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once upon a time granny's diner location

("Bleeding Through") Regina is making out with her new boyfriend Robin Hood, and Henry sees. They make up later though, while the town is about to be rocked by Isaac. He enlists Emma's help to find Ashley. He later returns with Lacey on a formal date, but she ditches him to go make out with Keith in a back alley. Spur 4 Bridge, North Vancouver, BC, Canada. The two of them return there later to get information from Cruella. ("Welcome to Storybrooke"), Ten years into the curse, Mary Margaret caries a bouquet of flowers as she walks past the diner and says good morning to Granny, who grumbles about her granddaughter Ruby sleeping off a hangover and how she's doing her share of work as result of that. ("Best Laid Plans"), In the aftermath of killing Cruella to save Henry, Emma learns Mr. Gold set her up. ("The Stranger") Wanting to gain sole custody of Henry, Emma meets Archie at the diner to discuss whether that's possible, but Archie doubts it because of what a bad influence Emma has been on the boy since entering his life. fresh salsa and sour cream After stepping into the store, they notice everyone is unconscious and it must be from Maleficent's sleeping spell. Belle is unsure of her emotions, so Ruby offers her a place to stay and suggests she re-opens the library. Hook tells Emma that if Regina wants to die for them they should let her, but Emma tells him that he can either work with them and be apart of something, or he can work by himself and have it end badly. ("The Price of Gold"), While Mary Margaret is at the diner, Dr. Whale shows up and asks if she quit the volunteer position at the hospital because of him. Emma tries to resolve this by wiping his mind, as well as the minds of everyone else who knows she turned Hook into a Dark One. Hook assures her that he is good at survival, and then the two make-up with a kiss. She asks Leroy if he would help, but he insults her by stating that she is the only person in town that people like less than him. Interrupting Granny during the diner's lunch hour, Regina is in the middle of searching behind the counter when David, Snow, and Hook arrive to help her look. peppers, zucchini, red onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, rosemary potatoes and toast, Hakai Omelet … 12 The brunette reveals her crescent moon necklace is a piece of the shell she hatched from, as well as the only clue about her father, whose identity not even her mother Maleficent knows. At the counter, Henry and David sit and discuss ways to get back Emma and Mary Margaret, who were sucked into a hat portal to another realm. She is proven wrong, however, with the arrival of Ariel the mermaid. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning"), At the diner, Archie and Belle are talking about her fears that Mr. Gold will die while trying to save Henry from Greg and Tamara. He sends a postcard to Emma's ex-boyfriend of many years ago, Neal. ("We Are Both"), Wishing to help bring back Emma and Mary Margaret, Henry calls Regina, who is packing up her office as she has been asked to leave, and invites her to have lunch in ten minutes, at Granny's diner. Before the school dance, Henry meets up with Violet at the diner, where he hears a noise coming from the hallway mirror, which is actually Emma and Regina calling him from the mirror realm. Uneasy about Greg's continued stay in town, Emma and Ruby exchange a glance full of uncertainty. He tries to persuade her to fight it because her feelings for Arthur are not real anymore, but she snatches Excalibur from him, before ordering the guards to take him to the dungeon. A lot of contemplative moments happen along the water as well. ("Broken") Will goes to the diner just as Ashley and Leroy are leaving and ends up being whisked away by the White Rabbit, taking the stolen key with him.

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