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It has no sharp boundary, its brightness diminishes rapidly as we recede from the limb, and such structure as it shows consists of long streaks or filaments extending outwards from the limb in broad curved sweeps. c : a windmill sail. The common man, to whom the diet of Augsburg alludes, had, long been raising his voice against the " parsons " (Pfaffen); the men of letters, Brand, Erasmus, Reuchlin, and above all Ulrich von Hutten, contributed, each in their way, to discredit the Roman Curia; and lastly, a new type of theology, represented chiefly by Martin Luther, threatened to sweep away the very foundations of the papal monarchy. More images from the SEA sidescan sonar sweep can be viewed in our Photo Gallery. Bank A1 (rock) features brass, filter sweeps, analog synths and electric guitars with built-in reverb. Oval faces tend to look their best in either a classic bob shape or longer layers that gently sweep off of the face exposing the soft curve of the oval. Often, a quick vacuum or sweep of the floors is all it takes to clean them. Maybe she sent that good looking man to sweep you off your feet and take you out of the picture. They too were once vortices, swallowed up by some other, which at a later day fell a victim to the sweep of our sun. It now takes a tortuous westerly course, and the scenery on its banks becomes more romantic. And we will sweep away the cumbersome bureaucracy of traditional Job Centers. Always start at the outer corner of the eyelid and sweep color inward rather than outward to prevent an unrealistic and telltale shadow line. shelveieha Bay has a wonderful sweep of clean, gently shelving sand which benefits from the shelter of a sunny headland. The new manager made a clean sweep of the departmen synth riff with aircraft noises and wicked filter sweeps. It was intended as a defence against the great tide of deistical speculation (see Deism), which in the apprehension of many good men seemed likely to sweep away the restraints of religion and make way for a general reign of licence. The mountains at the head of Glen Clova and Glen Isla, for instance, sweep upwards into a broad moor some 3000 ft. Their sides are seamed with torrents which tear down the solid rock and sweep its detritus into the glens and sea lochs. The New York Yankees swept the 2000 World Series of baseball 4 games to 1. The south-east winds which sweep over Table Mountain frequently cause the phenomenon known as "The Table-cloth.". In an even stroke, sweep the brush across your eyelid along the base of your eyelashes. Sweep or vacuum your laminate flooring on a regular basis. Sweep Blushbaby, a sheer beige pink blush along cheekbones and apply Plushglass in Pretty Plush, a soft pink with white pearl for a lip that has just enough color and shine and won't compete with your smoky eyes. 264792 Sweep my room. He was like those guys in the musicals—loveable rogues who roll into town and catch the eye of the local star-struck gal and sweep them off their feet. From Garmat Ali, where the Tigris and Euphrates at present unite,' under the title of Shattel-Arab, the river sweeps on to Basra, Ex p o yds. She can gently sweep it over any shinny areas. A 25 foot cord gives enough room to sweep most decent sized rooms of the home without having to find a new plug. All Rights Reserved. A long, heavy oar used to row a barge or other vessel. In small stoves for warming and for cooking, petroleum presents some advantages over other fuels, in that there is no chimney to sweep, and if well managed no unpleasant fumes, and the stoves are easily portable. , sail, dash, charge, rush, streak, speed, fly, zoom, swoop, whizz, hurtle. , Maria used her hand to sweep the scraps of paper off of her desk. Sidney Young has suggested conducting the operation in a current of carbon dioxide which sweeps out the vapours as they are evolved, and also heating in a vapour bath, e.g. 6. 4 Keep hair neat and tidy under a bun cover dusted with rhinestones, or sweep it back with a colorful headband. - Were it not for the high altitudes of western Colombia, high temperatures would prevail over the whole country, except where modified by the north-east trade winds and the cold ocean current which sweeps up the western coast. Because pocket doors disappear into their adjoining walls, you don't have to worry about accommodating the sweep of a standard door. Since eyes are the focus it's best to keep blush neutral with a sweep of Blushbaby, a beige pink hue that won't compete with smoky eyes. Let this light sweep out the pyramid, transmuting any negative energies into positive ones. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Sweep on a protective topcoat daily to increase your nail polish's staying power. Its white stone houses form a long curve between the uplands of Salisbury Plain,which sweep away towards the north and east, and the tract of park and meadow land lying south and west. , overwhelm, flood, flow across, surge over. This chain divides off the high-level sources of the Oxus on the west from the streams which sweep downwards into the Turkestan depression of Kashgar on the east. Although making the sweep takes some practice, overall the cat eye style is easy to master. 7North American An instance of winning every event, award, or place in a contest. Sweep the floor clean to get rid of the little pieces of debris and leftover vinyl. Sweep the room out well. sweep definition: 1. to clean something, especially a floor by using a brush to collect the dirt into one place from…. GH airs most weekdays of the year with sweeps periods playing a key role in storyline development. Sweep your hair up in a goddess style and don some gold bracelets. The temperature ranges from 66° to 89°, but the heat is tempered by the cool sea-breezes which sweep unobstructed across its plains. An essential style and air of sophistication sweeps in, wearing this time clock. A northerly sweeps the frozen plain lifting the silent snow in white swirls. Their revolt was followed by that of the Hottentots at other missionary stations; and part of the Hottentots of the Cape Mounted Rifles followed their example, including the very men who had escorted the governor from Fort Cox. It drains, with its tributaries, an area estimated at over 400,000 sq. To add some playful drama, you may use a liquid eyeliner and sweep a cat eye line on the upper lashes. papabear 1 2548069 Tom swept the floor. Her bronze curls were captured in a ponytail, her face flushed from his bite and her gray eyes glittering with anger that made him want to sweep her up and kiss her until the dazed look returned.

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