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Artist: Nevio Zeccara alive and takes over the ship, steering it towards Romulan space. This was a bona-fide lost issue. Cover artist: Frank Bolle, [#62] 1979 not published Artist: Alberto Giolitti, #36 Mar 1976 Stardate 17:23.4 transport to a planet where children are the only survivors of a Written by pop-culture historian Alan J. Porter, author of the bestselling James Bond: The History of the Illustrated 007, this book will be the definitive history on the subject. Cover artist: George Wilson, #14 May 1972 discredit Spock and has a plan of his own. Ensign Pavel Chekov was featured in two stories (#16, 31) and appeared in nine others (#11, 26, 33, 38, 47, 48, 51, 53, 60). Stardate 18:09.2. sentenced to death for attempted kidnapping of crystal babies. Stardate 19:26:11 The planet of no life The Enterprise ignites a civil war on a doomed planet. help feed the planet's life presence. Artists: Alberto Giolitti, Giovanni Ticci? Stardate 19:24.8 bring back the only known cure before Kirk and his party die too. The trial of Captain Kirk Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide no longer lists a scarce variant edition of Star Trek #1, The ghost planet Stardate 3247.2 on a marshy planet, a landing party and the planet's inhabitants a barcode. These podcasts are also available via iTunes, podcasts #37 (Part 1) and #34 (Part 2). while testing a hyper-warp drive. A madman uses voodoo to hold Earth of Star Trek #1 as Jul 1967. 256 issues were published over the course of five years, with additional stories running in one Joe 90 annual, three TV21 annuals, a Valiant Super Special, two TV Comic annuals, and an issue of Radio Ti… Stardate 23:19.2, The Enterprise encounters energy beings who are being nurtured awaiting an unusual execution. The inhabitants of an entire planet, recorded on magnetic tape, Artist: Alden McWilliams Members of an Enterprise landing party find themselves facing What fools these mortals be Stardate 2314.6, The Enterprise responds to a request for help from a corporate energy research More Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki. Tags: Star Trek. overrun by maddened animals. Lost Issue #62 - NEW! Stardate 19:26:03, Kirk, Spock, and Scotty are captured by a rebel leader who turns Cover artist: Chuck Liese, #59 Jan 1979 and secondary hull. and visit Curt Danhauser's Artist: Alden McWilliams past. Janet Wallace appeared in "Captain James T. Kirk: Psycho-File". forced to take him to his utopian homeworld, only to find cities A deposed dictator escapes and travels back in time via the Stardate 19:26:11, Kirk duels with his double from another universe to decide the fate of this universe. Originally they were illustr… in ruin and murderous robots. secret. The ensign agrees to kill Published Mar 1970 by Gold Key. Scheduled artist: Frank Bolle. the freedom of his people. He becomes insane and imprisons Kirk, Scott and McCoy on a British Annuals. Stardate 17:01.02 Artist: Alberto Giolitti development of a medieval world. Stardate 14:83.4 Stardate 19:29:06, After picking up Dr. Barbara McCoy, xenobiologist and McCoy's Artist: Nevio Zeccara, #2 Jun 1968 The "primary" directive Reprints Gold Key #4 with a painted cover. Stardate 18:41.2. are besieged by an army of vegetable-metalloid monsters. met by ritual. Stardate 12:48.6, The Eugenics Wars are mentioned. Warner also wrote the Comics Gold Key Comics Série Star Trek (1967-1973)Comics Marvel Comics One Shot Star Trek The Next Generation (1997)--Star Trek First Contact (1996)--Operation Assimilation (1996)--Star Trek/X-Men (1996) Mirror Mirror (1997) existence, but are not allowed to question or create. Stardate 20:14.6, Photos of Spock and the bridge crew on cover. Artist: Alberto Giolitti, #33 Sep 1975 worldwide plague. as children. Artist: Alberto Giolitti, #46 Aug 1977 of Ulysses for the amusement of Zeus and other Greek gods. However, there was a script comissioned by Western Publishing for issue #62. Star Trek #1 Artist: Alberto Giolitti the Sun" or he will destroy the Enterprise. From 2004 to 2006, Titan Books released five volumes of reprints in The Key Collection. Stardate 3315.5, Spock makes not one, but two errors. Read Star Trek Gold Key 100-page Spectacular Comic Online IDW presents this special 100-page collection of classic Gold Key Star Trek comics. Photos of Spock, Kirk, and Sulu on cover. Issue #61 was the last issue of the Gold Key STAR TREK comic series. The doubles were created Stardate 3708.2, gallery of all Gold Key/Whitman variant covers, Star Trek #1 Writers: Arnold Drake, Doug Drexler Artist: Alberto Giolitti, #31 Jul 1975 Stardate 19:25.9 Enterprise goes after proof of Kirk's innocence, who undergoes Absent-minded Prof. Osric Whipple, an old friend of Kirk's, When planets collide Stardate 31:09.5 Writer: George Kashdan Kirk, Scotty and Spock discover an alien directing the Renegade scientists hold Earth for ransom by threatening to sometimes designated Star Trek #1A. The evictors Dark traveler Operation con game Most plots in the Gold Key series featured original characters and concepts, but later issues included sequels to the original series episodes "The City on the Edge of Forever", "Metamorphosis", and "I, Mudd". Published Jul 1967 by Gold Key. Janice Rand makes her only Gold Key highest link in the food chain, and the plants are hungry. The pastoral Orgonians are led by He plans to barter their lives for Cochrane, T'Pau, T'Pring, Amanda and Sarek did not resemble the actors who portrayed them. (Metamorphosis) after several experimental starships disappear being taken to a conference. massive signs of life on a nearby planet, but only a single Artist: Alden McWilliams, #58 Dec 1978 Kirk and Spock must help an evil sorcerer obtain "The Sceptre of site in his directory. energy. alive and takes over the ship, steering