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wsh incident investigation

[S 460/2011 wef 01/09/2011] Definitions: 3. This investigation is to assist in determining the cause(s) of the incident so that measures can be put in place to reduce the likelihood that a similar incident will occur again. 5. Toll-free: 1-855-957-SAFE (7233) When a serious incident occurs at a workplace, the employer is required to notify the Workplace Safety and Health Branch (WSH) of the incident immediately, and by the fastest means of communication available. Workplace Safety and Health Branch Locations: 200-401 York Avenue 143 Main Street An incident investigation is the account and analysis of an incident based on information gathered by a thorough examination of all contributing factors and causes involved. a fracture of his or her skull, spine, pelvis, arm, leg, hand or foot. Application: 2. Winnipeg, MB These Regulations shall apply to every workplace. 328 – 340 Ninth Street the failure of an atmosphere-supplying respirator. When reporting an incident to WSH, please have the following information ready: If you realize that any of the above information you provided was incorrect or incomplete, you must immediately contact WSH again with the new information. Contact Workplace Safety and Health at any time to report a serious incident, injury or fatality at a workplace: 1-855-957-SAFE (7233) (toll-free in Manitoba) You can also report unsafe work by email: - Call us 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, for questions about legislative requirements under The Workplace Safety and Health Act and associated regulations. 204-957-SAFE (7233) (in Winnipeg) R8N 1X4, Stay Connected to the Manitoba Government, 2017 Review of The Workplace Safety & Health Act, Stop Work Orders, Penalties & Convictions, Industrial Audiometric Technician Licences, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. Where WSH will be conducting an investigation, WSH may require the scene to be persevered for at least 24 hours after WSH has been notified. the name and address of each person involved in the incident; the name and address of the employer, or any other employers involved; the name and address of each person who witnessed the incident; the date, time and location of the incident; the apparent cause of the incident and the circumstances that gave rise to it. With WSH Incident Reporting eService, you can: Submit, amend, retrieve and upload supporting documents for a work-related incident report. Brandon, MB amputation of an arm, leg, hand, foot, finger or toe, a cut or laceration that requires medical treatment at a hospital as defined in. - In an emergency, always call 911 immediately. Labour & Regulatory Services - Workplace, Safety & Health. the collapse or structural failure of a building, structure, crane, hoist, lift, temporary support system or excavation, an explosion, fire or flood, an uncontrolled spill or escape of a hazardous substance, or. Workplace Safety and Health (Incident Reporting) Regulations Work Injury Compensation Regulations If you don’t report an accident, it is an offence and you’ll be fined $200 for the first time, or up to $2,500 for subsequent offences. R8A 1K2, 15-59 Elizabeth Drive If you are unsure whether an incident is reportable under the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Health Regulation, contact WSH for clarification. Winnipeg: 204-957-SAFE (7233) an injury resulting from electrical contact. Purchase reports submitted by employers (applicable to injured employees or their dependents, legal representatives of injured employees and insurers). The scene of a serious incident must not be disturbed until WSH has been notified and has released the scene. R7A 6C2 unconsciousness as the result of a concussion. Reporting to the Ministry of Manpower Under the Workplace Safety and Health (Incident Reporting) Regulations, employers are required to report workplace accidents, dangerous occurrences … Where WSH will be conducting an investigation, WSH may require the scene to be persevered for at least 24 hours after WSH has been notified. Select ‘Option 1’. Figure 4: Items to be included in the pre-prepared incident investigation kit. In order to preserve the scene, no equipment or materials that were involved in an incident may be altered or moved, unless it is necessary to free an injured or trapped person, to avoid creating additional hazards, or to provide immediate/critical care. Flin Flon, MB R3C 0P8 Whether or not an incident or other dangerous occurrence is required to be reported to WSH, the employer must conduct an internal investigation with the workplace safety and health committee co-chairs (or their designates). These Regulations may be cited as the Workplace Safety and Health (Incident Reporting) Regulations.

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