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xylene histological grade

Comparison of stained xylene-free and conventional histological sections: hematoxylin-eosin (A and B), van Gieson (C and D), and PAS (E and F). 3). Denumire Xylene histological grade Numarul INDEX 601-022-00-9 Numarul CE 215-535-7 Numarul CAS 1330-20-7 1.2. The other three pathologists as a group actually preferred the xylene-free H&E and PAS sections. Xylene Cyanol FF for molecular biology, BioReagent, XyliTUFF™ Xylene and Chemical Resistant Labels, XYLITAG™ Xylene and Chemical Resistant Labels, Bismuth 2-ethylhexanoate, 99.99+%, 70% w/v in xylene, XYLITAG™ Xylene and Chemical Resistant Labels (Not Perforated), Propargyl bromide solution, 80 wt. To analyze this pattern, the scores were stratified and cross-tabulated for kappa analysis according to the preparation method, tissue type, tissue sample, stain, and individual pathologist and institution. Create one now. For the whole material (Table 3), there is a more even distribution for the paired xylene-free and conventional sections stained with H&E and PAS than for those stained by van Gieson’s method. (2016), Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology P302+P352-BEI BERÜHRUNG MIT DER HAUT: Mit viel Wasser/waschen. UN number : 1307 The overall results have demonstrated professional acceptance for the xylene-free method of processing histological sections. Their preference for their local variant of the H&E stain was expected a priori (see “Materials and Methods”). Thank you for visiting When this became evident during the statistical workup, one of us not previously involved in the actual scoring (CAG) blindly scored all the van Gieson sections with the same result, ie, downgrading of the xylene-free sections. … - Polyester labels provide strong solvent resistance, specifically to multiple xylene washes as well as longer term exposure to xylene. Falkeholm, L., Grant, C., Magnusson, A. et al. We have tested this product at a concentration of 20ml/l water at 90°C with good results. There is considerable agreement for acceptable or more than acceptable, but much less agreement for less than acceptable. A substantial core of agreement emerged when both members of a matched pair of slides were scored as acceptable or more than acceptable. : MFCD00019481 Appearance: Dark blue to dark green powder Storage Temperature: Store at RT, Synonyms: Acid blue 147 Cyanol FF CI 42135 Purity Limit: Dye Content: ≥ 75% CAS No. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (1992). May not be compatible with all permanent mounting medias. See Figure 1 as a guide to the interpretation of the following tables. : MFCD00040657 Appearance: Green to dark green crystalline powder Comments: …, ©Thomas Scientific 2020 All Rights Reserved. One slide was kept as a reserve. The xylene-free method for paraffin sections, developed and in use at Vrinnevi Hospital since 1995 (Falkeholm, 1996), addresses underlying problems common to all laboratories nowadays: cost containment, turnaround time, and working environment. Eliminating xylene contributes toward a better working environment and, by simplifying laboratory ventilation requirements, permits greater flexibility in laboratory design and location. P280-Schutzhandschuhe/Schutzkleidung/Augenschutz/Gesichtsschutz tragen. Deparaffinization, a key point in the xylene-free process, is described along a time axis for both methods in Figure 3. (2020), Journal of Pharmacy And Bioallied Sciences The backbone of daily pathological diagnostic work is the paraffin section. Elimination of xylene from tissue processing cuts costs, saves time, and improves the laboratory environment. EC Number: 265-068-8 General Description Non-toxic xylene replacement. Weiter spülen. Terms & Conditions. A lesser degree of institutional preference is evident for the H&E and PAS stains. Each of three tissues was represented by 10 samples, each sample divided into 2. Versatile - Temp. Because of this, we also give the absolute agreement as a measure, which is the number of agreed comparisons divided by number of total comparisons. These steps are unnecessary for the xylene-free sections. To test this hypothesis, parallel xylene-free and conventional processing, from embedding and deparaffinization to staining and mounting, was applied to identical tissue samples. Vorhandene Kontaktlinsen nach Möglichkeit entfernen. To test this hypothesis, nine pathologists from three hospitals participated in an evaluation trial. Staining procedures for the xylene-free and the conventional sections (H&E, PAS, van Gieson’s) are outlined in Figures 4, 5 and 6. A minimum of 28 minutes was required for the xylene-free method, whereas a minimum of 80 minutes was needed for the corresponding conventional steps. Falkeholm L (1996). A transparent self-laminate is not required for protecting the print-out on XyliTAG™. Each of these samples was stained by three methods to give a total of 180 sections, each evaluated by nine pathologists to give a total of 1620 evaluations, or 810 pairs for comparison. Are there systematic factors involving preparation method or particular stains or tissues, or are there observer or institutional preferences? To this end, randomized histological sections from matched pairs of tissue samples were scored by a panel of pathologists. The tracking dye typically