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In August 2015 a $25 million redevelopment of the centre was completed. Coordinates: 34°01′52″S 151°06′00″E / 34.031°S 151.100°E / -34.031; 151.100, This article is about the current federal electorate. Mr Tayley said the plan also promises tougher penalties for repeat offenders, a dedicated police helicopter for the North, more police stations and an extra 500 police officers from Rockhampton to Cape York. The other top responses for country of birth were 5.7% India, 4.4% China , 3.9% England, 3.3% New Zealand, 2.1% Philippines, 1.9% Malaysia, 1.6% Indonesia, 1.6% South Africa, 1.1% Vietnam, 1.1% Singapore, 0.9% Scotland, 0.7% Korea, Republic of , 0.7% Sri Lanka, 0.6% Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia . She has a Bachelor of Education (Social Sciences), a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Education, and a Master of Arts in Professional and Applied Ethics and has had experience working as a high school teacher. Point Cook remained the RAAF's only base until 1925 when RAAF Base Richmond and the nearby RAAF Base Laverton were built. This operation continued until the early 1990s, when the site was purchased by the Victorian Government. Also, due to the design of the copper telephone network in Point Cook, many residents are on RIMs not suitably provisioned for ADSL, restricting their Internet services to dial-up, or wireless technologies such as 3G. [6] The 2016 Census revealed that the actual population in June 2016 was much higher at 49,929.[7]. Mitchell studied at the University of Sydney and then overseas before moving back to Melbourne to raise his family. ", "My main area of focus is how current state government legislations are affecting economic development with our agriculture and livestock industry.". ", Queensland member for Cook Cynthia Lui speaks during Question Time at Parliament House in Brisbane, February 2020. Gellibrand becomes less of an inner-city seat, losing 13,000 voters around West Footscray and Braybrook to Maribyrnong, and 22,300 voters in Ardeer and Sunshine to the new seat of Fraser. 58.2% of people living in Point Cook speak English only. Source: Tanika Parker KAP Candidate Cook (Facebook). The Labor margin falls from 18.2% to an estimated 15.1%. Construction of Williams Landing has commenced in early 2008 and is due to be completed by 2025. A Palmers Road off-ramp opened in March 2008, as an alternate route onto the freeway from Point Cook Road. Willis's last major act as Treasurer was just days before the 1996 election when he released letters that suggested a Howard government would savagely cut grants to the states. The nearest railway station is Williams Landing railway station which was opened on 30 April 2013. The candidate with the higher net consensus score is shown as the winner of the state, regardless of the strength of that 'lead'. “We need to support communities and look at the actual problem and it needs to be case by case, I mean, you can’t just say policing is going to fix all of it, our communities don’t need that.”, North QLD First candidate for Cook, Desmond Tayley (left) on the campaign trail in Port Douglas with nephews George, Elijah, Gregory Jnr and Kelvin. The program, run by local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in various communities, assists people with issues from working cooperatively with magistrates, police, corrective services personnel and staff from other government agencies and community organisations. Cheetham Salt established a series of ponds in the 1920s where sea water was fed into the shallow ponds and allowed to evaporate. It is the home of RAAF Base Point Cook, the birthplace of the Royal Australian Air Force, and is the current home of the RAAF Museum. Other issues that were discussed included Indigenous affairs, agricultural spending, water security, the environment and one of the bog driver's for this year's election in Far North Queensland, youth crime. Unfortunately, the letters were forgeries, completely burying the last week of Labor's campaign. In a debate live-streamed by the Cairns Post, Ms Lui went head-to-head with five of her rivals on the issues and concerns of that are most prevalent in Cook. Allegations surfaced that Towke had engaged in branch-stacking and had embellished his resume;[2] although these allegations were subsequently proven false. Then win each of the three states that Clinton lost by eight-tenths of a point or less: Michigan (0.2 percentage points) Pennsylvania (0.7), and Wisconsin (0.8). to confirm which federal electorate you live in. 50.1% of Point Cook's population were males, 49.9% being females. [citation needed] Many residents are unable to obtain ADSL services (either v1 or v2) due to the limited capacity of the local Point Cook telephone exchange to provide these services. Check out FY 2013 Tax Stats for Point Cook postcode 3030. 