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obfuscate in a sentence

I've just highlighted this post on Twitter and in my resource about How to write an Artist's Statement with the suggestion that it's absolutely essential reading anytime an artist feels tempted to "obfuscate"! The facts just got obfuscated by the fast food industry which has the most to lose. Goldman executives including the firm's CEO Lloyd Blankfein were lawyered-up enough to successfully obfuscate through much of the questioning, though by the end of the 10-hour ordeal, they had to acknowledge something that will likely cause Goldman and the rest of. Surprisingly, the efforts of the translator only served to obfuscate … Of course, when you're going up against some of the toughest lobbying groups in Washington -- the insurance industry and their minions -- and the Republican noise machine which, if it has accomplished little else, has certainly learned how to obfuscate, exaggerate, mislead, and, to quote the former governor of Alaska, make stuff up, it's kind of hard to make a case based on facts and logic. The trade groups, including the U. S.-based Renewable Fuels Association, said that ethanol is helping to keep gasoline prices lower at the pump and that "efforts to obfuscate and mislead the public about biofuels will do nothing to alleviate the energy crisis gripping the globe.". obfuscate meaning: 1. to make something less clear and harder to understand, especially intentionally: 2. to make…. Because error handling should not, 14) Macdonald accepted that such information could be used to manipulate, to. In its final argument, the city accused the plaintiffs of raising “odd” and “diversionary” arguments to “obfuscate” the real issues of the case. Goldman helped Greece obfuscate its true financial picture. There's no need to romanticize or obfuscate what's been wrong to find what's invaluable to a republic and, arguably, to democracy's fragile global prospects. He obfuscated the problem we argued. Senator Paul … How to use obfuscate in a sentence. What if we obfuscate the application flow too using the "Control Flow Obfuscation" feature in Dotfuscator? : The adjective, of course, is adminicular, which I intend to use whenever maximum obfuscation is desired. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. "There's no question these rosy crime statistics nationally obfuscate the degree to which many neighborhoods in major cities are experiencing an increase in violent crime," said Jack Levin, professor at the Brudnick Center on Conflict and Violence at Northeastern University in Boston. Not wanting to obfuscate, but put this down to obfuscation. You may have an easier time writing sentences with obfuscate if you know what words are likely to come before or after it, or simply what words are often found in the same sentence. Goldman helped Greece obfuscate its true financial picture. It’s rather overdone, as the loud layers of guitars obfuscate Victoria’s unusual voice. And remember, poetry and the arts serve to enlighten and uplift the people, not obfuscate matters by getting into needless complexities. 7. 31 sentence examples: 1. © 2020 Over the years he has become an expert in spin, At best they were footnotes on the contrary theme, at worst outright, Suitably chastened, may I humbly entreat him to, unambiguously and without, I'm a big fan of Magic In Theory and Practice, as it's basically full of plain speaking rather than the usual Crowley clever-clever, The identification of suspects by name provides a huge area for, The big question is whether we will seize that opportunity or again let the transport debate get mired in political infighting and, The Americans employed Navajo during the last war as an extra level of, Even if, like me, you tend to put the most personal details of your thoughts through a fine mesh of allusion and, In 1979, taking a different tack, Plain English Campaign publicly destroyed government forms as the opening move in a crusade against officialese and, The band's cryptic song titles provide unneeded. As you decide whether to, A malware sample obtained by the company was a .ZIP file containing a PDF document and VBS script which used rudimentary Base64 encoding to.

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