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registered black angus cattle for sale near me

Send Photos & Videos; Enhance the Visibility of your Listing This year, approximately 1,000 head of homegrown heifers calved at both the Guthrie and Dixon Greek locations. Mother was a F1 black baldy and the father was a low birth weight registered angus... $900.00 . and structurally sound herd that resides in our pastures today. Utilizing top-notch genetics, we focus on producing calves with outstanding growth, carcass, calving ease, and disposition traits that will grow into herd-influencing cattle. Wann Ranch is not only family owned, but is also run with Christian values being held first and foremost. Since then, we have gradually grown to 234 head at last count on our Angus website, and that is not counting baby calves and Granny's(Moms) commercial cows. There are no second chances. The “L” brand, designate outside cattle purchased. No frills and with genetics to burn helped achieve the performance and fertility unmatched to this point!”, “For nearly 20 years, I have been privileged to work with the 6666s and their Angus bull needs. However, one of the best kept secrets in the west is the 6666 cowherd. We always keep in mind that he is in control. The Four Sixes Ranch is leading the way by holding fast to tried and true traditions while embracing modern innovation and advancements. Red Steagall interviews the General Manager of 6666 Ranches, Joe Leathers. 221 Office Visionary leadership from generations of ranch owners and managers is never satisfied with the status quo but always looking to the future. Over the years, procedures for processing and handling cattle have improved greatly. Using modern breeding techniques such as flushing and artificial insemination, we've been able to create the economically and structurally sound herd that resides in our pastures today. P.O. When the cattle are vaccinated against brucellosis, an eID and hang down tag are placed to allow for accurate and specific record keeping. For many years, we worked closely with Bill Rishel to improve our herd's genetics. He also is a volunteer firefighter for the Guthrie Volunteer Fire Department. The quality and attention to detail on an operation of this size and scope are awe-inspiring. Those same criteria happen all the way through to adulthood in a cow. Like it should be.”, Contact: Glenn Blodgett, DVM Weather plays a major role in when and how the cattle are processed too. Additionally, cattle are handled slowly and quietly. Payment Authorization Form Cattle were pregnancy tested by rectal palpation, that transcended into a more cumbersome ultrasound technology and now it is performed with a more compact ultrasound transducer wand without palpation. Animal Welfare considerations are taken seriously in the production, care and handling of all livestock at the Four Sixes Ranch. CATTLE for SALE Bulls for sale: ... 1 registered black Angus bull for sale. Filter By Category Hide. Our first Registered Angus cows came on this Ranch in the fall of 1989. (806) 596-4550 Fax, Contact: Joe Leathers Not only do Four Sixes cattle do well on the range, but they also perform with excellence in the feedyard, with genetics that carry them from ranch to rail, all the way to the consumer. We always keep in mind that he is in control. (806) 596-4424 Office Reared as the son of a small rancher and cotton farmer, Joe spent his summers and free time after school in the fields of home developing a strong work ethic that remains with him to this day. In an effort to keep stress on the animals to a minimum, pens are situated in pastures to allow a natural flow and funneling effect to gathering cattle. “We not only want a cow that is conformationally and genetically good but one that can get out and make a living,” said Joe Leathers, Four Sixes manager. Once the calves are weaned, they are shipped to Frisco Creek to background and then will be sent to run on wheat pasture or to the feed lot. Because of the ranch’s attention to herd health there is less need for doctoring and the use of antibiotics. Shipments to Canada. Each cow is expected to have a calf at her side in the spring and be in good flesh in the fall to stay in the herd. Located in the endless mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, Autumn Oaks Farm strives to produce superior registered black Angus. For cattle handling practices and low-stress stockmanship, the ranch relies on talented cowboys working from horseback. All rights reserved. Whether it be visual appraisal or data analysis, the 6666s has always opted for the best they could find. Those marked individuals are disqualified from the All-Natural Program but are still qualified for the premium NHTC Program.

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