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Could you explain the symbolism/inspiration behind the Naya symbol? However, when we see it in world, it appears in a very Gruul way (made of handprints and scratch marks). Turn it on its side and you see the Dragon Tyrant breathing fire. It just feels Gruul, without embracing the sun so many of the cards reference. As I'm not a full fledged Vorthos, there may be a reason for this. Here are my simplified versions of my previous Alara Shard symbols. Here's hoping we revisit a united Alara soon in the future! e.g. In my opinion, that's not a good thing. There is an integration of design elements taken from the exisiting artwork. All Things Are Gold "Gold" multicolor refers to cards that have two or more colors and gold frames, as opposed to hybrid or mono-colored cards, and Shards of Alara had many. Coalition Relic - (G) (MC) (MW) (CD)Gruul Signet - (G) (MC) (MW) (CD)[[cardname]] or [[cardname|SET]] to call. I'd recommend taking a second look at Grixis and Jund—they're simultaneously too "busy" and also maybe too stylistically similar. Each shard has its own keyword mechanic or strong overarching theme, and its own creature types. It was certainly an emphasis that the shards were distinct, so much so that the Shards of Alara prerelease had special rules, much like Commander color identity, where you had to pick your shard and you were exclusively that shard. Conversely, I feel like Esper ought to be busier. Gotta say, I really love all of those. The design of Shards of Alara focuses on five different "shards" which originally formed a single world. I like these a lot. The last batch was interesting, but way too busy. Preconstructed theme decks. The Shards of Alara set was five wildly unique worlds in one that planeswalkers were able to freely travel to and from. Shards of Alara was the first set to follow a new packaging policy, which amongst other things introduced a new rarity level called mythic rare, as well as the replacement of one of the commons in a booster pack with a basic land (the first time this was done outside of a core set). The center is messier than the outside to illustrate the breaking of the plane/the maelstrom. Although I see the primeval aspect of Jund with the unclean jagged contures, they seem too unfocused on portraying a certain idea, even with the author's idea present in the description. I feel like the Esper symbol isn't regular enough, though. As I'm getting back into it, one of the things where the game has gone the I love is towards a cohesive design style. Could Esper be a touch less busy? Very cool. Anyway, I don't want to be just negative, so hopefully you can find some part of my critique constructive. The great thing about the guilds and the clans is that they were very stylistically unique. They become closer to an actual official seal, one that anyone could recreate without specific reference material. Perhaps we could identify the first things that come to mind when we think of a shard and use that to make the symbols? For instance, the shards got a little fuzzier as the block went along, so they wouldn't be able to use the symbols as cleanly in Alara Reborn as they did in Shards (whereas in Ravnica the guilds stay firmly defined). The overall look is symmetrical and balanced. That's where I'm trying to move to. Out of this came really strong iconic symbols to represent color pairings. If you created a simpler version using basic shapes, then it becomes easier to read and more iconic. It needs to be more serpentine. The empty eye in the negative space is a callback to Mayael the Animus. I'm just happy to have some Alara based symbols for the tri-color combinations. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Compare the Ravnica guild symbol redesigns, specifically Rakdos, Gruul, and Izzet. Esper: Obviously based on Ethereum Filegree with the basis being the Ethereum Astrolabe. In a previous post I asked for ideas. The Gruul icon is very symmetrical, and ironically perhaps the most intricate of the new guild icon designs. The lines try to match the armor seen on knights of the shard. Yes, a bit weird, but that's what they did.). Can someone proficient with photoshop edit the first image, so its just the Naya and Jund symbols together? Esper could be more mathematical in its filigree, and that filigree needs to use far thinner linework. Naya in particular improved quite a bit IMO, combining the Hydra motif with a style that fits the world. Nonetheless, neat effort, and nice read.The cohesive design aspect really is really something Magic is pretty good at, and I'm glad it got brought into discussion with this thread. This means that there is only one enemy-colored pair in each triple-color combination. My only critique is that the symbols seem a bit too complex as well as too similar to each other. Cultures and civilizations have their own defined design aesthetics, whether it be the guilds of Ravnica, the Kahns, or even the provinces and townships of Innistrad. I moved toward basic sharps of differnet kinds with in each shard to … I don't know the exact reason there weren't official symbols. Press J to jump to the feed. So for example, your current Jund and Grixis symbols are IMO impossible for anyone to draw free hand. I was one of those "constructive critics" from the last thread, and I have to say I enjoy the improvements made here! edit(2): simplified Jund, Grixis, and to lesser degrees Bant and Naya. So maybe for that reason they just decided to forego them altogether? The