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secret dovetail joint

This is deemed to be one of the most basic options when it comes to making dovetail joints but it is also one of the most commonly used. The image at the top of this page shows a 'through dovetail' (also known as 'plain dovetail') joint, where the end grain of both boards is visible when the joint is assembled. Instead of having to pare (or peen) many parts to perfection, there are only three show surfaces on the secret dovetail: the top and bottom edges and the miter itself. Through Dovetail More than any other joint, the through dovetail joint leaves nothing unsaid. Everyone who has done hand cut dovetails has done the through dovetail and most have done the half-blind. Noted for their resilience to pull apart, these finger-like joints between two pieces of wood enable a tight, strong, and long lasting fit. Dovetail joints are a sign of a true craftsman. Through dovetails are remarkably Secret dovetails seem like a lot of work but they are a classic joinery method that creates a strong joint for a case corner with the appearance of a miter. Here are a few things you should know about dovetails. There are many different varieties of dovetails: through, half-blind, full-blind (AKA double lap), and the secret miter dovetail. When used in drawer construction, a through (or blind, Experts believe dovetails predate written history. The interfaces between the long grains and end grains demonstrate the hand skill of the maker, and the layout demonstrates the design skill. The full-blind dovetail hides the pins and tails and is not used a great deal, probably because it shows some end grain in the completed joint The secret miter dovetail, the subject … However, I find it a little easier to do than a good through-dovetail. There are two parts to a dovetail joint, pins and tails. Traditionally, the dovetails would have often been covered by a veneer. 1. The dovetail joint is one of the most fascinating and revered of all the joineries. 2. It does seem kind of a shame to hide a dovetail joint but of course some furniture styles really call for a less showy joint. Explorers have found this joint in Egyptian tombs dating back to the First Dynasty as well as tombs of ancient Chinese emperors. It’s an Ancient Method. However, dovetails have become a signature of craftsmanship and are generally considered a feature, so they are rarely concealed in contemporary work. You can find these … It Isn’t Exclusive to Woodworking. Through dovetails are common in carcass and box construction. The secret dovetail, also called a mitered or full-blind dovetail, appears to be one of the most difficult joints to cut successfully. Dovetail joints require zero mechanical fasteners, making them more attractive to the traditionalist.

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