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Step 2: Unpack the .rar files into the game's documents files. The order of the mods is from Z to A. If you need extra help SCS Forums or Steam Community can help you. The contents of this guide are permissively licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license, meaning you’re encouraged to repost the contents of this guide without seeking permission. 5 - You are done but remember to rename it either daily or weekly so that info is not lost. The SCS Extractor can be downloaded here. The last 2 PDFs are from a few years ago and some editor features have changed, but they are still worth reading! The release date of each truck or car mod does not matter as long as it is compatible with the vanilla game and other mods that you may have installed into the vanilla game. Anything that begins with letters Z to N will load first and mods that begins with letters M to A will load last. it seems like a cool mod, but i don't really understand it. see below. 2 - Put the ETS2 documents folder under the favorites bar on the left hand column of the documents page. Documentation; Download; SCS Workshop Uploader. Most Downloaded Mods, ETS 2 9 Oct, 2020. ZModeler, Blender, and ETS2 Studio are some of the many mod making software out there. Without it, the game may crash. 4 - Rename it like: "mods_mar_6th.rar" for example. You do not need to put quotes around the .rar file. A number of tutorial resources have been written for the SCS game engine map editor, but it’s been difficult to build upon these efforts due to their lack of license, or restrictive license. It is the ultimate source for all official SCS modding tools, their documentation and tutorials. If you are a n00b then your early questions/problems will probably be on this list. SCS Extractor or Game Archive Extractor is a software developed by SCS Software, with that you can unpack the game archive (.scs-Files) to develop game mods. 5 - .exe files. Steps to Load New 1.19 Mods to Mod folder: 4 - Activate the mod by clicking on the mod twice. 2: A documents folder containing Euro Truck Simulator 2 base game files [modding, map, music, etc]. Documentation; Download; SCS Blender Tools. P.S. Truck skinning is not covered. All Mods, ETS 2 Modding pages and documentation were moved to a dedicated modding wiki accessible through 1 - .scs files. questions from the SCS and ProMods forum. Empowers the mod community with tools targeting to match the power of our internal asset creation pipeline. In a hurry? Some very basic non-map modding is also discussed, since map modders may also want to introduce custom models. Outside contributions will be paramount to making this guide comprehensive. (hint hint) (hint hint) Attribution is a requirement of the license wherever you redistribute or modify the guide, a link back to this repo AND the original github repo will suffice.

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