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propain tyee 2020

While this isn’t short by any means, tall riders looking for a stretched-out reach may not be satisfied. MOTO Shifter: SRAM X01 Eagle; 12s FEATURES BIKE REVIEWS In the inception, Propain was a solely Downhill oriented brand, but six years ago they diversified their portfolio into the Enduro market with the addition of the Tyee, which has seen a few iterations including a very recent update to bring it up to 2020 standards, and is the bike they kindly supplied to test. (Note: we don’t have details about which gearing these figures relate to). Small accents give the frame its elegant and clean look. It fits in with modern standards but isn’t pushing the boundary when it comes to radical design concepts. Propain bikes can be purchased directly from their website in Europe and North America. Then don’t miss out on the chance to get this fabulous espresso machine at a fraction of the price! It was designed to make the most out of the unique characteristics of the different wheels. Propain supplied this Tyee for an extended test period, during which time the world was facing the wrath of the covid-19 pandemic. Combined with the steep seat tube angle it really sets a new standard for climbing efficiency of enduro bikes. All bikes are built to order at Propain HQ in Vogt, Germany and standard delivery times are around 25 days. Subscribe today and get the next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5! When buying a Propain, the choice is completely yours. Wheelset: Newman Evolution SL A 30, 30mm, 110/148 Reach figures are modern but not extreme; at 451mm, 471mm and 491mm; for medium, large and extra-large respectively; but accompanied by the big 630mm, 639mm and 648mm stack figures the riding position is quite roomy when out of the saddle. This is something that those who ride in the mud and jet wash their bikes often will appreciate, and will hopefully mean that precious bearings should survive a little longer too. When it comes to angles, Propain was smart to say the head angles and effective seat tube angles sit between a range, depending on what you spec on your build. It’s a similar situation with the aluminium frames. They strive to keep this close connection to their customers, with a credo to “build the best bikes for themselves and their friends”, which they understand to be the reason people love Propain. This design features across all of Propain’s bikes and has 12 years of development behind it; using everything it’s learned from the previous Tyee, the design of its Hugene trail bike and extensive input from the downhill team. For this season they welcomed established rider George Brannigan on board, which can only be a good thing for any company! We are taking this to a new level by equipping the carbon frames with internal cable channels in which the cables run. In a bid to accommodate riders who enjoy smaller wheels, two versions of the Tyee frame are available: a 27.5in and a 29er. The Bikeyoke dropper was dependable, with a quick rise and smooth drop every time. The new configurator makes it even easier to build your dream bike. Love coffee and saving money? – That was our visionfor the new Tyee. Propain only blends the best of the best into their bike frames; prepreg material that is also used for airplane fuselages, wings and many other applications you trust in, probably with not even knowing about it. With his mission to develop the best frame concept, Robert Krauss laid the foundation for Propain 12 years ago and the PRO10 suspension system is the quintessence. Get the Cooks Professional Espresso Maker for just £39.99. Overall, the components package on the Tyee CF tested worked a treat, as you would expect from its fairly high price tag (for a direct-sales brand). The new Tyee features the latest evolution of the Pro10 system with the shock integrated in the front triangle. Propain’s Blend Carbon and Blend Alloy are not fancy marketing terms, it describes Propain’s unique manufacturing process and is the reason for the light and durable frames we are known for. At the heart of the Tyee is Propain’s Pro10 suspension system. Our recommended settings are that these cookies are all active but if you aren't happy with this you can only allow the usage of necessary cookies by clicking "Only allow necessary cookies". The long-awaited upgrade to our Tyee is here, 29” wheels! The kinematics still provided adequate pedaling support and progression to work harmoniously with the coil unit, with the only drawback being a reduction in the playfulness and pop of the bike. They’ve managed to package their dual counter-rotating link; full floating shock, linkage design in such a compact way that there’s room for a large water bottle in the front triangle, whilst still offering clearance for large air and coil shocks. Cranks: SRAM X01 Eagle, Boost, DUB, 32T, 170mm Cassette: SRAM XG 1295; 10-50T The replaceable Propain-designed ISCG chainguide mounts are designed to protect the carbon frame and will break, similar to a mech hanger, to protect the more valuable carbon from hard impacts. Words by Robert Johnston | Photography by Adam Lievesley. The first batch of Tyee bikes should be available to order online now and currently have a delivery time of approximately 35 days, but it’s best to check directly with Propain. GEAR REVIEWS Looking at things from a new perspective, being courageous and breaking new grounds, improve and develop yourself, start a new chapter. Bikes should be available in the US at the end of the first quarter. Propain is claiming the frame weight for the aluminium Tyee is 3.7kg and 2.7kg for the carbon, both in size medium. We achieved exactly that by combining a slack head angle of 65°, a very steep seat angle of 77.5°, a reach that gives room for movement, and a centrally located floating shock to concentrate the weight around a super low bottom bracket. Removing and fitting the shock also requires a great deal of patience and dexterity. The Tyee had a couple of relatively minor niggles that are worth noting. So it has moved the shock inside the front triangle to achieve a more suitable chainstay length and seat tube angle. While it has three pre-set models with defined specs, you can also use its online configurator to custom build your ideal bike, depending on your budget – check out the Propain Tyee CF 29 pre-spec chart with prices here . The result is a bike that matches the definition of an Enduro bike by 100%: a versatile and balanced mountain bike that sets new standards on the climbs and descents alike. THE DIRT Propain offers the 160mm travel Tyee in Aluminum and Carbon Fiber varieties, in both 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes; with the 27.5” spanning sizes S-L, and 29” M-XL. They’re great bikes. The “Blend” Carbon construction that Propain use on the Tyee CF contains a blend (hence the name) of different types of pre-preg fabrics (carbon layers that are pre-impregnated with the resin matrix prior to laying up and curing the frame), to obtain the desired properties in each area of the frame. We believe that a great carbon bike is not made from a single kind of carbon material but from a blend of high-end carbon materials. With the coil shock on the back, it produces a formidable machine that’ll take on all but the gnarliest of downhill trails; but provides a pleasant platform to spin back up on. The new Tyee has an elegant, clean but also aggressive look. It also has a slightly shorter chain stay (430mm) than the 29″ option. The new Tyee provides pedalling efficiency with lots of pressure on the front wheel on the uphill and an optimum weight distribution on the downhill. Currently we only have pre-configured bikes available for North America. The spread out wheels require careful attention when the trails get tight, as the wide turning radius necessitates high lines on the approach to tight corners, but this won’t matter to many riders.

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