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steve jobs and bill gates movie

He said that Jobs was invited by PARC to view their technology in exchange for the ability to buy pre-IPO Apple stock. I intended every scene to be based on actual events, including such seemingly fantastic moments as Bill Gates's bulldozer races in the middle of the night and Steve Jobs's bare feet going up on the board room table during an applicant's job interview. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. PARC's director, John Seely Brown stated in a 2006 interview that the scene in which Gates and Jobs argue about the role of Xerox is not entirely accurate. Jobs is portrayed as a dreamy hippie turned hard-nosed businessman, while Gates is shown as a driven programming nerd. "[3] After the studio asked him for suggestions Burke states that "I'm a great believer in Shakespeare, and what we had was a modern equivalent of Hamlet, featuring two young princes, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs ... the more I read about Steve in particular, the more I saw him in those Shakespearean terms. Woz would show up once a week with his latest to test it out, and Steve Jobs was on the phone a lot in the kitchen. Just unbelievable. "And Steve was.". "I wasn't into all of the politics and the way business people think," said Wozniak during a Tuesday conference call for members of the press. His partner, Steve "Woz" Wozniak, is introduced as one of the two central narrators of the story. Hertzler. '"[18] He also responded to a fan email, that some of his portrayal was inaccurate: "I never quit Apple. [3] During the filming, the cast broke down into PC and Mac factions, arguing over the merits of each platform. "[13] Wozniak notes to the audience the resemblance between Big Brother and the image of Bill Gates on the screen behind Jobs during this announcement. Actor Noah Wyle, who portrays Jobs, stated in an interview with CNN, "These kids grew up 30 miles south of the [University of California] Berkeley campus, which was ripe with revolution ... and they couldn't have cared less about the politics going on. They're not revolutionaries, we are." "[3], In a 2013 Ask Me Anything session with Reddit, Gates responded to a question about his portrayal in the film by stating that it was "reasonably accurate". Scott is more concerned with the technical aspects of the advertisement. They were in the garage tinkering with their electronics and starting a revolution that was a thousand times greater than anything that was going on the college campuses, politically. Discuss: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates battle in new National Geographic series, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: It's complicated, Gates and Jobs share stage, friendly banter at D5, Apple co-founder, Chairman Steve Jobs dies. "[2]John Leonard of New York Magazine, refers to it as "a hoot". Mike Lipton of People, found the film to be "engagingly irreverent" and "a real-life Revenge of the Nerds [that] stands cheekily on its own. After Pirates of Silicon Valley had aired, he contacted Noah Wyle and told him that while he "hated" both the film and the screenplay, he liked Wyle's performance, noting "you do … Pirates of Silicon Valley is a 1999 American biographical drama television film directed by Martyn Burke and starring Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates. He was brilliant, volcanic, obsessive, suspicious, even vicious in a business sense. With a team of Harvard researchers, I embarked on a seven-month research project that encompassed virtually everything we could find on the history of both companies, including old technical magazines from the '70s. Incidents [in the film] are accurate in the sense that they all occurred but they are often with the wrong parties (, Last edited on 23 September 2020, at 17:34, Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries or a Movie, Outstanding Casting for a Miniseries or a Made for Television Movie, Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing for a Miniseries or a Movie, Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Miniseries or a Movie, List of artistic depictions of Steve Jobs, "How a '90s TV movie became the Steve Jobs film to beat", "Official website: Q&a With Martyn Burke", "TV 'Pirates of Silicon Valley': Browsing the recent past", "You've remained the same person that you were…", "The clash of two titans profiled in 'Silicon Valley, "Picks and Pans Review: Pirates of Silicon Valley", "Bill Gates hits Reddit for an AMA, replies using 80-inch Windows 8 display", "Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says the best Steve Jobs film is this 1999 made-for-TV movie", "Early Apple Employees Talk Memories of Steve Jobs, New Movie", "Pirates Of Silicon Valley: Emmy Nominations", "PRODUCERS GUILD OF AMERICA ANNOUNCES NOMINATIONS FOR GOLDEN LAUREL AWARDS", Noah Wyle interview: The Librarians, ER, playing Steve Jobs, Before "Steve Jobs," there was "Pirates of Silicon Valley": What a made-for-tv movie got right that Aaron Sorkin didn’t, Revisiting 'Pirates of Silicon Valley', the original Steve Jobs movie,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Best Two-Hour Motion Picture for Commercial TV, Best Actor in a Motion Picture or Miniseries, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television, Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television, This page was last edited on 23 September 2020, at 17:34. Directed by Martyn Burke. They flee and after finding safety, Jobs states to Wozniak, "Those guys think they're revolutionaries. Berkeley campus during the period of the student anti-war movements. The show follows their pursuit up through the 1980s. However, when Wyle was unable to receive a long enough release from ER to shoot in Canada, the film temporarily shut down. Not the students who occupied the dean's office in the late '60s. History of Apple and Microsoft. If there is still any doubt that Jobs was a total douche, this should settle it. It also indicates that Jobs is now married, has children, and has reconciled with Lisa. "[20], Two individuals have responded to the film's interpretation of the 1979 visit of Jobs and his team to the Xerox PARC research center, which influenced the development of both the Lisa and Macintosh computers. Xerox got a lot of Apple stock for it too, it was an agreement. "[3], Anthony Michael Hall, who was cast as Bill Gates, commented on his interest in the role, stating that he, "really fought for this part because I knew it would be the role of a lifetime ... it was a thrill and a daunting challenge to play someone of his stature and brilliance. "A lot of the world gets built up by others when you're in this superstar-like category," Wozniak said. Jobs's only public response occurred at the 1999 Macworld Expo. Wozniak then comments that "Steve was never like you or me.

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