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will engine flush damage engine

This service involves adding a solvent or strong detergent to your engine oil; running the engine for a little while to let it circulate through; and then changing the engine oil and filter. Hot and dusty environments are also hard on the engine oil as air-borne dirt particles can be taken in. Engine flush, like synthetic or synthetic blend motor oils, contains additives designed to clean the engine’s internal moving parts and boost performance. Here is part of a service bulletin from Mazda, who also recommends against engine flushes: If most vehicles on the road don’t need a crankcase flush, why do so many businesses sell them? Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips. Even if you survive the coronavirus, you will live on the road! the best thing you can do is to drain your tank completely and drain the float bowls on the carb’s. Other car enthusiasts are concerned that engine flushes may dislodge chucks and deposits from critical arrears of the engine, causing them to move to other, even more important areas and do greater damage. Required fields are marked *, By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. The best oil flush treatment helps free stuck rings and minimize oil consumption, in effect lowering your emissions. That’s why there is such a huge variety of engine oils, degreasers, sealants, cleaners, starting fluids, and antifreezes, to name just a few. Deposits on the pistons and in the combustion chambers will drive up hydro carbon emissions. While engine flush cannot be a substitute for a well and regularly maintained engine that is regularly cleaned and has its oil replaced, it could be the right product for an engine that is in need of some attention. But don't think too much! The chemicals in flushing additives can damage engine seals, leading to expensive repairs in the event of an oil leak. You would find it best to leave well enough alone and not disturb the sludge that may be the only real barrier keeping oil from leaking past the seals in the older engine. Your email address will not be published. Reading Time: 11 Minutes. While varnish and sludge can build up in a poorly maintained engine, this normally never happens when your oil changes are performed regularly. One job is to get the old oil out and another job is to keep the engine working properly with the new oil. Nick Reid, Green Flag technical expert and the company’s head of transformation, explains why someone might want to clean their car’s engine: “The dirtier an engine is, the less thermally efficient it will be. But, using a product manufacturers do not recommend is always a risk, especially when it comes to something you can see in front of you. Eden Center, Dhaka-1000 going for a pee), the same comparison can’t get made with car engines. These chemicals are supposed to break up and clean out the gunk, varnish and build-up that can form inside your engine, allowing it to be drained out with the engine oil. Releasing those deposits and allowing the oil to flow freely saves wear and tear on the engine and keeps parts moving as they should. Like the increased moisture, high heat breaks down the engine oil and deposits of burnt oil byproducts can build up very quickly. Some say the products, added to a car’s oil or fuel to clean the engine’s internal moving parts and boost performance, are worth their weight in motor-protecting gold.

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