migrates with the DNA molecules around 5kb. In a hurry? Xylenes, Histological Grade, Honeywell™ 15618420 Print Xylenes, Histological Grade, Honeywell™ Histological Grade. Number 1 Percentage: 1 Density (g/cm3): 0.87 Flash Point (°C): 23 - 27 °C Chemical name: Xylene Chemical synonyms: Xylene mixture of isomers Material category: Solvents Material Group 1: Performance Grade Solvents Material Group 2: Reagent Grade…. Note: Product prices and availability are subject to change without notice, Kundenspezifische Assays, Antikörper, Oligos, 66.84 € You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. Practical Statistics for Medical Research. Xylene, Histological Grade. In concrete terms, the saving in time for deparaffinization and staining during the early morning rush is nearly an hour. We are concerned that the new product, which retains the trademark “Yes” or “Fairy,” does not produce the same results when used as one of the reagents in the xylene-free method reported in our paper. Methods of preparing these sections have remained largely unchanged for 150 years. Reagent for microscopy. The embedding process is described, together with a time axis, in Figure 2. volume 81, pages1213–1221(2001)Cite this article. …electrophoresis. A randomized mix of 180 sections (10 samples × 3 tissues × 3 stains × 2) gave 90 matched pairs. Cost reduction can be attained by using and redistilling cheaper isopropanol instead of ethanol for dehydration and by eliminating expensive xylene with its attendant destruction costs. Netto-Gewicht : 3.44000kg FisherChemical™: Purity Grades for Every Application Grade Definition Application Certificate of Analysis Optima ® Acids and solvents of extremely high purity. The other block of the pair was processed together with other diagnostic material by the xylene-free method at the Norrköping laboratory. Xylene Mixture of isomers (Histological grade) Packings : MB180-2.5L | MB180-500ML : CAS No. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles Of the 197 nontied pairs, where one of the pair was classed as less than acceptable, the xylene-free section received a better score in 72 comparisons and the conventional section in 125 comparisons. Lab Invest 81, 1213–1221 (2001). (2020), Laboratory Investigation These labels can…, Related Products: Xylene Resistant Labels, Formula: p-C6H4(CH3)2 Formula Weight: 106.17 CAS Number: 106-42-3 Synonym(s): p-Xylol, …and a permanent chemical resistant adhesive. We believe that this trial demonstrates that xylene-free histological sections are qualitatively on a par with conventional paraffin sections for routine diagnostic work. Transport : No significant difference between the methods was evident for the H&E or PAS sections. Therefore, if you are monitoring the progress of longer electrophoresis run, Xylene Cyanol FF is the tracking dye of choice. Registrieren Sie sich noch heute! Our working hypothesis is that xylene-free histological sections are on a par with conventional sections. We have found a satisfactory alternative detergent “Ocean Handdisk,” manufactured by Kemibolaget i Farsta AB (; e-mail: The advantage is not in the sections themselves but in the savings to be gained. Of all the parameters possibly influencing the differences in scoring, staining method, in particular van Gieson’s, emerged as the most discriminating for the whole material and all pathologists (Table 3), and on an institutional basis (Table 4). Hematoxylin-eosin (H&E) staining procedures for xylene-free and conventionally processed histological sections. Bromophenol blue and orange G can also be used for this purpose. The design of this trial for comparison of xylene-free and conventional histological preparation methods was intended to reflect everyday laboratory conditions. Xylene-free sections to the left, conventional to the right. Utilizări relevante identificate ale substanței sau amestecului și utilizări contraindicate Descriere/Utilizare In vitro medical-diagnostic disposable. Internet Explorer). The six pathologists from the Jönköping hospital were actually comparing the xylene-free sections with their “own” conventional sections and stains, ie, conventional sections embedded and stained in their own laboratory by their own methods. P284-¢Bei unzureichender Belüftung! … 605309 UNSPSC Code: 12352100 General description: The product is an 80wt.% solution of propargyl bromide (3-bromo-1-propyne) in xylene. You can check out as a guest! Compatible with all tissue processors. The absolute numbers of acceptable or downgraded xylene-free and conventional histological sections can be compared with each other or considered in relation to the totals. Edit this message by logging in to your account, Fisher Scientific GmbH - Im Heiligen Feld 17 - D-58239 Schwerte. H304-Kann bei Verschlucken und Eindringen in die Atemwege tödlich sein. Each block of the pair was placed in a separate plastic cassette and kept in formalin until processing., DOI:, International Journal of Molecular Sciences Xylene cyanol or tracking dye on a 6% polacrylamide gel migrates at the speed of a 140 base pair DNA…, Formula: C6H4(CH3)2 Formula Weight: 106.17 CAS Number: 1330-20-7 Description: Low Trace Metal Grade, purum p.a., for microscopy Density: 0.75 g/mL at 20 °C Refractive Index: n 20/D 1.420 RIDADR: UN 3295 3/PG 3.

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