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comparative and superlative adverbs list pdf

���=7��FCwf4�O�^��k��I8�R�% A�ڐ�왠`C�i�_�^��������?=! Write the comparative and superlative forms of the following adverbs … ���� Adverb Comparative Superlative; hard: harder: hardest: fast: faster: fastest: late: later: latest: Examples. 208 COMPARATIVES AND SUPERLATIVES 51106_GE2_U08_204-231_rev06.indd 208 8/13/14 4:39 PM. hެXێ�6|�W�Q~0��( �����ij� -�+c�jb�je롕�V��R�b�i broadest. endobj <>stream big. bloodiest. Edouard (vexé): Tu dis ça parce que je suis un escargot! (+, clairement), Tammy : Tex lit _____________ Joe-Bob. Complete Tammy's statements with the adverbs in between parentheses, using one of the French superlative forms or one of the comparative forms, as indicated. Anything beyond that, you're better off with a vertical list that uses numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.). • Walk faster if you want to keep up with me. blander. blacker. 5. Forming comparatives and superlatives is easy. endobj (superlative -, honnêtement), Tammy : De toutes mes copines, Bette ment ('lies') ________________. calmer. Comparative and Superlative Adverbs: Formation Rules and List. ����V4�U�r����""�W$�Vc�x.��t���艶9���l�9m bravest. The –er and –est Adjectives. 2 0 obj Comparative: Superlative: angry. Comparative and Superlative Adverbs Just like adjectives, adverbs also have comparative and superlative forms. David did (worse/the worst) than he thought he would do on his test. <>stream 4. Out of all my siblings, I visit my parents (more often/the most often). %���� endstream *���=��ٯ $k�� E4��� Uz�����ѝ��]!�`m'p֋� �ê�k�B��ImJD��(�5��rl4$�W�T�mw��� �V\h7Vg�8��.�^D��T�!�O��1n���nU��k� u�q�+�n�c>��������V��Sͽ�S�;_S�Y�:�cv �j��xzf��H5��E3��9+���ߒl���5���I�R�[��B��n�3����"�GO��8� Joe-Bob, Tex, Corey et Edouard se préparent à faire une course. To form the superlative of an adverb, the masculine singular form of the definite article is always used: le, followed by plus (more) or moins (less) before the adverb. biggest. stream briefer. Tex: Ah yes, I am better than yesterday. Jim works harder than his brother. bitterest. ���q&q�v�����J�S"�ͩ9��I�a �BJ��5���Zi�ͨ&r�_u��6��ϺD�+����&�]�3+� 6b.��|߶���ӊ�Z0#�R���1� �Bśa7�� �C�R2�|�.��8L�6q���Skc2��S>O�?�6�p����)���{�iս���H p�fP`"�H�s �,y��$�i" ���܉,���V 3��IČ!��2y��t��֩�,�N�U�x�X!�����q��i9�"l��� 5���B��t�9\dr�0��)c{۽Bb�k��l���Xv����ΈC�O�[�m|L�۶�8�,I����C���|���3L��v �ʥ_��U�0�Ȝ�ݞ�!UӞNU1'���U�W�A�T���(��Ԝ�7%��O�%2�1��XH��}���p����z��N��A�c$�E�T+��vȽ7>���H4�5���^�!j�ӈ�'�œ35��@9s�%F���6��m7)G{��8t�˔�W�xFkiG���2�6��˔E8 c���tW��8��T&F���%7i�Uld�M�=��k��!�K�:�y�{{�L���ۦ�c�����b� C���e�t�"1X������گ��� [���N��AR��������p؟�4�U��\������o2��E��c��s���4�9O���6����Pc x��]����Fs�7_VZ�t��N+ �^�����?�)ը��i����L����ݿ�7�N�'�����m��r��"��AM�NU��0��NkenV��f�j��8|äO����/�%�=�Tu��`Nj�ܷ�>����7]�2���㗙\��2߀On?�ҝA��=1rwE Add -er for the comparative and -est for the superlative. busy. blandest. �+�n�Kb{��O�_v)Q�V��I�Z�)��p�C����dקٛ���r��d��L*&�>�[�f�]ϸ³�7��Y��jWϗѫ2���Q�.�ѐ������C�ٹjG�l�FU^��)��eFF�q����z�����2Fŕ}��y�Zɣ~�b�#p�(4 ��1�=JW�*�\!i� &%�L&��?lys{b���ߧ��>3�l��K�oO��OyJvZ�g�pk��b�e�������^��lSu3_h.����=\?p�g�-gZ*n ӎ�k��I�Ў�lӨώ/���uq$�Ifty9]�����5�װ"bb��a�iu\�o��l��b�>��m�}��>~��a|�p!�[1G,x�Q�1?��%��Ӟ[�ז��v�s#��|�HX?عT�V%\�]}�/���%�R|&ea��hG�-���X�F��a�'�t7�{, 4�\�X���y��~>)J!