smooth pointed intertwined style is meant to reference the tribal art style of the shard. I like the idea of a hydra for Naya, but that's too many straight lines. I assume it is because the shards had been separated and developed alone without the need to define themselves, and that the fracturing of Alara was not chosen by those on the plane. Feel free to use them, change them. Press J to jump to the feed. They are all angled to fit (nearly) and form all of Alara. Great work., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Grixis is hard to read. The others flow nicely, jund and grixis seem a bit too random, should find some way to bring out the chaos or savagery without making it ragged edges. Cool idea! Naya has elegant and dynamic vine-like shape, and Grixis interesting smoke-like contours, yet they seem more complex than necessary. Grixis: Instead of basing the horns off of Malfegor I went with Sedris, instead. Still looking great. It would be easier to remember and recognize if the symbols consist of simpler shapes. Grixis: Deathy thing (Okay, it's Malfegor's Horns + a flow of Vis, but new players will just see the skull in the negative space). Grixis and Jund are looking great, a lot cleaner. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. My only beef is that Jund's has a few too many greebles. Even the clouds have flat edges there, so the organic-feeling curves strike me as off. I instantly figured out which shard the symbols represented without needing to look it up. Also feel like you'd be better off taking inspiration from Godsire or perhaps even Mayael rather than progenitus for Naya. So as a little project of mine, I've spent some of my free time designing them. However, the redesigns made them cleaner and more symmetrical. That's just my two cents, though. To everyone who made suggestions, it really helped! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Alara Shards Color 1 Alara Shards Color 2 Alara Shards B&W 1 Alara Shards B&W 2. The Grixis and Jund revamps basically fix any of the flaws the last version had. Bant: Based off of Sigil of the Empty Throne and the Sunburst seen on the Sigils found on many cards. On the other hand, etherium has a lot of curves and fluid shapes. MaRo has said numerous times that there were no icons because the point of Alara Reborn was to mix the shards up. These are a lot closer to the original coalition symbols (see [[Coalition Relic]] and many others) than they do Ravnica or Tarkir symbols. Alara block. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Mechanically, each shard consists of one of the five magic colors and its two allied colors. Jund has a LOT going for it, but could use some cleaning up. Love the thought put into these, and how well they fit together. The block came out in 2008–2009. A diverse community of players devoted to Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game ("TCG") produced by Wizards of the Coast and originally designed by Richard Garfield. I've been playing MTG for years (with a large break of about a decade). Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, cosplay, and more. For instance, take a look at the new [[Gruul Signet]]. And although I prefer the guild's designs to those of three color pairings of Tarkir, I find the lack of Bant shard symbols an incomplete space to be filled. That fire, also the shape of the Jund Obelisk. There was a lot of grood constructive criticism. Most improved definitely goes to Grixis, loving the new version. Regardless, it has bothered me we don't have graphic representation of the individual shards. Symbols for the wedges are even simpler using aspects of the dragon. Everything else looks great, I just wanted to come in and quibble with my fave colors. It looks kind of like a smoke monster that's flexing its biceps to show off its mad gains. I do have plans to make simplified versions. The one I'm digging the least right now is still Jund. Alara Shards Color 1Alara Shards Color 2Alara Shards B&W 1Alara Shards B&W 2, Here are my simplified versions of my previous Alara Shard symbols. (S)He did a pretty good job of nailing the symbolism, IMHO. Shards of Alara; The Tokens of Shards of Alara (ALA)The Magic: the Gathering (MTG) set Shards of Alara (ALA) was released on Oct 3rd, 2008. I moved toward basic sharps of differnet kinds with in each shard to help dilineate each one but keep the shap simple. Thanks! These are very good, and I intend to use them until Wizards comes along and makes official ones that are worse, but official. My guess is that it was more of a technical thing. Awesome job! I think the most improved is Naya, mostly because the previous version felt too similar to the Simic guild symbol. (So no four- or five-color decks, and no making mana outside your chosen color identity. But that's totally just a guess. But with such a critique, one that you had to give, I imagine you'll be working on your own versions. I like the new Naya, but the previous one was my favorite of the whole lot. Miles and miles better than the older versions. Giving all the symbols that slice-of-pie shape makes them a bit too similar to one another, and the shapes themselves seem too abstract (even the hydra one). ... Ok I might get a variant of that Grixis one as a tattoo. Agree 100%. I may work on some of them later. Stylitically it looks corruptted. I like the Esper, Bant, and Naya ones the best. Well done! I like the outside input. I liked the old Naya one, but I really appreciate this one.

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