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razer raion fightpad review

Full circle is another story though. (Análise) Razer Raion: Um fightpad pensado para 2020. The back of the Raion holds one more switch that sets the controller to work with a PC or PlayStation 4. The controller certainly feels sturdy, despite being very light due to the lack of a battery and vibration motors. ), tudo ficou bem, sem qualquer arranhão ou quebra. Excellent feel. Afinal de contas, a NVIDIA lançou uma gama de placas... (Análise) Razer Raion: Um fightpad pensado para 2020! Razer Raion Fightpad Gaming Controller Review. I myself i'm pretty new (yes super bronze trash). Retaining it, the grips glide into the again of the gamepad, very similar to an Xbox One controller. While the R1 and R2 buttons sit on the front, they are also available in the standard dual trigger positions on the top edge of the controller, along with L1 and L2. Como dissemos em cima, neste Raion podemos encontrar switches mecânicos para o D-Pad e restantes botões da face de cima. The clicky really feel of the D-pad provides you with great comments, which I discovered allowed me to stay higher observe of every motion my persona made. The Raion is slightly better for charge characters than the FC due to the more precise pad and the click feedback for charge directions. A série de jogos Need For Speed é sem dúvida nenhuma uma das mais conhecidas da EA. Honor X10 Pro 5G: será este o novo smartphone misterioso? After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Ultimately, the feel of the shoulder buttons, face button speed, pad speed, and form factor are better on the Raion, but I personally prefer the solid pad and face button feel of the FC. Why did they make a selection to transport L1 and L2 as an alternative of simply placing L3 and R3 at the proper? Mechanical switches for the face buttons. Mantenha-se informado com os nossos artigos, reviews e especiais. I was not paid by any company for this, but the Raion was on sale at Amazon for $80 (still pricey), and I picked one up so I figured I'd give my impressions. Battle sticks may also be truly a laugh, however they aren’t for everybody. I still had to use claw grip with the Raion to cancel Flicker from Ed's d+MK. It makes the PS button glance definitely tiny surrounded via empty area. Sabia? I dont play claw or anything like that just normally holding the controller and i don't use triggers at all except (menat that requires some L & H combinations of EX). It’s additionally value noting that, as it doesn’t have analog sticks, it’s not a substitute or improve in your same old controller. You could have all of the identical problem as a battle stick, however a decrease doable ceiling. It’s a minor nuisance however hammers house the truth that this can be a piece of distinctiveness apparatus that’s best intended for use with sure video games. I will’t overstate how a lot more uncomplicated it’s to make use of the total vary of your controls while you play this fashion. It isn’t going to get in the best way for any aggressive video games, despite the fact that, because the analog buttons have a tendency to simply come into play for extra advanced modes. The FC requires a heavier motion and earlier button presses. Além de tudo isto, temos ainda uma entrada 3.5mm bem como 2 switches estranhos (um em cada lado), cada um com a sua função especial. And right now its the only fight pad that has a audio input. I was interested in the 6 button layout on the face and the fact that it’s mechanical, as opposed to membrane. I definitely recommend it to anyone willing to spend the money. Pad Feel - I grew up with the SNES and Japanese Saturn pads, so I don't like clicky pads and the Raion's is very clicky, however, the Raion pad form factor is very similar to the Saturn's and it feels more delicate and responsive than the FC's pad. Switches que segundo a Razer irão ser capazes de aguentar pelo menos 80 mil cliques. If you want it go for it, but for a cheaper option I would go for Hori Fighting Commander fightpad. Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2020. By pressing the volume and mic mute button at the same time, it will disable the Options, Share, and the PlayStation buttons. Em suma, o Razer Raion é um comando confortável, robusto, com um design pensado apenas e só para os fãs dos jogos de luta. Charge characters feel slightly slightly better with the Raion, but the FC feels fine too. For such a pricey wired gamepad, one of the most important aspects of the Raion is its long-term reliability. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Cable is hardwired and wrapped in rubber. In my 3 hour with the controller i can say that it feels so much more comfier than ps4 pad (im not sure if its the way i am playing but the DS4 pad after some time just hurts my thumb tip when i do DPs or any kind of motion and always went back to stick because of that pain. There’s a problem to having arcade-style buttons on a controller, it’s really easy to mispress buttons as you achieve your thumb around the pad or roll it throughout a button. Both pads are placed well though. Clique aqui. It’s as excellent as you’ll be able to get on a D-Pad, making an allowance for simple Boulevard Fighter-style quarter- and half-circle motions. For example: Half circle is input without “down” actually registering. Unfortunately, we have no way of testing this over a short period of time. For characters like Ryu or games that only have fireball and dragon punch inputs, go wild! Its light muchthan a normal pad. