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renaissance humanism characteristics

Though humanists continued to use their scholarship in the service of the church into the middle of the sixteenth century and beyond, the sharply confrontational religious atmosphere following the Reformation resulted in the Counter-Reformation that sought to silence challenges to Catholic theology,[22] with similar efforts among the Protestant denominations. October 10, 2019, 2:05 am, by The recovery of myths and legends, as well as the imaginary of Greco-Roman antiquity, also plays a role in the opening of man to ancient knowledge and the exploration of his historical sources, thus constituting, knowledge and Fine Arts as values ? Its literary character. This period of revival marked the transition from the medieval to the modern world. In 1417, for example, Poggio Bracciolini discovered the manuscript of Lucretius, De rerum natura, which had been lost for centuries and which contained an explanation of Epicurean doctrine, though at the time this was not commented on much by Renaissance scholars, who confined themselves to remarks about Lucretius's grammar and syntax. Some of the great discoveries in science, developments in the arts, architecture, and humanism took place during this period of history. There was a Renaissance feeling. Humanists were teachers and scholars who believed that human beings could be positively influenced by education. In 1453, Constantinople fell to Turkish forces, causing many Greek thinkers to flee to Italy where their presence served to encourage the further development of humanistic thinking. Indeed, humanism's focus on civic virtue and civic engagement represents, in and of itself, a direct link to those older classical ideals: ideals that are most famously embodied... (The entire section contains 4 answers and 969 words.). Italians of the time felt themselves to be the direct descendants of the ancient ​Romans, and thus believed that they were the inheritors of Roman culture — an inheritance which they were determined to study and understand. Renaissance humanism was a revival in the study of classical antiquity. There are so many great artist and so many great pieces of art, The Renaissance was a period of the great revival of art, literature, and education from the 14th century to the 17th century. Th e experiences of life constantly evoke in him classic parallels, reminiscences, associations. The rise of powerful monarchs in France, Spain, and England broke down the local organization. ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved,,,, What is the historical and cultural significance of Leonardo da Vinci's drawing. One of the determining factors in the downfall of feudalism was the Hundred Years War. Their vision was to return ad fontes ("to the sources") to the simplicity of the New Testament, bypassing the complexities of medieval theology.

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