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neal and emma once upon a time

("Last Rites"), When David discovers his father was murdered, Snow begs him not to go on some great revenge quest because it means he wouldn't be there for her, for Emma, or for Neal - who really needs him. From there, they are all sent back to Storybrooke. There, the Underworld overlord enjoys a pedicure as he berates Cora for failing him. With the curse enacted, however, Zelena flies in and puts a forgetting spell in it, meaning anyone it afflicts won't remember the past year spent in the Enchanted Forest. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Regina takes Henry to school, where Mary Margaret has resumed teaching; meanwhile, Emma - whose relationship with Hook has moved forward as he works alongside Belle to try and free the town's fairies from the Sorcerer's hat, which Rumple would have used to aid his empowered departure - has too resumed her career: that of sheriff. This week on ABC's Once Upon a Time, mermaid Ariel's pursuit of true love caused Snow White to stumble, Regina and Rumple formed a united front … Mary Margaret fears her daughter's temperamental powers, causing the blonde to run away; she cannot be found, even hours later, and Mary Margaret laments yelling at her daughter over at the apartment, claiming to have failed as a parent whilst she handles the baby, and regrets heavily that Emma was forced to see fear in the eyes of her own family. Less wet.” The trio decide to keep it under wraps, which lasts all of 15 seconds, after Snow blabs to her daughter. ("The Other Shoe") On Snow's first day back as a teacher, she and David head over to Emma's house to cook breakfast for Neal's sister, with Neal himself also being there in his mother's arms. Matt Webb Mitovich / They first met when they were both stealing the same car. The Blind Witch reveals that they can actually do that via one of the haunting booths, and she explains how they work in exchange for one of David's breaths, for the breath of the living is worth a lot on the black market down there. Following a bad dream about Emma being snatched away from him, Charming wakes up feeling like a failure as a parent. Regina then summons her father with the potion, and in a warm moment she apologizes for killing him and he readily forgives. ("The Price"), When King Arthur and Neal's father quest for the Crimson Crown, they unfortunately return empty-handed; however, due to the valor shown by David during the quest, he is officially knighted into the Knights of the Round Table and is told to fill the Siege Perilous, which is a seat reserved only for he with the purest of hearts. Neal is magicked out of his mother's arms by the powerful sorceress, and she tearfully begs for Maleficent not to hurt her family. As the meeting goes on, however, all anyone seems interested in is the ice wall surrounding the town... and then Marian collapses thanks to an ice curse. “Both,” hints Kitsis. Mary Margaret is thrilled, though less so when she later discovers that Zelena is the Wicked Witch who's been plaguing the town. I always have, and I always will,” he reminds before leaving, at which point Emma awakens on the boat ride to the Underworld. She started stealing things with him. Their fight lasts a long while and escalates to extremely aggressive levels, that is, until the Snow Queen sacrifices herself to undo the spell and everyone's personalities are put right. Regina thinks this is a bad idea though, and she is proven right when the Wicked Witch - Zelena - flies in and makes clear that she intends on stealing the royal couple's baby for her plans. Emma wonders where Neal will be, and Mary Margaret says that Emma must take him and protect him until she manages to defeat the Snow Queen, with she and Elsa being immune to the spell due to the yellow ribbons fastened to their wrists. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In season 2, it is heavily implied that Emma still has feelings for Neal, and denies the fact she still has feelings for him. Henry eventually learns that Neal is the father and Emma lied to him about it. ("Siege Perilous"), Hook rises from the Vault of the Dark One, having now gone through the full transformation from the man he once was into a second Dark One, thanks to something Emma did to save his life. And coupled with the promo for next week, where we get a look at life in Storybrooke, it’s clear we’re entering the back half of the Neverland arc with a great deal of momentum. She soon gets up to investigate and makes sure that Neal is safe in his crib, however, it isn't long before the supposedly deceased Maleficent emerges, backed by Ursula and Cruella De Vil. After Emma is provoked into storming out, everyone at the coronation becomes distracted by Zelena's time portal, which was opened at the time of her death. Mary Margaret is excited and wants to know everything whereas David is more relaxed and would rather not hear about what the pirate's been getting up to with his daughter. “He’s very powerful, so it becomes a question of, ‘How are we going to take this guy down? She doesn't appreciate the impromptu therapy session, but the conscience continues in assuring her that she and her son will be much happier if she lets him go once in a while. IN FLASHBACK…. Soon, they started a life of crime like Bonnie and Clyde. ("A Curious Thing"), Emma returns to Storybrooke following the enactment of a new curse, surprised to learn that nobody can remember the past year. The Charmings apologize for all they said to one another, chalking it up to a mere spell and kissing to show that they hold no hard feelings. When Henry Sr. makes the mistake of Skyping with his Wonderland-banished wife via the Magic Mirror, Cora ultimately escapes back to the Enchanted Forest realm, where she poses as Regina’s father to pluck Snow’s heart right out of her.

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