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. It feels slightly odd that the direction pad clicks loudly while the face buttons are nearly silent, but both sets of components feel light and responsive. Very satisfied with what i got and honestly it's the best controller i ever had (outside of sticks). PCMag is obsessed with culture and tech, offering smart, spirited coverage of the products and innovations that shape our connected lives and the digital trends that keep us talking. The four face buttons are joined with two additional, identically built R1 and R2 face buttons, giving the controller a layout closer to a Sega Genesis gamepad than a PlayStation one. Pad Performance - Excellent for both, although the Raion is more precise than the FC. The switch on the left sets the direction pad to function as the DualShock 4's direction pad, left analog stick, or right analog stick for inputs. Its form is wider, boxier, and nearly flat. This is very useful if … To me it's been the perfect pad and I use it for every fighting game. The Raion isn't for everyone, but if you know what red parries or Roman cancels are, it could be the ideal gamepad for you. Leak revela o Moto G 5G Plus horas antes do lançamento! -----------------------------------------------. Press in combination, additionally they permit match mode, which turns off the menu or system-level buttons. RTX para toda a gente? Which Controllers Work With Stadia, PS Now, xCloud, and Nvidia GeForce Now? These specialized gamepads remove the analog sticks (which fighting games seldom use) and add face buttons to provide the inputs of an arcade stick you can hold in your hand. (Os botões R1 e R2 continuam a marcar presença na forma de triggers, como em qualquer comando DualShock). Underneath that, there are a couple of buttons – one mutes your mic, the opposite is one-button quantity keep watch over. Mash input characrers feel better with the Raion, but you should really switch to stick as a Honda or Ed main (or even Hitbox for Honda). March 4, 2020 Both the pad and the face buttons use mechanical switches, which are generally sturdier than the membrane and other switches used in most other gamepads. That way you can press them easier. Form Factor - The Raion is more comfortable to hold than the FC thanks to the extended grips. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. By pressing the volume and mic mute button at the same time, it will disable the Options, Share, and the PlayStation buttons. The bottom edge of the gamepad holds a 3.5mm headset jack with two small switches around it. For their respective pricepoints ($30-$40 FC, $80-$90 Raion), both are excellent pads, but I still slightly favor the Fighting Commander. I play Tekken and this is perfect. D'Pad is Massively Flawed - Why Did They Do This? Revelados preços de todas as novidades Apple em Portugal! Macbook Pro com chip M1: o novo rei da autonomia! This is very useful if you plan on using this for competitions. Responsive Large, easy-to-use direction pad Quick-release connector Comes with three faceplates Assim, como em qualquer comando para a PlayStation 4, no meio encontramos o famoso Touchpad que tanto prometeu no lançamento da consola, mas que infelizmente acabou por desiludir, bem como os botões Share e Options. Razer Raion Fightpad Review. Infelizmente, não nasci para jogar jogos de luta. The middle column nonetheless has the central PS4 elements. There’s a touchpad, which appears small, however is in fact about the similar dimension as the unique. On the other end is the Razer Raion, a $99.99 gamepad that justifies its much higher price with mechanical switches under its face buttons, an excellent-feeling direction pad, and a PlayStation 4-friendly touchpad for the few games and apps that use it. He gives an incredibly in depth review and uncovers what could potentially be a massive issue depending on what game or character you play. Mash Input Characters: Due to the faster buttons, the Raion seems slightly more prone to getting an accidental PP input when running your thumb across all three buttons in a row. It takes numerous the mechanical elements that folks like from arcade sticks – the six-button structure, quick-hitting buttons, eight-way directional motion – and transposes them to a controller shape issue. Entretanto, logo ao lado dos botões PlayStation, temos ainda dois botões extra R1 e R2, o que curiosamente nos faz lembrar o comando da Sega Genesis. Uns com mais qualidade, outros com menos. It's pricey, but its excellent, clicky direction pad and mechanical face buttons help justify the premium.

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