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nissin eggnog cookies

San Biscuit, Inc. changed its name to Monde M.Y. 18. 22. I ordered this afternoon. I didn’t know much on the list but it’s really exciting to know they still exist! © I miss that kind with its edible paper wrapper. Crazy list. It’s a to go drink kids love before – just like me. When I lived in Boracay for five years, our dive shop was located on Lorenzo Resorts Main. Lucky Me! Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for $5.99 . Ohh! Hihi. Interesting! God bless always. Thanks! I haven’t had those in a long time! just wanted to ask do you know a place in metro manila, where i can buy these candies specially the cherry ball gum, i want to give it to my mom for her upcoming birthday since she really likes them alot !! I ate the whole pack and put it all on my mouth. I happen to run into your very nice blog about vintage candies in the Philippines and I was so amazed upon reading your blog. We have our own nostalgic snacks in the US too–like Count Chocula cereal! Mostly are in the 90’s. Several cookies and snack products were also launched, namely Eggnog Cookies, Bread Stix, and Bingo Cookie Sandwich. The hard caramel has more of a buttery taste, while the soft inside has more of a rough cocoa taste to it. was launched in 1989. But I’m sure I would love Choco-nut because I love chocolate peanut candies. haha! Then I think my cousin joked around and made me laugh so hard that I blew all the candies out. How about you? Postcard Pretty Makes me want to buy them again! There are other candy brands back then that I missed, mabibili mo na lang pag imported like “sugus” (a different variation from what is available today) and “tootsirole(?)”. : Calorie breakdown: 21% fat, 73% carbs, 6% protein. I thought I will be getting my order tomorrow but just a few minutes ago, the box was delivered to my doorstep! I love choc-nut! It does not exist now, but during that time, one of my partners was the owner of the resort. Let me share this with you. ♥ Aika | D ko matandaan pangalan. Nissin is a snack brand the never cease to provide consumers with delicious and affordable snacks for every kind of lifestyle. Required fields are marked *. It's your all-time favorite Nissin Butter Coconut half-enrobed in rich chocolate! This melt-in-your-mouth cookies are manufactured by Nissin and is surprisingly still available yet quite hard to find on the market today! and several leading products in the biscuit and snacking categories, including Fita crackers, Eggnog Cookies and SkyFlakes crackers. Nissin Eggnog Cookies Add to Wishlist. They still go the same taste though! Naku, naglalaway na nga ako tuloy. Nissin. I still have some Choc-Nut every now and then, but it’s sad I can’t see Stay Fresh candies anymore. Haha! Another notable change from this item is the addition of  pictures of various animals on the sticks with quotes relating to that animal. or Cancel. I miss those white rabbit candies! I remembered Choc-Nut and Stay Fresh. Thanks Karla… unfortunately, I can no longer find that Vics candy.. yeah I still remember that.

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