���s He thinks he always knows . 1. superlative of adverbs: indicating the most, the least In French as in English, the superlative is a way to express a maximum or minimum quality or capacity: 'the fastest', 'the least fast'. One syllable adjectives. (+, rapidement), Tammy : Je parle français ________________ Bette. UNIT 8 LESSON 1 209 Comparative Adverb Than Gas prices are rising faster than food prices. Comparatives - comparison: worksheets pdf, handouts to print, printable exercises, Comparative and superlative. (-, vite), Tammy : De toutes mes amies, Bette parle __________________. brightest. 6. bolder. (-, fréquemment), Tammy : Tex mange _______________ moi. '+' is for comparative indicating 'more... than', '-' is for comparative indicating 'less...than', Tammy : Tex explique ______________ Edouard. 2. %���� fp�LС��;"�;�.��7 (+, couramment), Tammy : Fiona est l'étudiante qui réussit __________________ à UT. N�*]W�P� ����������ȓ����L�/���/���sB�(�+|�ᇧH���q��Wº���s�����(,"�-Ch�D�(�k�(\�U����57�#75,{n���5Sȉ���Ֆ7zo�g�w^q�7�0K1�zS��Z-[[�`���ԬqZ�_d�!�U�zڱ1Β��^P�b�1׎��3�:��4��u6��O��Ŗ��H��3U�ã�q�^x�h� ?$BT>B%�'B�z_A�+�n��$��D��S� �� English grammar. However, some adverbs can take on the –er or –est endings like adjectives, while some are completely irregular. calm. angriest. Joe-Bob, Tex, Corey and Edouard are about to start a race. %PDF-1.4 stream blue. &��o�w�N)O߬���X���,�����mÍ!y�:Z�h(~��+���S=�B�?�x�{��_��OV��0�"����a�;��_�i� �I�̰����5�s�s$F�a�G�Q�9D�|/_����XL�� �"`ň�輍X$A���p=�������+�x�@4 �ؽ�"���cDՏ�4Y0�I����CE���v���!ΎF�c�f�n`sC��V?� �vd���ꧬ R?�h���,Ga�j���)�D�U�Q�k:�6��K�%�������&�s��H�xa��&�Ʌ�Aԙ! Mais tout le monde sait que je cours. Share this Advertisements. following is a tabular list of comparative and superlative form of different types of adverbs. bluest. List of Comparatives and Superlatives. <> Edouard (offended): You say this because I am a snail! �.���� ��)��4ݝ��S���M�_��O0 3 0 obj x��]]o丱}`���AF#~J bland. Tex runs slower (less fast) than Joe-Bob. Joe-Bob: Are you doing ok today? Here we have a list of three rules you should keep in mind while changing forms of adverbs. 1. I haven't smoked for 24 hours. Who runs as slowly as Edouard? A ��M�x�7U]� ��;�c�p)�L��_>�Ը�w�&��e���_x��ƿ�%o��7k^�bf?�xq���'; m�wP#-tP��~_����j��S�(���cfB�`�ԧ`��i�^�6mk�Ucޚn�����3�N{��bM�7���J��P�,��J(y��>����3B�\�"z"�=��:ˣL�,����,�fq4���PN��Ћa?���W�r�ԠI�`��HhS;��k�q_�_� �`��� T|��I7oҒ�*�y]y� (=, bien), Tammy : Tex est le tatou qui embrasse ('kisses') ______________. �BP�"V�\=��q��=L^�������Ɍ-:��C� ��� @PD��%�9��M��%�7�Py�`� T Corey: Oh I am doing as well as yesterday. (superlative +, bien), Tammy : Corey travaille _________________ Fiona. ��s��++��[W��:�M�����/_޽�3^�7�s���Njr�"��PO�p��9|z'?��>Ia��OM����w�����U�ó���c42�����͙ȵN�ó�wϏt��aj��;~�t�6ccP�7�M���|��5�����l1h)��Bp&�?��Ww�?>�����''��h� ��?=� 4�����=H��{�j�YJ_dI�>�����Io6J��o�AQޯ�=��J��U���t/� ���o�q(7�ܿ>���?O��&�>�-�3�1��'s����RV�!F����3 m���>˯3ut�^�)�=��tJ�n��G�:%��ƙ���^o^Kym���wNR#�4E�W���� mG�Nxݡ3�@��d~P��ttIi��A>���c�w�,�;k����>Y�T���e�\�� 9���v�C�Z���p��ЃI�h�o��R8K퐜��:��8_���ӽ�tA6x�ރ�/���3�S2�|h�6?a��в�}t��H5'�}�f��Qq�ƹ㟝�̀v�,��s��W2���&ޥߛ[���'xO��؈*�v_:�=Lsg�^�܏Na��V9��!Cl��(�o�6�dt+�!ʼ�-�{ V�4TN8�}-�b���0SN�߃y�A {�@�s�[y�>�G 0�?8I�I��J�6T�I���Y-��R�M

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