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If you visit Greece, you can find it literally everywhere. So please lay off the Loukoumades! Also, you will spot herds of goats and sheep as you travel throughout Greece. Loukoumades are desserts whose origins also go deep into the antiquity. All rights Reserved Either accompanying the aforementioned Greek yogurt or even on its own as a spoonful of energy, Greek honey is one of the most recognizable Greek products across the world due to its amazing nutritional value and its unmatched taste. It helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system and it helps maintain good skin health. Souvlaki is considered one of the most popular dishes in Greece! The dish is called papoutsakia (little shoes) because its shape resembles little shoes. Live your own mythological adventure in Greece & follow Percy Jackson's footsteps! In general, you will recognize them as sesame candies. Moussaka is a creamy delicious dish made of spiced meat (beef or lamb) cooked in tomato sauce and then layered with fried eggplant and bechamel sauce. Some fruit? Soutzoukakia is another addictive dish based on meatballs. Copyright Many attempts have been made to produce mastic from this plant in other parts of the globe but without result. The cheese is then fried at a high temperature, until it forms a golden crust. Free shipping for orders over $85. This traditional Greek recipe is also called “Greek lasagna”, as its beef sauce has a similar taste to the Italian bolognese sauce. ham, refrigerated biscuit dough, mozzarella cheese, nonstick cooking spray and 1 … Honey is usually another main ingredient. Not too bad, right? What most people don’t know is that in order for the white cheese to be called ‘feta’, it has to be made exclusively from sheep's milk or from a mixture of sheep's and goat’s milk, with the goat milk not exceeding 30%. Get in touch with our travel specialists and design the trip of your dreams! Greek cuisine is among the most renowned European cuisines. Additionally, it contains proteins, B complex vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and it is rich in calcium. Our editorial team is responsible for the research, creation, and publishing of in-house studies, original reports and articles on food trends, industry news and guides. Chef's Pencil is part of the Amazon Associate Program and earns from qualifying purchases. There will be food present, duh, but the kind of things Greeks have as 'snacks' are very different than the conventional snacks! This is one of the ultimate traditional Greek dishes. Sounds great, right? If you find yourself in Greece, don't miss the opportunity to try the unique flavor of the mastic resin. Tender and moist, it offers a big dining experience and is great paired with ouzo. Gemista is a traditional home cooked meal that includes tomatoes stuffed with rice, various herbs, and minced meat (meat can be excluded). Some typical components are cherries and pieces of watermelon, orange, fig, lemon and apricot. Horta is the classic vegetable dish in Greece that consists of lightly-boiled leafy greens, including vleeta, chicory, dandelion, or mustard, seasoned and served with lemon or vinegar and olive oil. After all, the country producing some of the world’s best olives and olive oil can’t afford to be anything less than a great culinary destination. Dolmades are a great vegetarian dish that is popular in every Greek restaurant worldwide. Soutzoukakia are very filling and are perfect on cold winter days. You see vendors in the streets who cook it and slather it in butter ready for you within minutes! Of course, we have to begin with the king of the Greek diet, Olive oil, also known as ‘Greece’s liquid gold’. The process of collecting Krokos Kozanis is particularly laborious and meticulous and it requires its three small stems being collected by hand from each flower separately and while it is still freshly cut. Greek yogurt - credits: Tatiana Vorona/ Oh my goodness me, this is amazing. Buy your own Typical Greek Merchandise here! This traditional Greek dish is slow oven cooked lamb infused with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. A very important thing to keep in mind with this dish is that it is all about the place you buy it from. Dolmadakia is the most delicious in summer when grape leaves are fresh. An all-time favorite for all Greeks is Choriatiki salad, which is a must with almost every single meal. You may find this tasty dish under the name of Kolokithokeftedes in the Greek menu. Sometimes scallions replace onions. Traditionally, this Greek dish is either served with rice, chip potatoes, hilopittes (egg pasta), or orzo/kritharaki pasta. The starter consists of zucchini, fresh mint, feta cheese, and extra virgin olive oil. The Mastic resin has been harvested for at least 2,500 in Greece and it is an integral part of Greek culture, used both in Medicine and the country's culinary tradition. Athiri is a wine with a low percentage of alcohol, best