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At the corners, and at 1m intervals, drive long stakes through the sleepers and into the ground (1000x75x75mm), and attach the sleepers to these stakes using coach bolts. But a word of warning. We're a small firm of garden designers and are working on a couple of projects at the moment involving railways sleepers - I was browsing the web for inspiration and came across your site. Added to that you have the option of staining them or changing their colour. Soon you'll stop going out, meeting friends, going to work, helping with children or the housework, getting dressed, & soon you'll only babble on about wonderful railway sleepers! RAILWAY SLEEPERS for landscaping, construction and furniture. Insert the sleepers and bed them in well with the concrete. 1000's of New and Used RAILWAY SLEEPERS in stock. We’re happy to advise on the best type of railway sleeper for your application, or whether you just want to check stock and place an order – just give us a call. Alternatively, you can use heavy duty timber screws which don’t require pre drilling. Builder Merchant have an array of quality railroad sleepers at budget friendly prices. You have been warned! Soon you'll stop going out, meeting friends, going to work, helping with children or the housework, getting dressed, & soon you'll only babble on about wonderful railway sleepers! Do I need to offload? Copyright © 2020. Where in the UK do you deliver railway sleepers to. Visit one of our stores and we’ll be happy to discuss your project and give you our expert advice on the best materials to use. Being hardwood they offer durability and a maintenance-free alternative to our softwood variety. Raised beds, walls, steps with railway sleepers. If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that construction can... 3. Softwood railway sleepers are the most economical way to use sleepers in your home. Untreated railroad sleepers are vulnerable to attack by both vermin and decay. You can also stack your sleepers vertically for adding interest to your garden: If you are making raised beds, which is one of the most common uses of railway sleepers, you will need to bury the first sleeper in a trench that is half the depth of the sleeper. All of our o ak sleepers are green, untreated and they do not need any treating. We pride ourselves on supplying top quality and responsibly sourced railway sleepers, so you can have complete peace of mind that your purchase is not harming the environment or any natural habitats. When fixing railway sleepers to the ground, you should first dig a trench that is half their depth, then “plant” the first one into this trench. But while the Bulk pack from Armstrong has endless gardening, commercial and leisure applications, the manufacturer advices against using it in children’s play grounds and structures. Drill some more holes at 1m centres (150x75x75mm) and insert some 150mm long dowels. Jack's Garden is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Hardwood Railway Sleepers: Hardwood sleepers are robust, durable, and extremely versatile. I think your web site about railway sleepers is very good and informative, I only wish I had found it earlier, I could have saved some time.... Dear Sirs,, © Copyright Railway Sleepers Ltd | Website design by. Whether you need softwood or hardwood, untreated or treated, new or used, light or heavy sleepers, you will find Lawsons have exactly what you need at an excellent price. Dig a shallow trench and line this with a semi dry concrete mix. NO LIABILITY! Can you fasten railway sleepers with Bolts? Even my little planter made of crappy decking boards came with a ten year guarantee. Drill holes in the following sleepers at the same intervals, then place these over the dowels to keep them secure. UK. If you’ve got a sizeable project in mind, you’re going to need a... 2. Armstrong has just the package for this type of situation. This is one of the manufacturers who sell individual railroad sleepers, but you’ll notice that the price gets lower the more sleepers you buy. We offer on this website a wealth of ideas, tips & photos on how to use railway sleepers! We even have a support programme for those ADDICTED to railway sleepers! Next, clear the area – dig down to firm ground, having removed all the vegetation and ground soil. Dig a trench 300mm wide and deep enough to accommodate the sleeper and a bed of at least 50mm concrete. You’ll have the choice of new or reclaimed hardwood and softwood. Or maybe you’re just a DIY enthusiast looking to stock up on affordable material. Make sure you treat the exposed areas of the timber with preservatives to keep them strong and resistant to the weather. Place the second sleeper on top of the first, adding a 15cm nail at an angle to the joint that sleepers meet, to create a strong wall. Got a huge commercial construction or renovation project coming up? © Copyright 2020 Lawsons (Whetstone) Ltd. All Rights Reserved - VAT No. DANGER!! I have received the delivery of five railway sleepers and I’m completely delighted. The railway sleepers measure 2.4m long each and come in 4 packs totalling at 100Kg. A brilliant collection of creations that are wonderful in different ways. Generally used to support, maintain, and align the tracks on a rail, railway sleepers have seen a massive revival due to their ruggedness and versatility. Ruby gives us one of the best deals for 8ft long high quality softwood. But every once in a while, nature restrtuctures herself to give us something unexpected and evironmentally friendly to work with. And if you’re an advanced DIYer, why not give custom garden furniture a hand? That's pretty rubbish, isn't it? Please check your email and confirm subscription. You have been warned! We also have this handy guide to teach you everything you need to know