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rogers pass accident

“It happened at the last tunnel going eastbound towards Golden,” John Lilley told Global News. In 2003, Rogers Pass became the site for one of the deadliest avalanche accidents in recent history when a group of school students were buried during a dangerous avalanche cycle. Thanks @chnetka for the shot! Rogers Pass. Fatal collision shuts down Trans-Canada Highway at Rogers Pass. [3], The winter of 1909–1910 provided conditions particularly conducive to avalanches; many slides being experienced during January and February. Well known for its rugged, steep and … Be sure to check out the Climbing Grief Fund here if you need support. RCMP are investigating a crash at the Rogers Pass Tuesday. We were held up for 4+ hours on the Summit of Rogers Pass after an accident just east of the 5 snow sheds on the first corner to the left. (elevation: 1330 metres) Add to My HighwayCams Add to My HighwayCams. Seriously, it will change your life. Super easy route finding, solid, fun climbing and not too bad rapping except for the first rappel. I had a couple of vehicles pass me on double solid lines and on a corner,” Lilley said of Tuesday’s drive. A costly system of 31 'snow sheds' was constructed to protect the most vulnerable sections of line, covering 6.5 km (4.0 mi) in all. David Xiao was climbing with a partner, reportedly unroped, somewhere on Mount Sir Donald in Rogers Pass when he fell to his death. [4] Around 400 metres of track were buried. Seventeen were buried, seven of which were fatal. Quartz Creek Hwy 1, 40 km west of Golden, near the Quartz Creek bridge, looking east. “It’s scary the way people drive. “Also, I see a lot of other people texting while they’re driving too, even in the mountains.”. Highway patrol started stopping traffic here because emergency vehicles could not get access to the highway. Kelowna therapist ordered to stop using title of ‘doctor’ after discovery of fraudulent degree, Police searching for woman missing in the Okanagan, ‘Surging COVID-19 activity’: IH concerned about new clusters of cases in the region, Police rescue person having emergency on Okanagan rooftop, Majority of Canadians would support 10 pm–5 am COVID-19 curfew if pandemic severe: poll, New daily high for Interior Health as 27 COVID-19 cases reported over the last 24 hours. David Xiao was climbing with a partner, reportedly unroped, somewhere on Mount Sir Donald in Rogers Pass when he fell to his death. Rogers Pass is a high mountain pass through the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, but the term also includes the approaches used by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and the Trans-Canada Highway. Located near the state line of the British Columbia and Alberta, Rogers Pass connects the towns of Golden,  and Revelstoke. In 1910 sixty-two people were killed at Rogers Pass while working to clear the Canadian Pacific Railway’s main line of the snow that had been swept across it in the course of a number of earlier avalanches. Although completed in November 1885 it was soon abandoned as throughout that winter, up to 12 metres of snow buried the line and avalanches tore away newly-laid sections of track. The only survivor was Billy Lachance the locomotive fireman who had been knocked over by the wind accompanying the fall but otherwise remained unscathed. The Trans-Canada Highway remains closed following the incident and isn’t expected to reopen until at least 6 p.m. NowMedia will update the original story regarding the road closure once the highway opens up. The region is renowned for it’s perfectly piled powder snow and diverse terrain. We were held up for 4+ hours on the Summit of Rogers Pass after an accident just east of the 5 snow sheds on the first corner to the left. His loss is being felt by his many friends and climb/ski partners around the world. The Trans-Canada Highway is currently closed in both directions east of Revelstoke due to a fatal collision. The driver of the F150 died on scene, while his passenger was transported to Golden Hospital by BC Ambulance Service. Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday. Some advice, start hiking at 4:30 am on a weekend to be the first few parties up and it's a long day so make sure you know your multipitch and rappel system really well and don't, you know, sun tan for a hour on the summit at 4 pm… Got back to the car past midnight #ospreypacks #thegooddaysaremade #goodtimesoutside #alpineclubofcanada #rockclimbing #multipitchclimbing #climbingmountains #abparks #Albertarockies #explorebanff #mountaincultureelevated #rockclimber #shadyrays #Climbing #banffnationalpark #banff_lakelouise #abparks @beal.official, A post shared by David |Trailing Adventures️| (@trailingadventures) on Aug 15, 2019 at 3:33pm PDT. [6], The disaster was not the first to befall the pass; in all over 200 people had been killed by avalanches there since the line was opened 26 years previously. Get educated. Professional freeride skier and backcountry lover from Melbourne, Australia. The closure was the second on the route through the B.C. [2][3], When news of the disaster reached nearby Revelstoke a relief train consisting of 200 railmen, physicians and nurses was sent to the scene. Xiao replied: “To my 14-year-old self. Just don’t think about the little critters that lives in that area; they don’t exist if you don’t believe in them.”. Sir Donald has a classic Northwest Ridge alpine trad route that is graded 5.4, and it has a deadly reputation. The Canadian Pacific Railway's line through Rogers Pass completed its transcontinental railroad through to Canada's west coast, and at the time was the only such link. There were a lot of tourists heading to Salmon Arm area for a Festival that weekend, along with the always regular heavy TCH summer traffic. Lilley, who transports goods along the TransCanada for a living, said the road is becoming more dangerous. In the center of Glacier National Park, lies Rogers Pass, a high mountain highway that is becoming one of the most celebrated backcountry skiing zones in Canada.

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