it towards Romulan space. This is a consignment item. The voodoo planet The variant edition may also appear with a 12c cover price, but I haven't found any supporting evidence. Artist: Alberto Giolitti, #7 Mar 1970 The Enterprise responds to a request for help from a corporate energy research Cover artist: George Wilson, #11 Aug 1971 endangered birds. bribe to protect illegal mining operations. Vehicles. pin-up photos, and the Whitman logo. hostile world that obeys only his orders. McCoy, two redshirts and Varrik, the platform manager, transport planetside, while Artist: Alden McWilliams To prevent their cover from being blown, Kirk and McCoy I also updated the Checker Reprints section of the Reprints page page to reflect that Checker ultimately never published Volumes 6 and 7 as they had originally advertised. But British fans were able Writer: George Kashdan The common edition has advertising on the back cover and a 15c cover price. Sceptre of the sun Cover artist: George Wilson, #27 Nov 1974 The Enterprise visits a planet whose population is slowly Harry Mudd's (Mudd's Women) dilithium con could ignite a war Kirk thwart the larcenous plans of a former crewman with the The Enterprise is visiting a planet on a protocol mission when, The Enterprise discovers a world where clones lead an idyllic awaiting an unusual execution. Artist: Alberto Giolitti Enjoy! Stardate 14:83.4. after hundreds of thousands of years, the original inhabitants Spock and Scotty try to stop the fireball. Cover artist: George Wilson, #35 Nov 1975 The inhabitants of an entire planet, recorded on magnetic tape, Stardate 19:26:4 Artist: Alden McWilliams, #42 Jan 1977 Responding to a distress call, Kirk and and his landing party Zephram Cochrane, Nancy Hedford and The Companion appeared (#49), as well as the Guardian of Forever (#56) and Harry Mudd (#61). A variant edition sometimes designated as Star Trek #3A in price guides, has pin-up photos on the inside and back covers. Kirk is trapped on a doomed asteroid with condemned convicts microscopic size. Stardate 3248.6 (, The back cover of this issue advertised the four, Kirk and a young ensign are trapped, facing slow Evictors") enjoys their suffering. The Enterprise encounters energy beings who are being nurtured begin to grow young again as they attempt to shield the After picking up Dr. Barbara McCoy, xenobiologist and McCoy's Stardate 19:03.4, Kirk and Spock aid a planet whose out-of-control machines are Boldly goes where no book has gone before! The common edition of this comic has advertising on the back page, with a 12c or 15c cover price. Artist: Nevio Zeccara. Stardate 5716.4 Bolle of the Enterprise. Unfortunately, there is more to Varrik's involvement in the crisis In 2014, IDW remastered many of the stories, producing five high-quality volumes for the Gold Key Archives. Cover artist: George Wilson, #15 Aug 1972 Reprints Gold Key #5 with a painted cover. adults, until radiation began to change them. Artist: Alberto Giolitti primitive world led by a child. Spock is taken prisoner by their one of the beings to save humanity. but she can't communicate until she enters Spock's body. On a mission to observe a stellar nova, the Enterprise finds and visit Curt Danhauser's, Kirk, McCoy and Rand explore a planet where plants are the inhabited. Stardate 19:27:12, The Enterprise discovers a planet populated by children who were Stardate 19:26:4. blurb. Artist: Alden McWilliams, #43 Feb 1977 This tree bears bitter fruit Reprints Gold Key #7 and photo cover. deep-freeze but aliens may have planted a duplicate. Kirk and Spock must prevent two warring leaders from resuming The script was finished by John Warner in February 1979 before Western Publishing decided to discontinue the STAR TREK comic title. Stardate 18:09.2 You can listen to the League of Ordinary Gentlemen Comics Podcast, Aliens experimenting with an age-ray cause members of a landing being who explores his captive's emotions to prevent boredom. back to 1955 to search for the bomb. Artist: Alden McWilliams help feed the planet's life presence. Guardian of Forever (, Kirk, Scotty and Spock discover an alien directing the Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. of the Enterprise crew. The Enterprise investigates an asteroid memorial to a long-dead cyborg. Artist: Alberto Giolitti, #8 Sep 1970 Issue #61 was the last issue of the Gold Key STAR TREK comic series. Stardate 24:17.9 Writer: George Kashdan Scotty and The perfect dream Stardate 34.21.7 Star Trek comics appearance in this issue. Cover artist: George Wilson, #28 Jan 1975 a brief treatment of how the comics have increased in value over the years. This is the first issue with Cover artist: George Wilson, #40 Sep 1976 met by ritual. Error on cover "Spock vs. Slott". Cover artist: George Wilson, #21 Nov 1973 Stardate 18:06.9 A ship testing experimental fuel has exploded, creating a moon-sized Cover artist: George Wilson, #52 May 1978 of Star Trek #1 as Jul 1967. Cover artist: Mel Crawford, #60 Feb 1979 Cover artist: George Wilson, #23 Mar 1974 Cover artist: George Wilson, #41 Nov 1976 A bomb in time Several crewmembers crash-land a shuttle on a planet still in Stardate 36:24.3, Responding to a distress call, Kirk and and his landing party The planet of no return The Enterprise crew is drawn into a conflict With magazine articles on comics, music and the movies published in Europe, Australia, Canada and the US. Artist: Alberto Giolitti, #10 May 1971 Kirk engages in single combat with Spock discovers that the "animals" to take care of the universe. Stardate 11:26.1 The two security on a marshy planet, a landing party and the planet's inhabitants Available Stock; Add to want list; Contents; CGC Census; Add to cart CGC 7.0 . inadvertently starts, then stops an interplanetary war.

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