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why are breeder reactors not used

color:purple; All reactors produce plutonium in their fuel but breeder reactors require plutonium recycle, the separation of plutonium from the ferociously radioactive fission products in the spent fuel. text-decoration:underline; It also has excellent heat transfer properties, which allow the reactor to be operated at lower pressures and higher temperatures than thermal reactors. If the country so chooses, it can secretly enrich the uranium to create weapons grade uranium and harvest plutonium from uranium fuel rods for use in nuclear weapons. {page:Section1;} What are the reasons why breeder reactors are not more prevalent. The question is not solely political--- there is also the technical question of which breeder options are best, and there are many unexplored avenues here. Hanging water bags for bathing without tree damage. How can I ask to not be assigned a seat near a particular person during exams? Of course, they’re still not perfect. Can Fraz-Urb'Luu make use of a Wish spell from his one-minute Simulacrum ('in-Lair' action)? * Proliferation risks have not been addressed. font-size:12.0pt;"Times New Roman"; It only takes a minute to sign up. MOX fuel with about 20% is satisfactory and essentially standard. div.Section1 For a description of their social, political, and environmental aspects, see nuclear power. Despite the arguments by France’s nuclear conglomerate Areva, that fast-neutron reactors will ultimately fission all the plutonium building up in France’s light-water reactor spent fuel, France’s only operating fast-neutron reactor, Phénix, was disconnected from the grid in March 2009 and scheduled for permanent shutdown by the end of that year. The steam generators, in which molten-sodium and high-pressure water are separated by thin metal, have proved to be one of the most troublesome features of breeder reactors. Multipolygon supposed to be contained by another but returned False with Shapely. 4. There is no follow-on breeder reactor planned in France for at least a decade. Can we have conservation of momentum without conservation of energy? “To be globally proficient in nuclear power technology, contributing towards long term energy security of the country.” China switched on its 19 th nuclear power reactor as it rushes to increase nuclear generation. The feed material, though used in weapons, was indeed produced in breeder reactors. Princeton, N.J., February 17, 2010 – According to a study by the International Panel on Fissile Materials, fast breeder reactors may not the answer to the problem of long term storage for nuclear waste. Nuclear power is perhaps a uniquely political source of energy. More neutrons are released per neutronabsorbed in the fuel in a traditional (thermal) type of reactor I recently learned about breeder reactors, which are able to create more fissile material than they consume.

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