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strawberry blueberry smoothie with almond milk

Light smoothie but yet packed with delicious flavor. Test your Keto knowledge with the Sweetashoney Keto Quiz! I’m a year-round smoothie drinker, but I know so many people don’t love cold foods in the winter, which I completely understand. With only 3 ingredients, it’s really simple to make, and it tastes fantastic! #feast-advanced-jump-to {z-index:999;border:none;opacity:0.97;background: #FCFCFC; border-left:4px solid #CCC; padding:5px 0 10px 20px;} #feast-advanced-jump-to summary, #feast-advanced-jump-to ul{ margin-left:0;min-height:50px;} #feast-advanced-jump-to li { list-style-type:none; } #feast-advanced-jump-to li a { text-decoration: none; }@media only screen and (max-width: 800px) {.single h2 { display: block; position: relative;padding-top:83px;margin-top:-83px;}} This creamy strawberry banana almond milk smoothie is perfect served with breakfast, or a refreshing beverage. This Keto peanut butter smoothie is a light and refreshing keto smoothie with a delicious peanut butter flavor. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. You could also substitute maple syrup instead Read more about it in the privacy policy. Milk*: Milk tends to be my go-to liquid when I’m making smoothies, but you could also use water or orange juice. A healthy keto avocado smoothie, dairy free using almond milk and no banana! Learn how your comment data is processed. Remove the green tops of the strawberries, and add them to a blender along with the frozen bananas and almond milk. Very yummy! Instructions They are perfect for getting 1 of your 5 a day, which is great if you struggle to eat enough fruit. Updated: Jun 8, 2020 by Tonje. Strawberry banana almond milk smoothie tastes great with potato pancakes, barley porridge, and apple pie baked oatmeal. Oh, and ANY kind of milk will work, so use what you have in your refrigerator. Leftovers Oh, and ANY kind of milk will work, so use what you have in your refrigerator. Honey: This is optional, but honey pairs well with fruit and a little bit goes a long way. Erin is the recipe developer, writer and photographer behind the healthy food blog, The Almond Eater. As this smoothie recipe is quite lean, it’s not very filling on its own and is best suited to be served as a beverage, rather than a stand alone meal. THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE SALES LINKS. So if you just started your keto diet and miss strawberry ice cream, start with this strawberry smoothie! All these ingredients are high in carbs and sugar and that’s why you just have to make your own strawberry smoothie recipe on a keto diet. Strawberry lovers I have great news for you: Strawberry is on the approved keto fruit list! You can use any milk that you like in this smoothie, however I think that almond milk works really well. I absolutely love a good smoothie, especially in the summer and on hot days. I feel like the majority of people prefer thick smoothies, but not me. What I’m getting at is that, if you like smoothies thick and super cold, use frozen fruit! Although it can technically be stored in a refrigerator, it usually tastes best right after it’s made. Lentil Bolognese Recipe (Vegan + Gluten Free), It’s an easy yogurt smoothie – no complicated ingredients, Protein with a touch of sweetness=the best kind of smoothie. And never miss one of my quick+healthy recipes. Share your review and comment below or join me on Instagram to share your picture! Granola: I wouldn’t put granola in the smoothie, but adding some on top would be delicious Recipe. Blueberries: Fresh or frozen So feel free to add some of these keto-friendly toppings: Keto smoothies are great low-carb snacks to fix your sweet tooth and refresh.

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