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vegan slow cooker potato curry

Looks great! . I know that calories can vary a lot based on some factors e.g. Add the cho cho (chayote), kidney beans, ans sweet potatoes to the pan before finally adding everything to the slow cooker to slow … I have no doubt I will continue to return to this now and again, as it's an excellent addition to this longtime vegan's repertoire, so thanks once more! So happy you liked it. This one is an absolute winner. I made it on the stove and had it at a low simmer for almost 2.5 hours before the sweet potato was soft enough. Thanks, Danielle! Required fields are marked *. The Pretty Bee | Disclosure | Privacy Policy. Let me know how it goes! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I'm not a trained nutritionist, so I don't really 100% trust the online calculators out there, so I never include anything beyond calories if I'm including any info at all. Hi! My husband doesn't like sweet potatoes. Hope it's delicious. Eat this with rice, or better yet roti or naan. I'm so glad you liked it, Mike! If using chicken, use the same technique, and add some chicken base. Place the olive oil, onion, and pepper in the crock pot and turn the crock pot to low. Hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes for busy weeknights! Yes, those should work. Mom to two boys with food allergies and sensitivities, Kelly is passionate about allergy friendly cooking and baking. Quick cookies, indulgent brownies, family tray bakes and more, Cosy up at home with comforting chillis, campfire cakes and luxurious hot chocolates, Find your new favourite botanicals from across the UK, Best DIY restaurant meal kits and recipe boxes, Get the Cooks Professional Espresso Maker for just £39.99. I'm so glad you and your family liked it! Very easy and very yummy. Thaw overnight in the freezer, then follow the cooking instructions above. I just put that extra little reminder in the beginning there, and it also allows me to explain that you can keep the sweet potato skins on if you want to. It may end up a little bit mushier, but I've frozen similar recipes and never had an issue. Yep, I'm a dietitian, and always looking for nutrient dense low fat recipes!!! Your email address will not be published. I am so happy you enjoy it, Allan! . Add the spices and sugar, and the full fat coconut milk, and non dairy milk. . Instructions. Also some fresh coriander to serve makes all the difference. If you like Indian food, you will not be disappointed. Easy and tasty vegan chickpea and potato curry made in the slow cooker. I'm all over this!!! That’s a good question - I have never investigated what the actual temp of my slow cooker is. Hi Helen! That's great! Perhaps intuition told me this was going to be a tasty dish, so I doubled the recipe. Cook Time: 4 hours. I think it should be fine to do that. I think it should be fine to leave them out, though. Just to say this receipe is still going strong in the UK in 2019! I also added some baby spinach towards the end of cooking and found it went amazing. I find that especially veggie dishes can taste very bland if you under salt them.

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