about railway sleepers. They are easy to handle, drill, and saw through with little effort. Much appreciated., Railway Sleepers Ltd Owthorpe Rd, Cotgrave, Nottingham NG12 3PU. Whether you’re building a shed, gazebo, decking, garden furniture or children’s playhouses, Rowlinson Timberblocks fit naturally in any outdoor situation. For the rustic look leave the length at different heights. All in all, a definite triumph! Builder Merchant Timber Railway Sleepers. My sleepers are old ones soaked in creosote. Where in the UK do you deliver railway sleepers to? A member of the team will be happy to discuss your project and give you our expert advice on the best materials to use. What a fantastic range of ideas. The railway sleeper deck is like a little wooden island to relax on, and the wooden slices of railway sleeper offcuts beautifully create a unique pinky red tiled floor. Lightweight, smaller, and easier to maneuver, softwood railway sleepers are a favorite among DIYers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The WORLD's largest collection of RAILWAY SLEEPER Projects! So not only do users get a convenient and easy to assemble garden transfromation, they also help save the planet while at it. You can also fix sleepers using galvanised straps that come ready to attach to your sleepers. Buy Railway Sleepers Online One of the main benefits of working with softwood is the ease of use and maneuverability. We just got carried away." Being hardwood these sleepers have the inherent properties of durability and offer a maintenance-free alternative to our softwood treated ones. So if you plan to cut, drill, or even shape wood, softwood is the way to go. Sleeper Steels are sections of universal columns and channels which are ideal for retaining wall construction as provide a strong fixing for sleepers to slot into. READ MORE Our customers have bought garden sleepers for landscaping projects, building garden steps, creating garden paths, designing outdoor furniture, setting garden paths, building fireplaces, stacking benches, putting together table tops, or even just for door lintels. Whether you need softwood or hardwood, untreated or treated, new or used, light or heavy sleepers, you will find Lawsons have exactly what you need at an excellent price. A cost effective, long lasting chunky piece of reclaimed timber! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Compared to reclaimed, old railway ties, these new sawn sleepers have far straighter edges making them easier and neater to stack. - You will probably spend endless hours on this website, as you investigate the world of railway sleepers & discover amazing new ideas & projects. The pond has been built and has enjoyed many admirers. However, any surfaces that you saw through yourself will need to be treated again for total protection. In addition to being treated, these softwood ties stand out thanks to an aged, rustic finish. Hardwood Railway Sleepers: Hardwood sleepers are robust, durable, and extremely versatile. Used/Reclaimed Sleepers: Our used or reclaimed sleepers are well-loved for their individual, natural character. KEEP CLEAR! Railway sleepers are incredibly versatile, which is why they’ve gained popularity among gardeners, landscape architects, and even furniture designers. Once you have achieved the weight and shape you want, trim off excess wood and plane any rough edges. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that you’re going to need a lot of railway sleepers. Planning landscaping projects with railway sleepers can be seriously ADDICTIVE! My name is Jack Bennett, and I have been gardening for nearly five years now, and it has become my passion. It has been over four years since I found myself. Natural golden pine coloured railway sleepers have always been immensely popular for those wanting a crisp, architectural, landscaping look. PLEASE TAKE HEED ! In case you’re wondering if there’s a train coming through UK homeowners’ yards, railway sleepers have found a myriad of new uses. They are as simple to stack and construct as Lego, not to mention easy to lift, drill and cut. PUBLIC WARNING! Deliveries & Collections  That’s why ideas like using pre-cut railroad ties can really save you a lot of money and effort. CAUTION! They come in a grey primed finish and can also be supplied galvanised to order. ​. Tables, furniture & buildings with railway sleepers. The LARGEST COLLECTION of Railway Sleeper projects IN THE WORLD! Where Can You Find The Best Railway Sleepers On The UK Market? These railway sleepers come in packs of two 1.8 metre heavy duty timberblocks that have been treated to protect against the weather and other elements. But NOW you can be the first to have Grey-Black ones for that very stylish patio or raised bed. I have been looking for railway sleepers and have to say I am really impressed with all of the photos on your site.... What are railway sleepers treated with? Place the next sleeper on top, using long dowels to secure them together. For a raised bed you should then line inside the sleepers with polythene to stop the sleepers’ preservative leaching into the soil, and prevent the soil’s dampness affecting the sleepers. Softwood Railway Sleepers: Softwood railway sleepers are not only the most economical option, but they are also lighter than their hardwood counterparts, making them easier to cut, and position. All timber is sourced from sustainable forests and is FCS certified. Be a trend setter! Next, drill 25x75mm holes in the sleepers, at 1m intervals. Check out these amazing railway sleeper projects! . And no, I don't grow veg in them, and have no concerns. Be a trend setter! CLICK HERE for SUPPORT. They also maintain colour, which is great for rustic beds. Immediate UK DELIVERY or COLLECTION of RAILWAY SLEEPERS.

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