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No 3G or 4G is available. You need a passport to purchase a SIM and only 5 SIMs per person are allowed. In 2016 it covers now more than 40% of population by 3G in 614 cities, towns and villages so far and 99% by 2G.AvailabilityTheir SIM card is available at airports and lots of shops and their service centers (locator). More information APN: Username: lmua Password: plusWebsite in English: (in the Donetsk region only)Phoenix (in Russian: феникс) is a new operator created in 2015 based on confiscated Kyivstar equipment in part of the Donetsk region that is not controlled by the central government. English . 150kbit/s). A starter pack costs 30 UAH, for Green tariff 20 UAH in their stores: Store locator in Ukranian.You can top-up your SIM card on the main page of their website using a credit card.Data feature packsThey offer various monthly packages with free roaming on 2G MTS outside its own 3G coverage:S: 53.13 UAH: 100 MB per day up to 3 GB per month, 50 dom. CDMA-based operators Intertelekom and Peoplenet stopped to operate there as well. Or you can switch all other plans by sending a SMS to 2209. Full list of points of sale: list (in Russian only). To check consumption in your plan, type *101*4#. For calls and SMS within Ukraine, as well as for data transfer services. Enter your number +380. President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden took the debate stage for the final time Thursday night ahead of the 2020 general election. Because of the special situation there with different providers regulated by Russia, this territory is now covered in a separate article. What’s up, I'm Pankaj. This option can be activated an unlimited number of times by *477*1#. Back in 2007 the first 3G/UMTS licence was given to state-owned Ukrtelecom and its subdivision U'tel that has marketed its 3G offer under brand name 3mob in some towns.Things changed in 2015: the president ordered to free frequencies previously blocked by the military to be used for 3G and 4G. As long as they are wearing their uniforms they are legitimate and will help you. Warning! Registered office: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN. After downloading the app everything you can easily track with the help of the Vi App. If you don't have enough credit on your account for the monthly pack, a daily rate is charged: on XS plan 3 UAH per day for 100 MB, on S plan 5 UAH per day for 200 MB, on M plan 9 UAH per day for 500 MB and on L plan 15 UAH for 600 MB. In 2015 3Mob and MTS signed a national roaming agreement giving 3Mob users free access to MTS 2G network effective Feb. 2015.3G/UMTS is up to 7.2 Mbps in their limited coverage area: dark green: 3mob - 3G, bright green MTS - 2G Availability Some users found problems getting hold of a SIM card, but they have expanded their presence a lot. minutes, 50 dom. Find out what to do if your. The three networks finally received licenses to operate 3G on 2100 MHz and all major providers started their 3G/UMTS networks in addition to 3mob. Check balance by *101#.Two tariffs are available:"People's tariff" ("НАРОДНЫЙ") for 50 RUB per month and includes unlimited in-network calls and 300 in-network SMS, but no data. Order. Internet. Unlimited apps include WhatsApp (only txt msg), Viber (only txt msg !!! Your email address will not be published. Vodafone in Ukraine gives out reduced roaming rates in so-called "Vodafone countries": Poland, Italy, Germany, Czech Rep., France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, UK, Greece, Netherlands, Malta, Ireland, Albania, Romania, Turkey. Only in the Eastern regions the MTS brand will be maintained for now. As a promotion the S pack is given out for free for the first month. Fast internet is still rare outside of towns. Better buy a local SIM card instead. Check remaining data in your package by *108#. These new monthly base packages are offered:Talk (Розмови): 35 UAH - no data included, unlimited on-network calls, 30 mins to other networks, data at default rate Talk+ (Розмови+): 55 UAH - unlimited 2G data, 100 MB 3G data, unlimited on-network calls, more data on default rateOnline (Онлайн): 60 UAH - 1 GB data, unlimited on-network calls, 60 mins to other networks, more data: 1 GB add-on: 40 UAH - activation: *230#Online+ (Онлайн+): 90 UAH - 4 GB data, unlimited on-network calls, 100 mins to other networks, more data: 2 GB add-on: 60 UAH - activation: *230#Online Extra (Онлайн Екстра): 165 UAH - 6 GB data, unlimited on-network calls, 300 mins to other networks, more data: 3 GB add-on: 80 UAH - activation: *230#To activate or change base plan call 477*1. Additional data 15 UAH for 500 MB by *101*501#for Tablets: Tablet 3G (Планшет 3G): for tablets, but has voice and text too, no base rate, data: 1 GB per day at 5 UAH, only charged in days of useIf you want to roam on the more extensive 3Mob network for data too, roaming data needs to enabled by typing *888#. Packages can be booked multiple times. Due to the status of the region there is no way to refill using an international credit card. You need to stay on their home network from time to time to use roaming and top-ups can be only done by vouchers sold in Ukraine or through a few top-up agencies from abroad. All MTS promotions will loose validity after this change. Now all the services of Vodafone and Idea will be managed by the new entity named Vi. Refills are available there as well and are also available from supermarkets and other shops (list). Check data roaming is turned on so that you can use your phone abroad. Other providers like Intertelecom and PEOPLEnet run CDMA based networks, that are not compatible to GSM. Their mobile internet is under construction and in test phase. The price is 120 RUB without any credit. But on bright side it's free up to now.

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