placed their church in subjection to the state. This expedient, indeed, probably also conveyed a veiled threat to the Magyar chauvinists, who, discontented with the restrictions placed upon Hungarian independence under the Compromise, were agitating for the complete separation of Austria and Hungary under a personal union only; for universal suffrage in Hungary would mean the subordination of the Magyar minority to the hitherto subject races. could force him to accept the compromise of the treaty of Gorichen, by which he received Gelderland and Zutphen for life as fiefs of the Empire. From the point of view of philosophy, this was a compromise. This cautious compromise sanctioned by the Church does not represent the extremest reaction against nominalism. Many of the moderates longed for a compromise with the government by which the Jesuits and other enthusiasts would cease operations. His system is in the main a codification of Aristotle modified by fundamental views of Neo-Platonist origin, and it tends to be a compromise with theology.

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