combined with squids. Loukoumades are like doughnut holes, but way oilier and usually coated in honey or sugar syurp with toppings like sesame seeds, powdered sugar or crushed nuts. Yogurt and honey. See? Well most of the snacks mentioned in this article are healthy...? Perfect gifts for your Typical Greek friends and family. Greece has been blessed with a geographical position that offers a mild climate and fertile land. Pasteli are nutritious bars rich with good fats, calcium, proteins and iron. It has anti-aging properties, has a positive effect on the development of the central nervous system and helps digestion. Greek-style rice pudding is a popular dish that is usually enjoyed as a sweet breakfast, a light afternoon snack, or a comforting dessert. If you can’t imagine a meal without meat, versions including ground meat are available, too. You can have fried kalamari (squids) as a starter or a main dish. Hence, Greek cheese is made from milk of animals that spend time outdoors, in a healthy environment. Hence, Greek cuisine consists of elements imported from East and West. Greek Moussaka is a flavorsome main dish combining several components. Keep an open mind and try all the products the Greek land generously offers! However, Koulouri is much more than that. Prepared either grilled or fried, they are juicy and soft either way. These Greek meatballs are served with rice on the side. While some of you may well have tried seafood dishes in different countries, if you haven’t tried Greek seafood yet, you will quickly realize that it is truly exceptional. It's also great with munching on some veggie sticks as well. Grilled Octopus is among the most popular summer dishes in Greece. The recipe consists of beans, crushed tomatoes, carrots, celery, and onion. The Greek red saffron has been cultivated for hundreds of years in Greece, being exported to many countries around the world. The name of the sweet translates as “spoon sweets” since their size matches the spoon. Pastitsio is another traditional Greek dish that consists of baked layers of pasta, juicy minced beef, bechamel and tomato sauce, topped melted cheese. The culinary tradition of Greece is one of its main attributes, one you should take advantage when you visit the country. Fresh vegetables, fish, olive oil, wine, meat, and grains play a significant role in these dishes, as well as cheese, bread, olives, herbs, and yogurt. You will love this appetizer. Here you will find destination guides and travel advice to make your next trip unforgettable. Serve with good crusty bread and a Greek salad, if desired. A day in the life of a Typical Greek... learn and laugh along with all the things that make Greeks, so Greek! The collection of the mastic resin maintains its traditional character to this day. A big thank you to all our visitors who took the time to submit reviews on our tours. They are typically served as appetizers and snacks. You can experiment with different types of herbs and spices and you can use different types of vegetables, such as potatoes or green peppers, instead of tomatoes. Just like seafood, lamb is a specialty in Greece and their lamb dishes are exceptional! Popular Greek food to try while in Greece Moussaka. Olive oil has been proven to protect our cardiovascular system, help prevent strokes and reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of depression, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of diabetes. From supermarket’s to delis, in plastic or clay, with its characteristic “skin" -a top layer of condensed milk fat- or without, full-fat, semi-skimmed or skimmed. Love Greek food and you’ve given me some new ideas. Buy Greek Candy, Snacks and Deserts online at Greek Market. And you can find it at street stalls and in bakeries. It takes approximately 50,000 flowers to get 100 grams of Greek red saffron, which explains its steep price. Top 10 most popular Greek snacks Kreatopita. Lamb meat is also used sometimes, while the vegetarian-friendly version consists of vegetables. Every Greek region uses a different variety of cheese to make this mouthwatering meal. Tiropita, otherwise known as ‘Greek cheese pie’, is popular throughout Greece and is eaten for breakfast or as a mid-day snack. Popular Greek food to try while in Greece. Pasteli are so great that they have remained unchanged since the times of ancient Greece. There are some sure fire ways to really offend a Greek person, and I'm not just talking about general things that everyone gets offended... Even if our mind automatically thinks fish is the number one food to try in Greece because of the sea everywhere, in reality things are a bit different: in fact the typical Greek dishes are a perfect mix of meat, vegetables and cheeses to which is added the fish on the islands. The uniqueness of Ouzo is that even people that avoid alcoholic drinks enjoy “ouzaki.”. However, the most likely reason is the special climate of the island of Chios. All rights reserved.

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