24.7% of homes are rented. What went wrong for Labor? In 1853 the pastoralist Thomas Chirnside added the farmlands of Point Cook to his holdings. (Victories by a party of government are indicated by thick coloured underlining. "Right now, I am fighting for the Cook electorate because I think we've got a much bigger risk at hand here, and that is the global pandemic and I don't think we should move away from that," said Ms Lui. The incumbent Labor MP, Iamalaig woman, Cynthia Lui has promised to build stronger communities across Cape York, while acknowledging the coronavirus pandemic is still a serious threat to be dealt with. Point Cook (3030) is a suburb of Melbourne, Geelong, Victoria.It is about 21 kms from VIC's capital city of Melbourne.Point Cook is in the federal electorate of Lalor.. Golfers play at the course of the Sanctuary Lakes Club on Point Cook Road. In 2007, following news of Baird's impending retirement, the seat attracted significant media attention due to the controversial preselection of Liberal candidate Michael Towke. Stage 1 had a grand opening on 21 August 2008, with Stage 2 opening at the end of November 2009. “Healthcare has a very broad umbrella, but the sort of things specifically we're looking at here is to upgrade Mareeba hospital, to upgrade Mosman maternity, to put more dialysis facilities in Cooktown Hospital, to upskill the Cape communities.". [4] Morrison won the seat at the election and is the current sitting member. The other top languages spoken are 5.6% Mandarin, 5.1% Other, 3.4% Language spoken at home not stated, 2.9% Hindi, 2.4% Cantonese, 1.8% Indonesian, 1.5% Vietnamese, 1.4% Italian, 1.3% Arabic. The RAAF base was established in March 1913 and was used as a flying training school until 1992. In 1996, Point Cook was basically a rural community, with the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) Base. This map aggregates the ratings of nine organizations to come up with a consensus forecast for the 2020 presidential election. Use the timeline feature to view the map based on the final update each day. Outside of areas with Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Internet services in Point Cook are considered by most residents to be well below that expected of a developing suburb. As early as 1859 members of the Melbourne Hunt Club and the Geelong & District Hunt Club were invited to hunt at Point Cook. You can: Where a locality has no Federal Electorate, it is a generic region name. Gellibrand was represented from 1972 to 1998 by Ralph Willis, who served as a senior minister throughout the Hawke and Keating governments. "We need to look at the core of the problem and that is the environment in which they live so it's their homes, it's the communities they come from. The main occupations of people living in Point Cook are 26.5% Professionals, 16.6% Clerical & administrative workers, 15.5% Managers, 11.1% Technicians & trades workers, 9.1% Sales workers, 7.4% Community & personal service workers, 5.9% Labourers, 5.3% Machinery operators & drivers, 2.7% Occupation inadequately described/ Not stated. Cook was a navigator in the Royal Navy who is credited as the first European to discover the east coast of Australia in 1770. [2], The population of Point Cook has been growing rapidly since 2001 when the population was 1,737. He works as a business consultant. Point Cook was named after John M. Cooke, mate of His Majesty's vessel Rattlesnake. federal electorate. The higher, western section is being developed privately by various housing estates, such as Sanctuary Lakes that are there today. For most of the first quarter-century of its existence, it was a marginal Liberal seat; it has been in Liberal hands for all but one term. (Map). "I know that there has been a cry and a call for many, many years for greater autonomy in the Torres Strait, and that is a subject that's come up again amongst homeland Torres Strait Islanders. She completed a Bachelor of Social Science in 2012, was employed as Career Pathways Coach for two years at Brentwood Secondary College after completing 250 hours of placement and later opened a life coaching business as a sole proprietor in Williamstown.

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