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Values in excess of 100% and negative values may appear as the result of certain assets and liabilities. We will not sell or rent your e-mail address to any third-party entity. The ratings are subject to change every month and are based on equal-rated average of percentile ranks for the total return metrics over 1-, 3-, 5-, and 10-year periods, if applicable. Performance shown prior to Oct. 4, 2019, are as of the predecessor fund and investment team. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Summary prospectus; Prospectus; Annual report; Semiannual report; SAI; Schedule of investments; Information statement; Additional information. Click here to see recent Notices pertaining to the Fund (if any). Given the increasing interdependence among global economies and markets, conditions in one country, market, or region are increasingly likely to adversely affect markets, issuers, and/or foreign exchange rates in other countries. The American Funds are managed by multiple portfolio managers who invest based on their highest convictions. American Funds Benchmark for the 10 Years ending 9/30/20, Morningstar Benchmark for the 10 Years ending 10/31/20. (updated quarterly), % A "centroid" plot in the middle of the Ownership Zone represents the weighted average of all the fund's holdings. Macquarie Investment Management (MIM), a member of Macquarie Group, refers to the companies comprising the asset management division of Macquarie Group Limited and its subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide. R-Squared: R-squared is a measure of the correlation between a particular return and that of a benchmark index. Rankings shown are provided by Lipper, Inc., a leading independent analysis service. Adjusted for stock splits. Any such event(s) could have a significant adverse impact on the value and risk profile of the Fund. Performance would have been lower without such waivers and reimbursements. Cash and equivalents includes short-term securities, accrued income and other assets less liabilities. Index as of 9/30/20. Returns as of 10/31/20 (updated monthly). Some statistics may not be available for all fund (e.g., Top Equity Holdings for Bond funds). Fund as of 9/30/20. List may exclude cash, cash equivalents, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are used for cash management purposes. The funds are managed based on their investment objectives and strategies described in the prospectus; managing to active share is not part of any fund's strategy. Class A shares without a sales charge (load) are not available to all investors. Certain market indexes are unmanaged and, therefore, have no expenses. Morningstar rankings may have been lower if waivers did not apply or if sales charges were included. Expense ratios are as of the most recent prospectus. The summary and full prospectuses contain this and other information about the mutual fund or ETF and should be read carefully before investing. Results for certain funds with an inception date after the share class inception also include hypothetical returns because those funds' shares sold after the funds' date of first offering. For example, during periods when the index was down, a down-capture ratio greater than 100 indicates the fund/model produced a lower return than the index. Any examples used in this material are generic, hypothetical and for illustration purposes only. See the prospectus for more information. This includes shares of money market or similar funds managed by the investment adviser or its affiliates that are not offered to the public. are collective trust funds established and maintained by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. The share prices of all of our equity funds and funds of funds decrease when a dividend is paid. MSCI breaks out each company’s reported revenues into country-by-country estimates. MBL does not guarantee or otherwise provide assurance in respect of the obligations of these entities, unless noted otherwise. The US election could have implications for municipal bonds. Why we need your e-mail address: This is a precautionary measure we are taking to ensure that we can notify you in the unlikely event that a correction is needed for the data you are downloading. Read details about how waivers and/or reimbursements affect the results for each fund. Thank you for visiting the Delaware Funds by Macquarie website. Each Fund will send each shareholder a Form 1099 DIV for the calendar year that will provide definitive information on how to report the Fund's distributions for federal income tax purposes. For each fund with at least a three-year history, Morningstar calculates a Morningstar RatingTM based on a Morningstar Risk-adjusted Return measure that accounts for variation in a fund's monthly performance (including the effects of sales charges, loads, and redemption fees), placing more emphasis on downward variations and rewarding consistent performance. Expense waivers may have been in effect for some or all of the periods shown. Copyright © 2020 JPMorgan Chase & Co., All rights reserved, J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s website and/or mobile terms, privacy and security policies don't apply to the site or app you're about to visit. A fund that is concentrated will have a small ownership zone relative to the area of the style box, and broadly diversified fund will have an ownership zone that stretches across many sizes and style. (Each share class is counted as a fraction of one fund within this scale and rated separately, which may cause slight variations in the distribution percentages.) 302+ Shareholder Accounts Shareholder accounts are as of 9/30/2020. Capture Ratio Upside: Ratio of a fund/model’s return during periods when the index was up, divided by the return of the index during those periods. 2Information on return of capital distributions (if any) is only provided from June 1, 2014 onward. The ratio reflects the cost of a given stock per dollar of current annual earnings and is the most common measure of a stock's expense. Your web browser will automatically redirect you to the site in a few moments.

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