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top 10 detective novels

We hope you have great fun working your way through them. This is fantasy noir at its grittiest. It is the middle of World War I, and Hastings is home on leave, staying with friends at their country estate, Styles. There are currently six books and a novella in this supernatural police procedural series that’s been praised for its sense of place, history, and wry wit. A real page-turner and one for fans of dark, murder mysteries. But why would they do this if they were innocent? Whilst this macabre novel by Thomas Harris would be equally at home in the horror section, the Silence of the Lambs also has a deeply intricate web of mystery and intrigue to it, as FBI agent Clarice Starling tries to track down a prolific serial killer named Buffalo Bill. If you’re planning to read all the Poirot stories, you can read Curtain last! Originally published as a series of stories in the 1960s and 70s, these fantasy detective stories have since been published in various omnibus editions. Another well-known fantasy world detective, Garrett is a private investigator in the city of TunFaire in the kingdom of Karenta. and Terms of Use. Set in Santa Barbara, California, Sue Grafton’s detective tale ‘A is for Alibi’ has poison as it’s motif, with the toxin of choice being crushed oleander. He takes cares of problems for his boss and smuggles dangerous relics on the side. A must-read for detective novel fans everywhere. All well-designed magical worlds have norms and rules…as well as characters who would break them. Our top 10 detective novels that will keep you entertained, intrigued and amazed in equal measure. In the last Poirot novel Christie published, Poirot and Hastings return to where it all began– Styles, which is now a boarding house. Partly down to a shortage of cash, Strike takes on the case of the lady some were calling ‘cuckoo’ due to the fact that she was adopted by Charlie’s parents when he died. As tensions rise amongst the love triangle, Poirot tries to prevent a crime before it happens as they all sail on an Egyptian river cruise. Related: More Thrillers With Supernatural Elements. Her capable and will-full personality has led fans and literary critics to consider her one of the few feminist detectives. Either way, it’s a cracking read! Poirot investigates the long-closed case, and starts to wonder if his client’s mother was wrongfully convicted. Born and raised in Canada, Lee is a black belt martial artist, a former corporate strategist, and action movie aficionado who now lives in Portland, Oregon with her family. From the mind that brought us Harry Potter and Voldemort comes a detective novel full of intrigue and subterfuge. Count me among the millions anxiously awaiting the fourth book, The Thorn of Emberlain. This psychological thriller features a war hero named Joe Leland who has hit hard times and when an old army buddy dies by falling from a roof at a race-track, his widow enlists Leland to find out what really happened. Whether you’re someone who likes to try and solve the mystery yourself or simply watch as someone with superb deductive skill pieces together their case, there’s plenty for you to get your teeth into here. Poirot must find a killer amongst the eclectic group of passengers, before more lives are lost.Hercule Poirot’s Christmas, A dysfunctional family holiday you won’t forget! by Joe Keeley. Low Town is the seediest district in the city of Rigus and is populated by street hustlers, petty criminals, drug dealers, and corrupt cops. A Doctor Mortimer enlists the help of Holmes and Dr Watson to protect the life of his nephew, Baskerville’s son, claiming that there is a legendary, but devilish, trained dog stalking the whole family. Taking an instant dislike to the man, he declines, and soon afterwards the unpleasant fellow is stabbed to death in his train cabin, and the eponymous train is snowbound. The atmosphere is shattered by his sister Cora’s inconvenient question: “But he was murdered, wasn’t he?” Everyone dismisses silly old Aunt Cora, until she’s brutally murdered. The outcome of this clan war will determine the fate of all Green Bones — from their grandest patriarch to the lowliest motorcycle runner on the streets — and of Kekon itself.Jade City is the first novel in an epic trilogy about family, honor, and those who live and die by the ancient laws of blood and jade. This intensely immersive detective novel has it all, with a major drug dealer (Michael Rebus) who has a police officer for a brother (John Rebus) being investigated by the story’s main protagonist – journalist Jim Stevens.

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